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  1. higtron

    Rustic Outdoor Table

    BTW I think the reason the bread board end curled up at the end in the photo was because the mortise went all the way across the top I would stop the mortise an 1" or 2" from the edges which would keep that curling issue from happening.
  2. higtron

    Rustic Outdoor Table

    Standing the table on end was just the method I used on my coffee table on a rustic table that went out doors I would cut the cheeks of my tenons and haunches with a hand held router and straight bit using a straight edge to get a perfect cheek you could do this working the 8' top off of saw horses or bench. I was just trying to make a case for the draw boring technique. Good luck with the table!
  3. higtron

    Rustic Outdoor Table

    I would go with the draw bore technique, I used this for the first time on a live edge coffee table it was way less daunting then I thought the only glue was on the very ends of the dowel just before I drove them the last little bit you will have to drill the dowel holes through the bread board first then clamp the bread board end onto the table press the drill bit through the dowel holes to mark the center of the dowels onto the tenons I drilled the holes 1/32" back towards the table from the marked centers the holes on the out side I elongated laterally to allow wood movement center hole is not elongated make your dowels long enough to put a taper on the ends to get started in the hole then drive them through the bread board ends and tenon until the taper comes through the bottom of bread board put a little glue around the top of the dowel then drive it in enough to glue it into the bread board. I used loose tenons to make tenons and haunches be cause the length of the table was 5' I stood the table on the ends and used a jig (it is sitting on top of the table in the first photo) and my hand held router with bushing.
  4. When I was 16 a family moved in across the road from us, the rich kid had a dirt bike and, rode it around all the time I hated that guy (he thought he was so cool because he had a dirt bike). A couple weeks later he came over and said hi I'm Steve hey do you drink beer, finally we had found common ground we've been best friends for 50 yrs.
  5. higtron

    Bubble Cutting Board

    Title of this post is very misleading Bubble Cutting Board it made me wonder why you would want a board to cut bubbles on when you could just pop them. Great job!
  6. higtron

    Bench question

    I went withe the double tenon the outside tenon is dovetailed I followed Chris Schwartz's Popular Woodworking article (well kind of my own take on it but I used the double tenon) here was my inspiration
  7. higtron

    Matt's Hand Tool Cabinet

    @Art I like your cabinet it's coming out great I was just wondering what you have wrapped around your F style clamp handles? And is it just for looks or a better grip?
  8. Check some of the local industrial supply co.'s the ones around my area sell all kinds of tube steel, plate steel, I beams, different steel alloys, stainless, aluminum, 01, now I've never bought carbide rod in my local stores but, I've ended up buying special items that they didn't stock and they had it shipped in on their next shipment I don't think they charged any extra.
  9. higtron

    Newbie from Washington State

    Welcome Jeremy where in Washington are you located? I live on the west side in a town called Rochester about 20 mi south of Olympia look forward to seeing some projects from you good luck. Dave
  10. higtron

    Need Table saw fence recommendation

    Here are his plans https://ibuildit.ca/plans/wooden-table-saw-fence/
  11. higtron

    Need Table saw fence recommendation

    check this out
  12. I saw a video once I can't remember where, the guy on the video used welded wire fencing an made it fit the diameter of the barrel he folded all the loose tines to the inside of the barrel. He would put the plastic bag inside the barrel then the welded wire hoop than the lid, when the barrel was full he would lift the wire cage out of the bag than dispose of the bag, He just made sure there was no sharp wires that would poke hole in the bag.
  13. higtron

    concerning chisel and dado/groove sizes

    And don't call me Shirley !
  14. Confession time, I had my Delta standing drill press for years and always cussed the depth stop having to screw and unscrew the depth stop, then one day I was cleaning the damn thing and accidentally pushed in the magic button on the nut boy did I feel like a dumb ass!
  15. higtron

    How do you guys hang Biesemeyer fences when not in use?

    On my Delta Unisaw there are two hooks shaped like a U that I can set my fence into it's located on the extension table legs on the right side of the blade I also keep mt sacrificial fence on the same hooks. Maybe you could make some hooks that would work for your saw?