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  1. Thanks Chestnut! Sun exposure, eh? Hummm. I can do that! I want to get it all out of the garage anyway. Now I have an excuse! lol The variations of color and texture in this is crazy. Often looks like 4 different species glued together. I’ll post some more pictures. And I don’t want to become deranged dye obsessed. Was hoping for a simple wipe on or buff just to cut down the orange. Personally I’m digging the natural. - It’s all the wife’s fault; I swear!
  2. Thanks wtnhighlander! Would you know what, if anything, I should put on after the refinisher regardless of color?
  3. I’ve got to tell the story in order to ask my question or I don’t think I’ll make much sense. My wife purchased some furniture from an importer of mahogany furniture. (All from Indonesia supposedly. Even has stickers!) At the time she loved the color. Now we’re in a new house with new colors and the mahogany red no longer works for her. She wants to paint it (like she’s seen on bootube with all the other restorer’s). I’ve convinced her not to paint this real wood regardless of questionable construction. First she tried to strip it with oven cleaner, then citrus stripper, then scraping (small nesting table), then sanding (medium nesting table). Large table is original. Then we found a minwax product that works pretty well "antique furniture refinisher". It really dissolves the "stuff". (I don’t even know what it is. It took about 5 years to off gas. Smelled like gas/oil nastiness.) But it leaves the wood still a bit orange not the brown she was hoping for. Bed side boards I’ve worked on the most. My question is how can we get these brown-ish? Oh, and should I be concerned with construction improvements? It’s starting to crack and separating around panels. Thanks for the help! And for saving these from some shabby chic nightmare. And this is written in a number of places. Is it a familiar code? (Don’t mind the pine 1x’s. They are the cross brace replacements. Original’s twisted and squeaked