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  1. I create all my projects myself. I come up with something myself, some elements are inspired by other people's work. sometimes I rethink something for cnc and plywood. but in any case, I make the model and drawings from it myself. I like it. I can try to make some kind of model/drawing for members of the forum. Plywood is easier. But you can also try wood. You only need to know the dimensions of the elements of the docking nodes, the dimensions of the wood bars intended for use and other trifles. Armchair, chair, sofa, bar stool. Or something else. It would be interesting.
  2. Another project of mine. One of the first. Many mistakes))) But it turned out not a bad chair. Practical. Works well to this day. Now I would make such a chair differently. Developed a 3d model. Almost all plywood details. All moving parts on cross-section screeds. Photo of the finished chair
  3. Thank you... still can't believe it. I walk the streets and see anti-tank hedgehogs, checkpoints made of concrete slabs with sandbags. yesterday's peaceful people with weapons and anxiety in their eyes. damaged and destroyed buildings. it's like another world. I don't want to believe my eyes. but this is reality. and in this world people are killed every day. people who want to be free. but I believe in our victory. and thanks to everyone who supports us. slaves are not allowed to heaven (Ivan Sirko)
  4. Thank you! Many people to whom I show this chair say: I could never do this, my hands are crooked! It's actually much easier than it looks. Basic knowledge of working with wood/plywood and handling a small amount of tools is required. You need to know what and how to glue, polish and paint wood. You need to be able to use an electric manual grinder (you can grind manually, but an electric one is certainly easier), a manual router, a screwdriver. Previously, before the war, it was not even necessary to own it. There were places where you could come and rent the necessary tools and a workplace on which you could do the work right on the spot. Some of these places had their own CNC machines. Where could they convert your dxf file into a control program for a CNC machine and cut out everything you need. But then the "Russian world" came. And destroyed a lot. Sorry, I digress. Well, it's actually not as difficult as it seems. I think this is a great place to start. In fact, the manufacture of furniture consists of several stages. Among them, two are the creation of parts and assembly. A novice furniture maker does not have the experience and talent to create the details correctly and with high quality. The CNC will do it for him. The assembly process also has its own secrets and difficulties. But it's already much easier. In the assembly process, experience and understanding of the material will come, confidence in one's abilities. This is one way to start. And then the road of development is open before you. and it will take you where you want to go.
  5. Thanks for your rating. You're right. I am not from the USA. I'm from Ukraine. Plywood furniture is my hobby. I mainly made furniture for myself or friends. Now the situation is such that I hope that my hobby can support me for a while. A few years ago, the company in which I work was geographically very well located. In one closed area there were many small firms of different directions: advertising firms with CNC laser and milling machines, small furniture companies (cabinet and upholstered furniture), printing, a photo studio, a varnish / paint shop for wood, metal welders, wood paint factories, powder coating of metal and many others. I met almost everyone. It was very helpful! I saw what these productions can do and how. This chair was made using the capabilities of 3-4 different companies. Once I saw the concept of making plywood furniture using CNC. The drawings were sent to the customer, and he found contractors in his city for different stages of work. This location was ideal for this concept. Without leaving our territory, I was able to select performers for all stages of product creation. It was a rewarding experience. Even after moving from this territory, there was an understanding of the process. In order to create something in the material, it is not necessary to be able to do everything yourself. The main thing is to want to do it! and know how
  6. photo with pillows this is how it was conceived (in this case, I just highlighted another material with color) and this is how it's done More information is available on the link on my website. As far as I understood the rules of the forum - I can post a link. if this is not the case, please correct me. I made the bottom pillow filled with felt. the masters warned me that it would be harsh. it was my choice. if filled with foam rubber or silicone - it will be softer. could have done it differently. make a through cutout in the seat, pull the straps and put a pillow on top. but I did not know if I would use this chair with a cushion. so I did what I did. The chair is quite comfortable - I have been using it for several years. This is not my first furniture project. I paid special attention to ergonomics. Collected and classified materials on this topic. Therefore, when developing furniture, I try to set the boundaries of ergonomics. Seat height, backrest angle, armrest height, seat width - this is the minimum number of conditions that must be met. It doesn't always work out, but I strive for it.))) In addition, I always try to take into account reliability and structural rigidity. Both in production and in use. For the CNC. All parts were cut on a conventional 2D CNC machine. The rounding of the edges was done with a manual milling cutter. Some faces before gluing, and some faces after gluing parts. Sorry for my English - I'm writing with the help of google translator.
  7. Hi all! I want to share photos of one of my projects. I love designing and creating plywood furniture projects using CNC. I understand that I am far from the masters from this forum who do everything with their own hands. Unfortunately, I don't have my own workshop. No way and I'm not a good woodworker. Want to create something. So I get out as best I can. I create an idea, look for contractors for cutting and assemble it myself. It was the same with this chair. Made a 3d model. The material is 18mm plywood. In two layers. I bought plywood, ordered cutting. Grinding. Glued. Edge milling. Painting and varnishing. Then I ordered pillows according to my design. Result 3d model chair glued, ready for painting chair painting and varnishing armchair ready
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