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  1. Minor upgrade

    I have the exact same lathe it does everything I need. Good luck with it.
  2. To build or buy...

    I'm not trying to sway you one way or, the other but here is the first video in a series of video's that Jason Beam built his CNC machine. I found this series interesting even though I have no interest in building one.
  3. The duct work would be in a ditch just like plumbing under the slab so so slab thickness wouldn't be affected. Someone else was worried about things getting lodged in the ductwork the fix for that concern would be putting clean outs at the end of runs just like they do for plumbing waste lines. also why would you need to ground a under slab duct it would be covered in dirt that is already grounded. If you are using PVC or ABS pipe and you use the proper cement for all your connections ground water would not be a factor. they bury plumbing waste pipes everyday and crap doesn't leak out and ground water doesn't leak in. I wanted to do this very thing when building my shop and it wasn't any of those reasons I didn't I was under a time constraint and just needed to get the slab poured so I could get my equipment out of storage and into my new shop.
  4. Router bit adapters

    Every full sized router I've ever had came with a 1/2" and 1/4" collet, and I don't think the dia. of the shank of the bit would make a bit unsafe perhaps the size of the cutter head might. I would go to the craftsman web site that has all ready been mentioned by chestnut.
  5. First hand cut dovetails

    Looks pretty good for a first go! I think you critiqued your effort correctly and realize the things that will make DT #2 closer to perfection.
  6. Track Saw Blade Suggestions

    If the shank of the Makita is 5/8" you can use a demo circ saw blade it should make it through numerous nails before it's junk, then just buy another $10.00 blade. I use circ saw blades in my table saw when I'm cutting wood that I suspect may have nails I've had good luck with the cut quality good enough for a glue line joint.
  7. What do you call this figure?

    Would that be prone to cupping?
  8. Long Board Jointing Sled

    The first picture is a poor mans track saw I've been using them for thirty years easy peasy! the next two pictures are a straight edge table saw jig the clamps are like $5/6 at Harbor Freight.
  9. Just put a 45 deg. brace at each corner to stabilize each leg you could make the braces bolt on if the folding option of the bench is desired. Looks like it would be a pretty easy fix a 2x4 from lumber store some screws, or bolts nuts and washers.
  10. drum sander question

    I made a lathe powered thickness sander modeled after a thickness sander that was on the woodgears web site. That sander used an electric motor, I used my lathe as a power I used this set up for several years It worked well for a manual feed unit It gave very consistent results, I needed to do some table tops so I bought a jet 16-32 now the lathe powered thickness sander was dismantled here's a video of it in use a day after it was finished I started using the next piece to advance the first piece through the sanding cycle.
  11. "Pivot Pin" for circle jig

    Just go to HD and buy a stick of round stock whatever dia. blows your hair back, wack a hunk off with a hacksaw 4-5 bucks your in bid-ness.
  12. My kind of guy, working alone has it's challenges, also some ingenious solutions.
  13. Idiot Woodworker Here

    Just add a piece onto the bottom of each leg by making a bridle joint or, a half lap joint so you get enough long grain gluing surface you could use a contrasting wood to make it look like a design choice roll with the punches and keep moving forward. I wouldn't start over a bridle joint would be as strong as a full length leg a half lap joint IMO.
  14. Stupid Human Tricks - Cutting Sheetgoods

    I cut off saw horses using a break down sheet goods jig