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  1. Southwood

    Shop Tour

    Coming along nicely. I do have a question. Do you plan on painting the walls?
  2. Make the project and make the legs octagon. That desk would look just as good with that type of leg. Maybe even better
  3. It's the Great Christmas Owl, everybody know's that, right
  4. I bought one new long time ago, still have it. Really like the router, but I use it mostly for building templates now days. For $100 I probably would pick it up.
  5. Oh I bet he can stuff a plug or two in there somewhere
  6. Yep that ain't done on no tablesaw, would take a bunch of jig building just to try and get close. See you in the emergency room if you try it.
  7. I have the Worksharp, about same review as the rest. I use it for chisels and block plane blades.
  8. I priced out some lumber the other day and found the same thing. HM is cheaper than soft maple
  9. I dump mine in the stable. The cows use it for various reasons.
  10. Damn my head hurts from reading this now. Here is what I going to happen. I am going to send Rodel an email explaining what I have planned. I will not be ripping his design off or use his name to sale them, if I even do build them. Now as far as the one my daughter made for 4-H. on the bottom she wrote Design by Kevin Rodel.
  11. Just for the record, I wasn't knocking Rodels price. I really do understand the self employed pricing and life. As for batching them out, thinking more like 3 total.
  12. I bought the plans for a small coffee table from Fine Woodworking. My daughter has since built it for her 4-H project. When I first seen the project I figured it would probably be sold for 1100 or 1200 by Mr Rodel. I have since found his website and the price is there. He charges 3100 for the table. I understand his cost, self employed, taxes, and the rest. So I guess my question is what would you charge? I was thinking between 800 and 900 for my price Should also ask it is unethic