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  1. I do this way as well, I was looking for a way to download the video's through my phone.
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering is there a way to download the latest guild podcast into my iPhone with my iPhone without viewing the video on the site using Safari. I use my phone for everything and I very rarly sync (unless I have to for software updates). After I download my podcasts from iTunes via my iPhone, at the bottom of the list it gives me the option to "get more episodes". I can do this with my other podcast except the Guild podcast. Is it because it is password protected? If so how can I enter my password and download the video's? Thanks in advance Eric
  3. Acorn, I'm planning on adding a face vise. I might just add Quick-Release Front Vise from LV. The veritas sliding tail vise is nice, it is a bit pricy.
  4. Sac, one of the main reasons for going with ply is cost. And the second reason is the lack of clamps. I don't have nearly enough clamps to clamp the boards together to build a laminated top. I do realize to cons with going with plywood top. When it comes time to replace the top hopefully I'll have enough clamps and my skills will allow me to build a proper top. Eric
  5. Nice cutting boards. What did you use as a finish? For picture #007, what type of wood did you use and what was the widths of them? Thanks
  6. I'm planning on building a new workbench in the near future. I've decided to build the top using 4 sheets of 3/4 ply. I think l'll make it 30x60 or 70. I have two questions 1) What should I make the height bench. I have seen plans for 32", 34" and 38". 2) As for the end vise, which vise should I go with. Option a) Veritas® Inset Vise http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=66819&cat=1,41659 Option Jorgensen® Quick-Release Steel Bench Vises http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=65572&cat=1,41659 Thanks
  7. I'm building a workbench and I am planning on using four layers of 3/4 MDF or four layers of 3/4 plywood as my top, but I am wondering as to how MDF/plywood will hold up as a work surface, or should I top the MDF with a layer of 1/4 in. Hardboard to protect it! I'm gonna wrap the edges in Oak or Maple. I would love to build a traditional bench but cost is the major factor here. I'm thinking that if I go with the Hardboard top at least I can remove it and replace it should it gets too beat up. One of my concerns with using MDF, the lag screws for my vise will not last. I plan on using the benc
  8. If you are running PVC, make you buy a grounding kit to prevent static electricity build up. I found using 4" metal ducting you would use for your furnace is rather inexpensive. You will have to tape all the joints. It's what I used in my last shop. This time I'm planning on using a 25' flex hose and move it from tool to tool.
  9. I'm running a Reznor UDAP in my shop. With a garage thermostat which can be set to 2C or 36F (For when I'm not in the shop). I works awesome. https://www.rezspec.com/catalog-udap.html I have R16 in the walls, R16 overhead door and R22 in the attic. Eric