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  1. If the drawer slides take up 1", I make the drawer 1" smaller than the opening. i believe there is enough built in slop in the slides to handle my best measuring and cutting.
  2. This is one is pretty easy for me, I'm surprised no one else has said this yet: Radial Arm Saw. It was a gift from my father-in-law, I have yet to convince the wife that it really belongs on Craigs List.
  3. Right now I'm dumping them into my cold wood stove, waiting for that first fire of the season (sometime in November probably).
  4. Howdy all. I've been following the Marc now a little over a year, and I'm also a Guild Member (just renewed my Membership). I'm a "serious hobbyist" and did do the Woodworkers fighting cancer Guild Build. I do blog about my woodworking stuff and you can find that HERE. Have a nice day.