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  1. I saw a video of his technique years ago and, although I've never made a rocker or for one minute think I'm even in his category of craftsmanship I have used this sawing method however ham handed it's very useful for sculpting things. Also Jimmy Diresta uses a technique that I have adopted of drawing the object backwards across the blade and, the band saw acts like a rasp depending on the angle the piece is being drawn back it gets more aggressive or less aggressive. Thanks for sharing, Sam was an amazing craftsman.
  2. That's going to be one beautiful chair! I look forward to following your progress.
  3. I bought some stereo equipment for my shop so, I built a wall cabinet for said equipment I wanted the doors to have some clear panels so the remotes would work. I didn't want to make a dado for the glass panel so, I made some applied molding to hold the glass to inside of the doors the molding was very thin and narrow so brads would split the molding. My solution was use dowels and the dowels I used were tooth picks they worked great and, looked clean once cut flush and sanded it looked like wood-filler-ed ( is that even a word?) brad holes. The trim was so small and thin I used my chamfer cutters we used them when building concrete forms they worked very well better than expected. When gluing up the tooth pick dowels I cut the pointy end off one side and used the pointy end that remained it worked great for getting glue into the hole. I just thought I'd share
  4. Is the plastic sticking to the blade? Is the edge you are cutting getting any melted plastic on the edge and, if so would a faster or slower feed rate get cleaner cuts. I have experienced melted material on the edge of some acrylic glass (Plexiglas ?) anyway I found a faster feed rate eliminated the melting on the edge
  5. Very nice build! It goes great in your kitchen looks like it's always been there.
  6. Your technique is what I use I make a simple jig and a bushing to make the mortise and make my own floating tenons. I did this for a bread board end for my live edge table and I also incorporated the draw bore technique
  7. Well this is good news to me, not the part that he doesn't participate in the forum anymore but the part where he is doing good and is too busy to hang with a bunch of ne'er-do-wells like us
  8. @wdwerker Has anyone heard from wdwerker I've noticed he's been absent for some time now. I hope all is well.
  9. I use a kitchen trash bag and put the pleated filter inside the bag and hold the end of the bag closed bang the hell out of the filter, then take the filter out of the bag for the final cleaning wah-la hardly any dust cloud. Now I have the filters you can clean with a hose, I have several so I have a dry clean filter at all times.
  10. I'm pretty sure everyone has a similar tale to tell. I have the fittings that work for me now sand paper is the answer for to tight a fit just a mater of elbow grease. To loose the fix I used is a plumbing boot a rubber sleeve with hose clamps Home Depot plumbing section also I've used PVC plumbing pipe and fittings you just have to be creative and try not to throw a hammer at the wall ( don't ask me how I know this ).
  11. I built a pole barn that was 100' x 60' it was 16' to the eves we had to get it engineered and the eve posts were specked out at 8x14s 24' long. They had to be custom milled an then pressure treated when they were delivered to the lumber yard the salesman called me and said " Dave Your trees are here when do you want them delivered" I had a good laugh over that one. You can get anything you want milled to your specifications kiln dried, pressure treated what ever you want just expect to pay a premium price.
  12. higtron

    Baby on board!

    Your tie downs look good but, I like to go to the lowest point when I secure my loads Congrats on the new saw, 20" re-saw capacity that's impressive!
  13. higtron

    Texas mesquite

    I'm not familiar with Mesquite I live in Washington State, I would just try it if it works great if it doesn't now you know. In Washington suckers happen a lot in Broad Leaf Maple trees I've never tried to do anything with them. I wish I had some Mesquite around here it looks like very beautiful wood.
  14. You just need to scrape back to bare wood no finish for Tite Bond, the dowel trick might work but, I would think with as small of a block and a magnet embedded in it, it would leave very little room for dowels. I would use TB original or TB 2, TB 3 has more open time so not as good for a rub joint you need it to grab fairly quickly practice on some scrap it's great technique for small pieces in tight places where clamping is difficult I wouldn't use it on a large glue up.