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  1. higtron

    Epoxy burl sphere

    Nice video, that is a cool jig for cutting sphere's I wonder if moving the jig from cutting right then left hemispheres is just swinging the arm and locking it down, or resetting everything hmmm, pretty cool though thanks for sharing.
  2. higtron

    slick trick for cutting round tennons

    Good one Coop, wow your 75? No I don't have a smart phone because I see people who stare at that damn phone instead of interacting with people, I've had lunch with friends and they won't even look up during a conversation (I just don't want to be that guy and, the sad truth is I probably would be). I'm always late to the party I'll probably cave at some point and, buy one when this flip phone is garbage. I found this video this morning I only sharpened one tang of mine the way I looked at it was the wrench would only cut one way so it seemed like a waste of time to cut both ends but maybe I'll give it a try.
  3. higtron

    slick trick for cutting round tennons

    Just Bob I knew it was too slick a trick for me to be the first one to come up with it!
  4. higtron

    slick trick for cutting round tennons

    Mark my digital camera's batteries are toast just haven't bought new ones. and I am still in the stone age with my flip phone (eye roll) so I'll just explain you want the wrench with the pointing up so the wood is spinning into sharpend the wrench tool scraper thingy or W.T.S.T lol the end of the wrench I was using has bulbous end on the open end of the wrench so the tool rest needs to set back so the handle shank of the wrench rides on the tool rest I hope that answers your question.
  5. higtron

    slick trick for cutting round tennons

    I'm sure others have done this trick before me but it was new concept to me at the time.
  6. I've been reorganizing my shop needed to cut some round tennons (store bought dowels didn't fit tight in standard holes) so I decided to turn then on my lathe using the old open end wrench for a gauge trick, time consuming required two hands pain in the butt I needed a more efficient way as I had a lot to do. Here is the trick I went to my junk drawer found an old wrench cleaned it up a bit, ground one leg of the open end wrench to a sharp edge more of a scraping angle than a cutting angle I cut the tennon on my lathe about a 1/8" short of the tennon thickness than used the wrench as a turning scraper and was able to make perfect tennons rapidly able to use both hands on the wrench I was done in no time I'm going to find some more old wrenches and, make a set of these for standard hole sizes.
  7. I was re-sawing wet maple my band saw got all gunked up with sap I wiped everything down with lacquer thinner worked great, and went fast, It sounds like you had a thicker build up then me though.
  8. higtron

    Knobs! Glorious knobs!

    After I completed my Longworth chuck the action wasn't very smooth so I sanded plywood to 320 even slots, paste waxed every nook and cranny slots and all put 3 nylon washers on each bumper assembly between knobs and disk, between disks, between bumper and disk and between disks on center bolt once I did that that the action was smooth as glass.
  9. higtron

    Knobs! Glorious knobs!

    I was moving things around my shop yesterday, I had my Longworth chuck in my hand that's when I realized why you were making those knobs. Hope to see more of your build, it was fun when I built mine.
  10. higtron

    Bosch Glide Mitersaw users ?

    I have no insight into the bosch glide, but I made a dust hood for my dewalt scm and over the years have had no complaints I use it daily when in the shop before it was a dusty mess in the scm area, now mess is contained to a garbage can. I have a potable stand for my dewalt when working in someones home I take the hood with me it contains the dust to the garbage can easy peasy.
  11. higtron

    Delta 14" older bandsaw repair

    There are several forum on old machinery I just did a google search came up with this one http://www.owwm.org/search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=delta+t5071+bandsaw&start=15
  12. higtron

    Restaurant Table Tops

    I've watched these Stone Coat countertop videos looks like a good product https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYSouVgnpkqDbdG2hY2W5w
  13. higtron

    Portable Work Benches

    I use saw horses with my sheet goods grid I put a sheet of plywood or, OSB on top for a work surface where I can sit my portable table saw, chop saw, I even have a piece of plywood that accepts my router base so I can have a portable router table. when I need to do some pounding, assembly, chiseling or driving nails I work on the surface directly over the saw horse and not in the middle of the grid it breaks down in seconds lays flat in my pickup truck I do carpenter work and I love this set up for versatility and, portability'
  14. higtron

    Minor upgrade

    I have the exact same lathe it does everything I need. Good luck with it.
  15. higtron

    To build or buy...

    I'm not trying to sway you one way or, the other but here is the first video in a series of video's that Jason Beam built his CNC machine. I found this series interesting even though I have no interest in building one.