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  1. Looking great Bmac another beautiful project done at break neck speed. I wish I hit all my projects with the drive you demonstrate, my list of things to do would be a lot shorter.
  2. I break down sheet goods with the saw guide that Tom King shows for at least 30 yrs, it is safe and effective far easier than running through a table saw. The saw guide costs next to nothing if you have some scrap ply laying around. A couple quick camps on some saw horses The 2x4 grid is something I've been using for years it breaks down and just leans against a wall when not in use, good luck.
  3. I love your ingenious creations "it's not high end furniture" but, it's pretty damn cool for this old country boy! Keep them coming!
  4. Dave H

    Shinto Rasp

    I got one last year and I love it, fast material removal and with the fine side easily sanded.
  5. Ok the circ saw will work good for the straight parts the rest is hand work, I would draw the edges of the chamfer on the work piece, getting the majority of the material off staying away from the lines with a chisel I would fine tune the rest with a rasp and then finish up with a file and, sandpaper. Practice on some scrap to refine your technique good luck.
  6. Looking good Bmac your moving at break neck speed once again.
  7. Maybe Tandy Leather Co. https://www.tandyleather.world/collections/fasteners
  8. I for one hope you document the build I really enjoy following your very detailed builds.
  9. Hey @Bmac I've been following this guys stitch kayak build he has built a number of them I found it very interesting here's the link if your interested https://www.lumberjocks.com/blogs/tag/duck+hunting+kayak/by/date/page/3
  10. Is that for working morning wood?
  11. I had some left over deck stain I sawed a couple small apple logs I got from a neighbor on my band saw painted the end grain with that it worked great no checking yet that was 5yrs ago. I've heard of people just using latex paint, it's just seals the ends to slow the drying of the wood.
  12. Nice job Check Twice I hope it works great for you! I built a lathe powered thickness sander several years ago I used it for several years but, it was a pain to switch from lathe to thickness sander. I wasn't using the lathe hardly at all so I bought the Jet 16/32 and dismantled the sander but, it worked great and, was fun to build I got my idea from Matthias Wandel web site I couldn't find a used motor for the build then I got the idea of using my lathe I hand fed my material through it work good for me once I figured out my technique here is a link to my build if you want to check it out
  13. Have them put the beer in a paper bag or, better yet double bag it
  14. He would be easy to shop for on fathers day! It would be like doing woodworking on a jungle gym, pretty creative though.