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  1. higtron

    How would you make this

    If your making multiples make a long strip of the curved section, the inside cove could be done with a cove cutting set up on the table saw (like making crown molding), on the out side curves get as close as you withe the table saw with various angle cuts and clean up with hand plane and, sandpaper.
  2. higtron

    Spraying dyes and stains.

    Looks like a match to me!
  3. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Some pic's of the top with finish, Arm-R-Seal semi gloss.
  4. higtron

    A giggle for goggles

    Just the other day I was doing a goggle search
  5. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Thanks Coop that's a beauty I like it. Is that mesquite? I like the legs thanks for sharing.
  6. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Coop do you have pictures I'd like to see your table bud!
  7. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Yes coop square on the long grain of the breadboards, contoured on the end grain to look like live edge. I'm really kind of winging it I knew I wanted walnut breadboards just wasn't 100 percent sure what I was going to do on the end grain edges, I wanted the contoured look just didn't know if I could pull it off a couple days ago I decided to just man up and do it, glad I did.
  8. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Installed the bread board ends, now finish up the base and get some finish on it.
  9. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    I used a flap sanding disk on my 4 1/2" grinder this thing did an incredible job I felt like it was easy to control but, with a little more pressure I could hog off material fast. Now some hand sanding down to 220g I was worrying about my ability to do this after the first edge I had complete confidence in my power carving ability the disk was less than $10 and I thought I needed the $70 Holy Galahad disk. I did this outside with a box fan at my back easy peasy.
  10. higtron

    Minwax Wood Hardener

    Depends it would absorb into punky or, rotten wood more than solid wood. Test it on a scrap of pine before using it on a project, wish I had a better answer I've seen this product in HD wondered the same thing let us know how it worked.
  11. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Thanks for the reply, I have a grinder I would be a newbie to power grinding I hate to buy the Holy Galahad if I could get by with a 3 dollar flap wheel I'm going to HD to get one and see on some scrap, nowhere around here sells the Holy Galahad, waiting is not one of my strong suits.
  12. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    something like this for the carving I have the 4 1/2" grinder I never liked the looks of those chainsaw wheels. I wonder about those flap grinding wheels, I should buy one and try it on some scrap..
  13. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    Coop the reason it looks like a big I is because I haven't cut the ends of the breadboards where they come up to the live edges. I can't decide weather to contour them to the shape of the live edge or square them off at the widest point of the live edge? The first way would involve a lot of carving I'm not equipped for right now but, the clocks ticking I think the contoured end would look the best any suggestions welcome? I need to do this before I drive the pegs and I can't take the breadboards on and off?
  14. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    So life got in the way but, now I'm back to work on the live edge coffee table! I milled the walnut breadboard ends they fit like a glove, out side loose tenons are over sized 1/4" both sides of each tenon for expansion I wanted 1/2" maple draw-bore dowels 3 for each end having plenty of maple I milled 5/8" square maple blanks made 2 ply wood (not sure what to call them to hold the blanks onto the drive center and live center) rounded the blanks of using the gouge sharpened a tang on 1/2" open end wrench shaved the dowel down to 1/2" with the wrench and sanded lightly wit 220g sand paper then chopped off one end and check the fit on a test hole probably more than you ever wanted to know about dowels next up draw-boring and figuring out what to do on the ends of the breadboard ends hmmm?
  15. higtron

    live edge coffee table build

    That would look good though wdwerker.