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  1. Thanks, I just bought one 10 months ago after a quick count all my fingers intact. I'll get on this as soon as I heel up from knee surgery,
  2. I was looking at G Ragatz straight edge link and, I searched a Taylor Toolworks site a little deeper and found this https://taytools.com/products/anodized-aluminum-straight-edges?variant=18275208298547 Aluminum straight edge looks like a better price point. good luck
  3. The wood may have been torched (scorched?) as an element of the finishing process I think it was a 60's, 70's thing you don't see it that often anymore. Like Coop said sanding is in your future.
  4. wax on wax off..... nice looking mallet
  5. I built this because I was the worst at sharpening turning tools. I love the grinder and the Wolverine grinding system it has upped my game no doubt. I made the station on casters I also have my work sharp and my other grinder all hooked up and one plug powers up all devices.
  6. When I'm in a similar fix I use a thickness planner sled ( piece of plywood with some plywood runners I think mine are 2" wide to give the sled stability and keeps it flat it has a cleat at the leading edge so the planner rollers advance the sled and, board through. I use playing cards under the concave face to level and shim the voids till I get my piece stable and where I will take off the least amount of thickness then I screw, pin nail or, hotmelt glue some scrap blocks to the sled to keep the board from shifting side to side sneak up on a flat face set the sled away and then run the flattened face down on the planner until your happy. It sounds like more of PITA than it actually is I've had my sled for at least twenty years and the playing cards are reusable I use cards for lots of different things and they don't compress so they work as great shim stock. I see guys using wedges also but I like the cards. Check out some You Tube videos on planner sleds there a lot of ways to skin that cat.
  7. @AWBox It's hard to watch what's happening in your country every day on the news. I couldn't imagine what you and yours are feeling, try and stay safe, I hope for the insanity to end soon.
  8. Thanks Drew I've wondered where Tommy went to. I liked most of his shows on PBS I've used several tricks I gleaned from him like the L fence and I know I could remember more if given enough time.
  9. Well I got into a little fender bender today, after I clipped this guys car I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road he pulled in behind me. I'm waiting in my car his car door opens and a dwarf jumps out and as he's approaching my car he yells HEY I'M NOT Happy so I say "YA which one are you"......
  10. @gee-dub It seems I've seen a version of the jointer method you mentioned but, it was on a drill press with a drum sanding bit, I think it was a episode of The Woodsmith shop, I could be wrong.
  11. Interesting I think I like it now I just need to get a disk sander. I have a miter slot on my Ridgid oscillating spindle sander maybe I could make this concept work in conjunction with the belt sanding attachment.....hmmmm. Thanks
  12. @Mark J No mark I formed the the spoon getting the general shape on the bandsaw cutting out to the drawn line on the blank in 2 dimensions cut out one dimension tape the off cuts back on to the blank, then cut out the 2nd dimension. I refined the shape with rasps, files, belt sanding attachment on my oscillating spindle sander, and a bunch of hand sanding. Then I dug out the bowl with Kutzall coarse ball bit on my drill press holding the spoon and, pressing the spoon into the ball bit. Then a bunch of hand sanding to the final project.
  13. @treeslayerI used the coarse one Dave the wood I used was Ash just a chunk of fire wood. It was fun a lot of hand sanding I did use my belt sanding attachment for my Ridgid oscillating spindle sander on the handle and bottom of the bowl.
  14. I made this spoon I used the Kutzall ball bit I put it on my drill press and took the spoon to the bit by hand I worked great for me.
  15. Bon fire! I'll get the weenies and marshmallows.
  16. Thanks guys. The worm tracks mostly just blended in and disappeared, if you look really close while holding the bowl you can see down into the tracks but, it doesn't matter my daughter was very happy to get it and started setting up her latest crochet masterpiece into it and, was all smiles good enough for me!
  17. the bowl turned out good I think the grain and spalting is amazing I wish I had more of this ash, the worm tracks weren't that great you can only see into a couple of them the rest just blend in
  18. @Gary Beasley That's exactly what I was going for, the bowl will have a smooth and level finish but, you will see into the worm trails. I thought that would look interesting. Thanks
  19. Well I decided to fill the worm tracks with thin CA glue, what I didn't expect was this glue shrinking down multimale times and the length of time it takes to set up enough to spin the bowl to another area so gravity doesn't let the filled area sag I have some time on Friday, and all day Saturday and a little bit this mourning doing a bit of topping off a couple spots. Now I will leave the glue to set up another day or two before sanding it back, when CA is used for thicker applications it stays in a plastic state and I think needs more time to get brittle enough to sand back and not load up the sandpaper. I've never used CA for filling voids before just sticking things together where the bound happens in a matter of seconds I'm wondering if 5min epoxy would have been a better choice hmmm....
  20. Thanks Gary I used a dental pick and dug all the packed in stuff from the worm trails, so it's down to bare wood at this point. My gut feeling is use the gel CA glue and, try to do it in one go as Larry The Cable Guy says "gitter done" it either works or not it's a yarn bowl my next dilemma how I'm going to cut the the upside down question mark or maybe a more accurate description would be a snail shell shape. I'm thinking a coping saw maybe or, I do have a Drumel I'll mess around with some scrap wood. Thanks for the suggestions if it turns out OK and not just fire wood I'll post a picture don't hold your breath.
  21. Thanks @wtnhighlander I was going with clear to celebrate the worm trails I think it would cool but, I admit I've never tried this the reason I was wondering about bringing the CA glue up in incremental lifts is I'm worried about voids and bubbles or, if I should built the glue up in one go. I guess we will see if this is a good idea or I've finally gone off the deep end, regardless my daughter will be pulling yarn from this little experiment.
  22. I've had some spalted ash logs for a few years and finally decided to make one into a bowl. I've turned the bowl yesterday and sanded everything inside and out to 100grit. At this point the bowl looks real nice it has some great spalting, the problem is the outside of this bowl has 10 or so worm tracks and, couple on the inside, I used a dental pick and cleaned the smutz or would that be worm poo, anyway I'm wondering if I fill the holes with CA glue should I use thin or thick and, should I bring to height in lifts? The worm trails are maybe 1/8" and the longest is maybe 1" I didn't progress beyond 100grit so I can knock the CA build up back at 100grit them move on to progressively finer grits. I'm going to make this into a yarn bowl for my daughter who does crochet work.
  23. Question..... What's a guy gotta do to get a watch case? Answer.... Marry my daughter! Those are some beautiful projects great workmanship
  24. It seems to me I saw a video of a guy making a similar profile on the edge of something ( my old tired brain can't think what where or who was doing this operation )but after laying out the pattern on the piece he used a V carving chisel to cut the grooves of the rope detail the used an appropriate gouge to form the twisted rope strands.