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  1. I'm finally getting around to swapping out the cutter head on my jointer with a Shelix head I bought several months ago. The only catch is that I need to remove the bearings from the old head and install them on the new head. I don't own a bearing or gear puller though I could pick one up at the local Auto Zone. The part that has me worried is installing the bearings on the new cutterhead without damaging them. Should I just wait for the week and try to find a local machine shop to do this for me? Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
  2. I say wait till you get the top done before assembling the base. That's what I did.
  3. Me too. Now I can got back to having zero buyer's remorse about upgrading my PM66 to a SawStop.
  4. FWIW the picture in the add doesn't look like anything on http://www.maoshan.com/products.aspx?id=10
  5. Just got my August issue of Pop Wood and there's an add for a new Powermatic lathe with the tag line "Turn Your Passion Into Something Bigger." I'm guessing this is what the count down is about. We'll know in 19 hours.
  6. Looks like a parallelogram jointer. Nice!
  7. Congrats on finally selling the old house!
  8. I have the same 210mm Ryoba as you and have no issues cuttng joinery in 8/4 stock. If you're planning on ripping lumber with that saw, you might want something more agressive. I tend to rip most of my lumber with either a western style rip saw or with a table saw or band saw.
  9. The fence has some T track style groves in it so you can easily bolt on an auxiliary fence for resawing. As for securing the other end, it secures fairly well in the track on the near side of the table. I haven't noticed the need to clamp the far side. FWIW, the driftmaster doesn't clamp on the far side either.
  10. Now there's a book I'd read: "Covering My Nuts And Weathering The Storm: The Wood Whisperer DDOS Story"
  11. I also recommend the Gyokucho Ryoba that Seenya linked to. They are very reasonably priced and were recommended in Jay Van Arsdale's class a the saw to get when you're starting out. Both Hida Tool and Japan Woodworker carry them as well as Craftsman Studio.
  12. Very nice Kevin. You've definitely lapped me. I'm just finished my leg joinery.
  13. I'm headed down for the West Coast flavor myself. See you all there.
  14. My legs are a bit off flush as well. My plan is to leave the legs a bit proud and plane them flush. Make sure to do this (or get pretty close) before you install the leg vise otherwise the vise will be slightly off perpendicular from the top edge.
  15. It's funny, because if you look at the back of the picture, you can see that I placed my jointer plane that I was using away safely. I don't remember doing that. -Erik