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  1. Knot sure how much worry i would put into it. I built full lenght draw slides on a work bench i made the slides are screwed and glued to both the paneks and the draws, they have never tightened up.
  2. Made a box to fit my 52 inch TV many years ago solid oak
  3. Very Nice machine! if you got the in and out feed tables, take your time setting them up, they are a bit of a pain to dial in
  4. How did you make out with it?
  5. A very versitile tool for the shop for sure. I bought a Freud table setup many many moons ago, made many raised panel doors with it amongst other things, the press board table is starting to warp, likely from the weight of the router, it could be stiffened up by bracing underneath it, but i opted to get the cast iron sawstop table, should be here in a week or so, it will give more acurate and consitant cuts, and i am tired of reaching underneath it for bit chages. Lol.
  6. When i first bought the planer i was reclaiming hardrock maple dunage. It seemed like every 3rd board the blades would chip, i went to my favorite candy store in Edmonton and got some good german made blades, they said they would last 3 times longer, they where correct, they chipped after about the 9th board. I went back and ordered the Byrd Shelix and have not been disapointed since. My laguna planer has them as well they call it shear teck i believe, in 3 years i have turned them twice. I do not mind paying more for quailty.
  7. Just ordered the sawstop stand alone cast iron table. The display model was fantastic, should be a goid table for ever i hope
  8. Just put a new set of teeth in mine they lasted about 3 years, i have been cutting lots of hard maple, paduck, purpleheart and bloodwood. I found you could start to see lines on the boards