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  1. higtron

    Walrus Oil

    I have no idea if it would react with the stain but, I am glad that no Walruses were harmed in making the stuff!
  2. I like watching Izzy I see nothing crazy with this method as long as your feed rate isn't bogging down the table saw or stressing the blade. I've never tried this method and, I wouldn't be afraid to try it now lets see those pictures of the rollers!
  3. higtron

    Dado Stack

    I have a delta uni-saw it came with 2 different arbor nuts the one for regular saw blades is a nut/washer set up the washer is large in dia. and heavy gauge I'm thinking it is for stabilizing the blade, the other nut has no washer it is to be used for dado stacks. Maybe your set up is the same and you could get a different nut in my area we have a store Tacoma Screw that carries just about any screw or, nut maybe you a similar store in your neck of the woods who could help you get a smaller arbor nut.
  4. @drzaius that's what I found a steady feed rate was a big part of a crisp clean cut without burning. @Chestnut I did clean the old bit with some Simple Green wiped it dry oiled the bearing but, I didn't have the little diamond sharpening plates they're on the shopping list thanks guys.
  5. I'm building a book case for a friend out of walnut so I had an ogee bit I haven't used in... I don't know how long any way I'm getting multiple pieces out of a wide board then cutting off individual pieces, rinse and repeat. Well my first attempt was less than desirable burn marks, small chips etc. so I went back into my memory and remembered the old add tape to the fence trick run the board through remove the tape, run the board through again for a clean up pass I still wasn't happy and was thinking about going to town for a better ogee bit (25 mi. round trip) screw that so my new plan was 2 layers of tape to the fence and one layer on the table I ran the board through took one layer of tape off, ran board through took second layer off, ran it through then took the tape off the table (you guessed it) ran the board through one last time a little light sanding I got a very crisp profile, no burning and, no chipping ripped it off on the table saw and did this 5 more times ( I made a couple extra in case I screw up ). Anyway I got some quality trim with a old crappy ogee bit with the old blue tape trick on steroids.
  6. Why don't you like it for general use, is it because of the weight? I did find the Triton bushings for sale $140 geeze loueeze I guess I just bought a table router!
  7. I have PC routers (2) and an assortment of bushings. I just bought a Triton TRA001 3 1/4 HP router it's being shipped. I'm just wondering if anyone has one and if my existing bushings are compatible wit new Triton router I use bushings a lot with different jigs and, wondering if there are bushings for the Triton or a base plate that accepts my existing bushings? Thank for any information on this, also are you satisfied with your Triton? It looks like it has some nice features like micro adjustment, fixed and plunge on the same set up, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this router any insight would be welcome.
  8. Opps I see @treeslayer had the same answer.
  9. I'll start off saying I would use the s@%t out of that jointer but all I have is a 6" jointer. If I had a wide board that needed jointing I would use my planner sled and my thickness planner to establish one flat face then run that face through the sled and parallel the board it's a lot more futzing around but I could get there, as long as the board isn't wider than 12".
  10. no I had a plastic on that my daughter and I played with when she was little we always had a good time making up games for it. I was looking through some box's and found it so I thought that would be fun to make everyone one for Christmas I cut some maple 1 1/2" x 10" x 1/4" found the exact center of the blank drilled a 1/16" hole all the way through used a compass to draw a 1" Dia. circle which is the hub cut the shape of the helicopter thingy and with razor knife and chisel defined the hub than I used the Shinto rasp to plane down the blades I had to make a jig to hold the blank so it was supported so it doesn't flex and you have that clamped to the bench and the blank clamped to the jig after you do the first one and make every possible mistake then your an expert like me I wish I had taken pictures of the process I'm horrible about that I'll take picture of the jig and shims it would be pretty self explanatory if you saw the jig.
  11. My ex mother-in-law stayed with us for Xmas one year, she said she wanted to make eggs Benedict for breakfast for everyone as it was a family tradition. She insisted she needed a silver platter for the presentation I told her we didn't own one but, we had a crystal platter and, she said that wouldn't do. So I asked why the silver platter and she replied there's no plate like chrome for the Hollandiase
  12. Copters ready for finish I'll put some spray lacquer on them tomorrow, I'm going to go ply in a pool tournament hopefully I win some money.
  13. Those are some sweet looking box's, whoever gets those will be very happy! Excellent job.