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  1. Please see the pictures of Baltic Birch B/BB that we have. It is still available in a warehouse in Philadelphia (near the port). If you have any questions please contact me: Ph: 424-367-8374 Email: info@plywoodlogistics.com
  2. You can come to the warehouse and check the quality. But, unfortunately, we do not sell by sheets.
  3. This is delivered to Houston. ($51.2 per sheet)
  4. We can supply various sizes and thicknesses of Baltic birch at good prices because we get it directly from the mill.
  5. Ii will be $51.2 in Houston.
  6. If you want, I can provide you with a shipping quote to your location in St.Louis, MO.
  7. We've just received a container with Baltic Birch plywood B/BB 5x5 12mm (1/2) at the port of Philadelphia. The price is $48.3 per sheet. We can also ship it to your location. Let me know guys if you are interested.