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  1. We'll just spent $875 at as they finally updated their web price. They have all lengths at 50% off with free fedex shipping. Now I will have to build that clamp cart. AndyL
  2. I just called bisjettools and they said the price will be 50% off the current web listed price. If that is the case a 12" clamp will be ~$22.50 when on sale. I think the prices are good and shipping is free just make sure too look at the shipping options - the fedex one on the bottom is free. That being said I'm also an amazon prime member also and if they honor the sale price 2 day free shipping would be good. Andy
  3. It seems like the sale is true. I just checked out and they are showing the sale. AndyL.
  4. Guys, I'm not 100% sure this is a correct sale at this time but I recieved an email today. The web link for the email goes here => I tried to confirm this but was unable to so far. If it is true I know I'm planning on stocking up on a few of them. After all 50% off clamps is a great deal. If anyone can confirm this please let me know as of now I'm waiting for my local store (toolnut) to get back to me with confirmation. AndyL
  5. Hey Marc, When did drums become a shop tool? AndyL
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a good place to buy jet parallel clamps from in the US? Thanks,
  7. I'm not an expert by far but I would suggest pouring a slab in the basement. As for me my basement shop has poured walls and a slab, it stays at 35% to 45% with a dehumidifier running. AndyL.
  8. Well I am try to decide between the Fuji and Earlex. I'm leaning a bit more to the Fuji. The main reason for this is I've read that some times the hose can fall off the Earlex. As for what I'm looking to spray, I was going to start off with some lacquer but wanted the ability to spay paint in the future. Currently I'm leaning toward a Fuji 2909-XPC Super 4. Any thoughts? AndyL
  9. Hey Guys, I've been thinking of getting into HVLP spray finishing and was wondering if anyone else was doing that and what they are using? As this would be my first system I'm looking for something simply that I can grow with. AndyL.
  10. Just wondering if any was building? I modified the design a bit? My bookcase has 3 fixed shelfs and 4 adjusting shelfs? Well one fixed shelf is really the top. So far I have the sides compled and the 3 fixed shelfs. Tonight I cut out the face frame and aligned everything. I'm planning on using domino's to connect the face frame together and the again to attach the face frame to the carcase. What's everyone else doing? AndyL
  11. Marc, Glad to see the site backup. I was being to get a bit worried when I could not get in for a day or two. I know this must be very frustrating for you but hang in there eventually it will go away when they realize you’re not quitting. On the bright side this is the price of fame, your site and you are doing so well that other people are jealous of you. Andy
  12. KC, I'm planning on doing just the backer board of the dog strip in Purpleheart. The bench is hard maple so I'm hoping the contrast will add a nice effect to the bench. Andy
  13. Adam, I agree with Tom's method but one thing to watch out for is that you end up taking a lot of material off. I had a similar problem on one of my boards and by the time the board was flat and straight it was too thin. It may be best to use another board for the long runners and use this board for shorter pieces where flatting them will not lose a whole lot of thickness. Andy
  14. Marc. Just wondering when the plans will be updated to include the sliding deadman? I'm not at that point just yet but I needed some additional wood and noticed its listed in the cut list but not in the PDF plans. Same goes true for sliders for the Leg Vise Chop. Andy
  15. Hi, I'm thinking of doing a modification of adding a tool tray off the back of the bench. I'm thinking of making the bottom of the tool tray removable so that I can use it for clamping if needed. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this idea. Andy