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  1. So I'm only posting this because I couldn't find anyone on the internet that had the same problem, so unless you have this saw, or want to laugh at me for buying a cheap saw, you can probably just skip this thread all together. If you're searching the internet 5 years from now and have the same problem and this posts helps, feel free to drop a "thanks" reply to this thread. The circular saw I have is a "Ryobi 14 Amp 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw with Laser, Model # CSB142LZK". I bought it about 2 years ago and used to build an outdoor pergola and it worked great. I only used it once since then and
  2. Total time was about an hour, but most of that was cleaning up the mess from it dripping on the sides and stuff. the actual cleaning is pretty quick. It's a powder, like comet but with different chemicals, so I sprinkle it on, then with a wet sponge work it into a paste and use small circular motions. Afterwards, I used Johnson's paste waste to prevent future rust. I think most people are using something else, but that's what I had on hand. Give it a try and post some before and after pictures!
  3. So I finished cleaning up the jointer with BKF today, turned out pretty decent. Still not the mirror-like finish that you see on Marc's tools, but then again, look at the brand. Now on to aligning this thing which is a major PITA. Before and After images attached
  4. So as part of a gift I got my wife (new cookware), I ran across this Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) stuff and the great reviews that it had on Amazon. Eventually, I found myself looking for things to clean. First I used it to clean up some knives that had developed some rust spots. Next, I decided I'd see how well it would do on a planer/jointer I picked up at a garage sale and have yet to clean up. I tried to remove the surface rust once before, but wasn't very successfully. With the BKF, it turned out very well. I've attached a couple photos. It's certainly not a perfect finish, but it will be muc
  5. Thanks for vouching for them Rick, it makes me less apprehensive about trying them.
  6. Thanks for the input Russ. I think I'm still leaning towards these: Two 10-packs works out to $153 with shipping which is about $50 cheaper than the cost if I got them through the link you posted. It's good to have multiple links because I've noticed these places change their prices frequently. Almost two years ago I got 10 slides, the soft close ones from for 78, what a deal that was! I can't remember, but I
  7. I'm working on storage for my garage/workshop and will be making a lot of fairly deep drawers for storage. In total, I'm planning about 15 drawers. Anyone have any advice on where to purchase them from without spending a fortune? Rockler has 22" slides for $19.43. For 15 of them, and assuming I could get free shipping, that works out to $291 which is a lot! (never heard of them, but found them through ebay and they have good feedback there) sells them in packages of 10 and for two packages works out to an average of $7.65 per slide with shipping (or $10.20 if I never used t
  8. Thanks a ton for posting your notes! I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to make enough progress on my other projects, but with what I've seen so far, it's a very do-able project. The great thing about the internet is that your post will be a great resource. Thanks for taking the time!
  9. Wow, lol, that's expensive! Is the TV embedded on the back side of this thing?? Thanks everyone for the input. I happened to be looking behind the TV in the living room and I noticed how much dust is back there. Man, it's gross! Given that it's working perfectly fine, I think you guys are right, I'm over thinking it!
  10. This is a really nice looking crib that you've built! Congratulations on the crib and what goes in it. It sounds like this is your design, correct? Could you post some dimensions, especially ones that relate to safety such as rail spacing? I'm interested in using this as a starting point.
  11. Merry Christmas-Eve everyone! In anticipation of getting some awesome tools from the awesome wife this Christmas, I'm plotting some shop upgrades. One of the things that's lower on my list is putting in a TV. My only concern is protecting the TV from the dust. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this something I should even worry about? My only idea so far is to buy some kind of soft filters and cut them down to size to fit over any openings on the back of the TV. I certainly don't want to prevent airflow completely as that could cause the TV to overheat. I'll obviously be putting th
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  13. Nice work Abita! Well, mine isn't portable, but it is movable. I started a new thread if you want to see it: As far as attaching the top, I just drove some screws through the carcass into the torsion box. But the stop blocks that Paul-Marcel used sounds like a better idea.
  14. So seeing someone else post their nice assembly table motivated me enough to post a couple pictures of mine. Mine is inspired heavily by Marc's assembly table design, but I've made the following changes/features: Much smallerAdded wheels, remove the toe kickMade it the same height as my table saw so it's also an outfeed tableUsed only drawers, I have enough shelf space already (for the time being at least) I still need to put some sort of finish on it, but it's functional as the somewhat beat up top indicates. This was my first wood working project of any size, so I made quite a few mistake
  15. It was $30, minus $6 with the 20% off coupon: http://www.harborfre...auge-95998.html It only goes in tenths of a degree, even though it read hundredths. But a tenth is good enough for me! Read the reviews, it's interesting to read what people use it for: one guy mentioned front end alignments and another mentioned surround sound setup.