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    Coming along nicely. I do have a question. Do you plan on painting the walls?
  2. Make the project and make the legs octagon. That desk would look just as good with that type of leg. Maybe even better
  3. It's the Great Christmas Owl, everybody know's that, right
  4. I bought one new long time ago, still have it. Really like the router, but I use it mostly for building templates now days. For $100 I probably would pick it up.
  5. Oh I bet he can stuff a plug or two in there somewhere
  6. Yep that ain't done on no tablesaw, would take a bunch of jig building just to try and get close. See you in the emergency room if you try it.
  7. I have the Worksharp, about same review as the rest. I use it for chisels and block plane blades.
  8. I priced out some lumber the other day and found the same thing. HM is cheaper than soft maple
  9. I dump mine in the stable. The cows use it for various reasons.
  10. Damn my head hurts from reading this now. Here is what I going to happen. I am going to send Rodel an email explaining what I have planned. I will not be ripping his design off or use his name to sale them, if I even do build them. Now as far as the one my daughter made for 4-H. on the bottom she wrote Design by Kevin Rodel.
  11. Just for the record, I wasn't knocking Rodels price. I really do understand the self employed pricing and life. As for batching them out, thinking more like 3 total.
  12. I bought the plans for a small coffee table from Fine Woodworking. My daughter has since built it for her 4-H project. When I first seen the project I figured it would probably be sold for 1100 or 1200 by Mr Rodel. I have since found his website and the price is there. He charges 3100 for the table. I understand his cost, self employed, taxes, and the rest. So I guess my question is what would you charge? I was thinking between 800 and 900 for my price Should also ask it is unethic
  13. Gibe these guys a shot If they won't sale you anything they will at least point you in the right direction
  14. 1/4 mile through the woods, gravel of all sizes. Yes I could put the forks on the bobcat or tractor, but really it worth it. I could use a trip to the big city
  15. I was going with the 490 but it has been BO since Feb. Last I talked to them, they are thinking mid-July before they get here. Tom, going for a jointer. Needs to be something I can pick up at a local Woodcraft. Can't get a semi down my driveway
  16. Looking like I am going to be forced to pay full price.
  17. Sweet, this thing is going to be awesome
  18. Like @LlamaI listen to a lot of metal, I know strange for a guy in his 50's. I have an Amazon Alexa in the shop and sometimes I let her pick the tunes.
  19. That's my plan but I want her to make that choice, or at least ask. I do get really good prices on lumber, as so many dealers are in the area and I sometimes the junk along with the good. I never complain and always pay cash.
  20. Ok got all the boards skipped. Culled 2 boards, but do have a place for them so no real loss. Don't know for sure if you can see the flecks in the pics or not, but I can see them and the different color shades of the boards. The red marks on the couple boards are areas not worth using. Paid $2 bd ft and it started at 1 1/8 for 4/4 so I am happy.
  21. I meant fleck, sorry. Actually had to do work at work today and just a little bit tired. Getting to old to work at work. No aprons. The sap will be ripped off, once to final width.
  22. Here is what I got and I am going with. The outside boards have good curl but the middle one is week. It had curl on the ends and the end grain was about straight up as possible. Looking like the rest of it will be getting skipped through the planer. For the record, this is the pre-build of a coffee table that my daughter will be building for 4-H. I always try to build ahead of her project, in case a problem comes up, we have an answer. Plus she see's the first one so I better on her own. The first piece gets given usually to my mom. Win-win