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  1. Hi there, Has anyone built the sculpted chair from Paul at Canadian Woodworks? I really like the design and I'm looking at buying his plans and templates and making a few next year. How did you find the plans & templates, are they straight forward to follow? Or has anyone built a similar style chair before? I'd love to see some pics and your thoughts on the build. I'm getting close to finishing a maloof rocker at the moment and would love to make more sculpted chairs. And does anyone know if there are other plans available for these style chairs? I know Scott Morrison and Charles Brock sell plans for a chair with arms, I wonder if the templates could be modified for an armless chair? Thank you
  2. Maloof rocker questions

    Marc explains the process very well in the videos and it seems relatively straight forward. I'll post this part when the time comes but I'm not too concerned about it at all.
  3. Maloof rocker questions

    I shaped the back slats yesterday, it was pretty straight forward and quite quick. Now I need to fit the remainder of the tenons into the 1/2" holes. Once the slats are done, I can finish sculpting the rest of the chair and begin sanding/scraping then begin working on the rockers.
  4. Maloof rocker questions

    Arms are pretty much done as far as sculpting goes. A final shaping/scraping will happen during the finishing process but I'm pretty happy how they turned out. Next up is finishing the back slats..... I don't know why but I'm a bit hesitant to do them. The shaping is easy, but getting them to fit so they all line up will be a bit of a challenge.
  5. Maloof rocker questions

    I got the arms glued up now. I decided to do the hard lines and fine tuning of the arms after they're permanently attached to the chair. I'm pretty happy where things are at now, even though it's taking longer than expected due to limited shop time.
  6. Jewelry Box Build

    I've wanted to build a box for my daughter to store some special items for a while now so this project has come at the right time . She's too young for a jewelry box, so I'll use it to store some of those items, then maybe add jewelry when the time comes. The only things I may do different is use web frames, and perhaps customise the inside of the outer doors to suit what I'll be storing in there.
  7. Jewelry Box Build

    I purchased the build today. I won't get started for at least a month or so. Is anyone going to do a build on the forum?
  8. Jewelry Box Build

    Really looking forward to this build. Not sure if it's just me, but it looks as if it has curved drawer fronts (going off Marc's instragram post). I'll be buying the build in the next few weeks.
  9. Maloof finish

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I do overthink things when in reality it's pretty straight forward. Just thought there may have been some tips that may have helped. I'll mix some up when I'm ready and test it on a few boards. I'll post a pic when it's done, but here is where I'm up to now. I still have lots to do, but it's getting there.
  10. Maloof finish

    Hi all, I'm looking at making my own maloof finish to use on my rocker. He recommends a 2 step process. The first is a mix of 1/3 poly, 1/3 linseed oil and 1/3 tung oil. I'm pretty confident on mixing and applying this, I'll just follow Sams instruction in his book. But the second part I'm a little confused about. It's the 1/2 linseed oil and 1/2 tung oil mix with a handful of beeswax melted on a double boiler. Sam says that it needs to be the consistency of heavy cream. I plan on adding the beeswax, melting it and checking the consistency, and if need be add more beeswax until I get the desired result. I suppse my question is, what is the desired result? How thick is "heavy cream"? Has anyone made the second part up and had good results and have a ratio as to how much wax to put in? I'd love to see some pics of the consistency so I can see what I'm aiming for. Also, when I apply it, do I put it on sparingly or am I being quite liberal with the application? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andy
  11. Walnut Sculpted Rocker

    Looking really good! You're overtaking me now with the build.... What finish are you going to use?
  12. Maloof rocker questions

    So I've taken on the advice above and had better results today. Instead of using a rasp to remove the excess material, I used the RAS being very careful not to remove too much. I then used my rasps to get close to 1/2". I then tried the tenon cutter, this time skewing the blade as recommended. It worked better, but not great. I tried different skew angles, I even loosened the screws and with hand pressure I tried to see what angle would get it to cut then tightened down. I finally got relatively close with about an 1/8" of material to be removed with the rasps and scrapers. It took me about 40 minutes, and as you can see I'm close but still have a little more to go (red mark is by aim). I got a feeling I'm doing this the hard way, there surely can be a quicker way? I'm thinking of getting closer to 1/2" when removing excess material with the RAS, this may speed things up.. I'd love to hear your thoughts and tips if you got any. Thank you.
  13. Maloof rocker questions

    Thank you for the replies. I have drilled the holes already, and now remember that they won't be all the same depth due to the seat shape. This was done at the start of the year. So do I now individually measure the depth of each hole and cut my tenon to that depth? Or do I cut them all the same length which will result in a uniform look? I don't know why this is confusing me so much! Thank you.
  14. Maloof rocker questions

    Looking forward to seeing your update CheeseT. I've continued working on the rocker over the past week. I find myself jumping from one part of the build to another, mainly because I'm taking my time with figuring out how I want things to look. For example, I like the look of a thinner arm, so I've been looking at the arms on Charles Brocks rockers and trying to make mine look similar. I also cut the strips for the rocker laminations, I'm using huon pine which is from Tasmania here in Australia. It's one of my favourites. I do have some questions though if you don't mind helping me please. With the back slats, the lower ones in particular, are the 1/2" tenons all 1 1/2" (the depth of the hole). And will this give a uniform look? I know Marc mentions numbering and fitting each slat to a hole, but can't work out if it's because of the seat or the headrest? If someone could clarify that it would be a huge help. Also, I tried using the veritas 1/2" tenon cutter, but found I couldn't really get good results. I removed most of the material then tried the cutter, it wouldn't cut even when I changed the depth of cut. I ended up using rasps and doing it by hand, it worked well but the tenon isn't a snug fit. I figured I'll be gluing it anyway, but I'd still rather it be gap free and a snug fit. What was your process for cutting the tenons? Thanks for the help!
  15. Maloof rocker questions

    So I've starting working on the rocker again. Last time I posted I mentioned that the arms did not sit flush with the rear legs, and as a result there was an unsightly gap. I decided to redo the arms as I believed no fix would have look acceptable and I don't want to compromise on this build. So I've just sculpted the 45 degree chamfers on the top of the arms. I've been using the RAS, and I'm very impresssed with it. The holey galahad wheels are great, but I find the RAS leaves a more even surface plus it has dust extraction (about 70%). There's still plenty of work to do, but I'm happy where it's at now. I also posted a pic with the spindles (they still need to be shaped) sitting against the headrest. Just to give you an idea what it may look like.