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  1. So, I'm ready to add something to my woodworking, and want to start carving. I've looked at some of the books, DVDs, and classes, but not sure of the most effective place to start. Highland has a class in November. http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/reliefcarvingforbeginnerssabihamujtaba.aspx Has anyone taken this? First thing will to build a carving bench, which I haven't needed up to now. Thanks Mark
  2. So my wife tosses the envelope at me and it from WW Guild of America...which I have never heard of, not that that means anything.... in it is a dvd and they $$ for getting more....interesting, not really. So here is my point - - are there a lot of people out there who will pay for this content when there is so much great stuff online? I know that there are a lot of no computer people out there, but still. - you don't have to do much beyond watch it and toss it, they can't charge you for something that you did not request I haven't watch the DVD yet, was just wondering if others are g
  3. Thanks Jay, I think its because I have an Irish Mom.
  4. Texas is real big. Still iced in here in Atlanta, but didn't loose power so I still had to work. Im from Ct, but find it best to just stay home in times like this. Atl does not deal well with these things.
  5. Ok, I like it a lot, we will start there! The cabinet doors are lacking compaired to the balance of the piece. Maybe just beading on the outside of the doors. And I thing the applied carving should have been wider, around the width of the two doors. Hard to say when a piece gets too busy...maybe I'm wrong.
  6. Thanks Trace, but I was looking for the above.
  7. not everyone can be an investment banker. kids need some diversity.
  8. Thanks Vic. Good recall Ando. I had listened to like 10 in 2 days, and couldn't remember which one it was.
  9. What was the list of 10 rules for woodworker's wife?
  10. So it can warp and break your heart.....it's a country song.
  11. Here is the end table that I finished just before Christmas. the top and legs are cherry, and the apron and inlay are walnut. Here is what I think of it, and I'm open to hearing what ya'll think. 1- inlay - this was my first shot at doing inlay, and they are not great. I started just messing around and used some 1/4 walnut ply to make the bow ties. don't ever do that, you can't sand them much...woops. I hadn't watched Mark's inlay video when I made this, and there is a lot in there that would have helped me in this process. I filled the little gaps with walnut putty, but even that shows
  12. dublinmark

    Cutting Brd Templates

    Posting pictures of the templates I used for the cutting board.
  13. Cute, I might have to use those for my canoe.
  14. the Atlanta show has gotten smaller and smaller every year, but I will go back...because it is there.
  15. What are u building, or wanting to build? What type of lumber do u buy, rough cut or already dimensioned?