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  1. The microjig I have appears to be the same as the one pictured in the link in the other post. It is only for 90 degree cuts. I normally use sleds to make other than 90 degree cuts rather than tilt the blade so I'm OK. I have read about a rving knife that is custom made by a small US company to fit on the arbor but have never seen or tried it.
  2. I have a few new tools but the bulk were bought second hand. I bought my 6" Delta jointer used from a Delta repair depot, back when Delta used to have them, and was able to speak to the repair tech directly before the purchase. He did recommend the jointer and also pointed out a few cosmetic issues. He was also able to outline why the original owner had returned it shortly after purchasing it and assured me the problem was not with the machine. I also have a very old Rockwell Unisaw that I purchased from a cabinet maker who had purchased it new. He was retiring and selling off his machinery.
  3. My father taught me to use his planes 60yrs ago. I still have and use two of his favorites. I also have two planes from Lee Valley I have their 4 1/2 smoothing plane and their standard block plane. I highly recommend their Veritas MK11 sharpening system. Works on plane blades like a dream.
  4. I don't know if you all figure my comments will be appropriate or appreciated here but here goes anyway. I do a lot of my shopping for hand tools and odds and ends at Lee valley Tools. I have shopped there for over 20 yrs. The reasons are: 1. The staff is helpful and honest. The staff are for the most part, woodworkers and quite knowledgeable. 2. Occasionally I get a letter from Lee Valley about a product they know I've bought from them. They are usually telling me that they have detected a problem and want to correct it by replacing something I've bought with a better product at their e
  5. Hi Dave, I have one of those cheap handyman units as well. It is stored under the most remote corner in a backyard shed.The cheap handyman is the scariest machine I have ever used. I also have a 3hp Rockwell. My recommendation is to get a cabinet saw with at least 3hp. Figure out how much you think you can afford and then, for safety sake and your own personal satisfaction, add at least 50%. The more you spend, the happier you will be. There are some very good second hand bargains out there if you shop carefully.
  6. Hi, I set the tension by listening to the sound. I think there's a discussion about this in the books you mention. After years of tensioning and frequently forgetting to release tension I broke down and bought a quick release for the blade. Saves me time and a quick glance at the band saw reassures me that the blade is not in tension when the saw is not in use. Simply flip the lever and it's re-tensioned again, ready to go.
  7. I have a two car garage,,24 x 24, two doors. One side is my shop and the other my vehicle when i'm not in the shop. Now that the kids are gone, I'm trying to talk the wife into letting me convert a basement bedroom into a hobby room where I can do some non power tool work in the winter. Lots of resistance from the missus because she says we need it for overnight company. I keep telling her that if we get enough company to fill up 3 spare bedrooms, I'll go to a hotel while they are here.
  8. I agree, swap or sell the 3 phase.I bought a Unisaw about 15yrs ago that had a 5hp 3 phase. I did find a local shop willing to give me a reasonable trade credit towards the purchase of a new 3hp single phase motor that fit the unisaw brackets perfectly. Also for your info, I played around with building my own rotary converter out of a few used 3 phase motors. The 3 phase motors were available cheap at a local junkyard. In fact I bought one 3ph 15hp motor for a few bucks and the yard gave me 4 more. Wiring diagrams (how to do it) are available on-line. I did it and still have the converter s
  9. I noticed mention of a new shop under construction. Was there ever consideration of doing a show on the construction of the shop or have i missed the discussion?
  10. I'm new around here and still feeling my way. I wondered the same thing about the 119.00 Jessem. Where is the info about Marc doing a video on the jessem? Thanks Ed
  11. I have a small cherry box under construction and also a new cabinet for my drill bits and sharpening tools.
  12. edh

    Floor nailer

    I am going to install hardwood floors in my 3 bedrooms. We had a professional do the living room etc a few years ago and we love the floors. I intend to use 3/4 pre finished Oak. I need a nailer. I have the compressor. What is better, nails or staples? I believe the pro who did the living room etc used nails or cleats. There are many nailers available ranging in price from about $150. to $600. I like good tools so will def not buy the cheapest but would like some advice. What is the difference between a 150.00 nailer and a 600.00 nailer? HD has dropped the price on two of their Bostitc
  13. I rebuilt a horse barn a few years ago and I was able to salvage some corral wood that was 70 yrs old. Still sitting in my shop. Beautiful close grained wood. Ed
  14. Fein MultiMaster Top Plus. LOML gave me some cash.
  15. Lots of opinions here so I'll throw mine in. I have two tablesaws, one is a cheap plastic Delta 10inch that I used to help with construction of my cabin. The other is an old Rockwell Unisaw that I bought off a cabinetmaker who was retiring so he was selling off a lot of his equipment. I really like the Unisaw and have never had an accident with it. I've had the Unisaw for about 20yrs but I do remember the purchase day, I was excited about getting a Unisaw. A few years later while telling a friend about my good fortune in getting the saw, I remembered that the cabinetmaker had two saws. The