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  1. I had some left over deck stain I sawed a couple small apple logs I got from a neighbor on my band saw painted the end grain with that it worked great no checking yet that was 5yrs ago. I've heard of people just using latex paint, it's just seals the ends to slow the drying of the wood.
  2. Nice job Check Twice I hope it works great for you! I built a lathe powered thickness sander several years ago I used it for several years but, it was a pain to switch from lathe to thickness sander. I wasn't using the lathe hardly at all so I bought the Jet 16/32 and dismantled the sander but, it worked great and, was fun to build I got my idea from Matthias Wandel web site I couldn't find a used motor for the build then I got the idea of using my lathe I hand fed my material through it work good for me once I figured out my technique here is a link to my build if you want to check it out Your set up looks real clean and well thought out.
  3. Have them put the beer in a paper bag or, better yet double bag it
  4. Dave H

    Lathe Work

    He would be easy to shop for on fathers day! It would be like doing woodworking on a jungle gym, pretty creative though.
  5. When cutting something that chips or is splintery on the table saw I lower the blade so only a 1/16" to about 1/8" is above the table run the blade through making a scouring cut. Then I raise the blade to the normal height and run it through again it works every time for me and no splinters or chipping.
  6. Pro painters use a technique called boxing paint You have a 5 gal bucket of paint and pour that into another 5 gal bucket than pour back into the first bucket etc. until your satisfied the paint is mixed to your liking. I'm sure it would work for smaller quantities but, I've only used it in 5 gal once you've poured the paint into the last bucket I used the brush I was going to cut in with to get everything out of the empty bucket, I pour it fairly rapidly so the paint solidify's try it you'll like it.
  7. Yes your right I've watched many of his videos. I was just saying pouring paint out of a paint can is always a mess slopped all down the side and, the sealing ring awash in paint. The tape trick was pretty good fix and I used it for pouring contact cement for my router table build. If you want to see something of his that's interesting look at his twenty mule team Borax wagon build that's the one that got me hooked on his videos
  8. That makes my back hurt just watching it. Some friends of mine had a excavation business they had a pole barn for working on equipment. they wanted to move the building to a different location on the property. They hung beams from the bottom cords of the trusses under an upright of the webbing, they put two dump trucks inside the barn under the beams. They cut the posts off flush to the slab the using the dumps on the the trucks under the beams to lift the building and drove it to the new location it was fun to watch they moved very slowly communicating with radios.
  9. I like your table and, your cabinet's organization, that's what I'm thinking Treesayer. Thanks for sharing pictures of your table it helps. I always liked the router table Norm Abram's made. Does yours have casters for mobility or is it stationary? I want to have the casters and be able to make it stationary when in use like I did with my drum sander
  10. Thanks for the kind words guy's, Mick I started wondering if I made it to large but after using it I like it a lot. The extra big table should give me a lot of latitude for storage in the cabinet for drawers to store all the bits and all my router plates and, hopefully the routers we will see I'm still thinking and sketching out tentative plans for the cabinet which is my favorite part.
  11. I was on a job as a finish carpenter probably close to 25 yrs. ago I needed a router table there was part of a sheet of plywood close by I made a down and, dirty router table that sat on my saw horses. It's been my router table ever since. I was always going to build a dedicated router table/cabinet but, never got around to it. I finally started and, have the table and fence built I thought I'd share some pics. this is what I've been using it's adequate I either clamp, nail or screw whatever fence I have laying around usually a chunk of 2x whatever's kicking around This is a picture of the table and insert completed 2 48" x 30" baltic birch 3/4" ply laminated red oak edging and plastic laminate and this is where I'm at now the fence is 9" high sliding panels it works great I've been using it to build parts of the fence, now onto the rolling cabinet build
  12. Here's the momba jamba you've got to have
  13. Thanks Mick I'll check it out.