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    In 2019 I got into AstroPhotography big time. Still a lot of learning, equipment to buy, software packages to learn. It's amazing what photos can be taken from the backyard!

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  1. 1-2 1-2 - I think the picture is the right way up from a PC I got this from a work colleague who lives in Plano Texas.
  2. I've changed to night as the "Clean" theme seemed to make everything on the top banner go dark and difficult to read. I would have thought night mode would make everything white text on a black background? Use less power on tablets etc. However is just plain old white background with black text....hmm!
  3. I store mine in a track bag but they have holes at the end to permit hanging should you not want a bag.
  4. I will still be hand cutting all the drawer dovetails as that is always a pleasure to do. 14 drawers with through dovetails at the back and blind dovetails at the front - I can see the bottle of Jack coming out.
  5. Not really giving up (whisper it) but I have a project with so many tenons required it will take me from now to next year to finish if I do them by hand. It's an Asymetric Chest of Drawers. I've done it in SKetchup and the wood in the drawers won't look like the picture but you get the idea. The cutout at the bottom rear is so it can go up against a wall without hitting base boards. It has a birch plywood rear panel too. The dimensions are roughly 4 feet square (slightly taller than wide) and about 17" deep.
  6. I've finally succumbed to the Green side. I have a project or three that needs the purchase of the mighty Domino. No more for me hand cutting tenons, routing mortises or other skills I have developed over the years. Darn you Festool! I've not ordered it yet but it has got to be before December 31 as the UK finally leaves the EU and the prices will then skyrocket.
  7. I get mine delivered like most things since Covid. Even Snickers come that way.
  8. Yeah. They didn't have a distributor or agent in Europe or the UK even though they used to have a website where you could buy the gear. That no longer exists either. I know some guys who had PC equipment and when they needed spare parts they got: "Thank you for visiting the Porter-Cable website. Unfortunately we have no representation in Europe and do not ship overseas. Regards, End User Services" This was despite the ability to buy brand new tools. I'm going back to about 2006 now though.
  9. I’ve given up brushing dust off my walls. I just leave it in place and let the tablesaw cover it up with more dust.
  10. Porter Cable is a brand that is no longer available in the UK. The original poster is based in the UK. I would go for a least 2000 watt Bosch Blue or DeWalt 1/2” collet. Milwaukee is a US brand that is available in the UK but I’ve heard some poor reports about them. A Trend T11 has an in built router raiser and negates the need for a Jessem Mast R Lift completely. I’ve been using one for about 8 years in a cast iron table with phenolic top without issue. The router is about £450 and the table a similar price. if you were looking for an industrial solution then look instead at a
  11. Yes I did a similar thing as Rick using the pile of offcuts that I had
  12. A good purchase. On cars with alloy wheels I’ve still found that tire fitters seem to think putting the nuts on with an air tool is the best way rather than torqueing them with a torque wrench. So subsequently a pet gorilla is needed to undo them with the joke “tool “ supplied with cars. I too got a breaker bar for exactly the same reasons.
  13. The shorter track like that is very useful I must get one. I have the Bosch Pro plunge saw rather than the Festool one and it is just as good (similar price).
  14. I have the very same Veritas gauge and it is very good. Make sure you buy some spare wheels for it though. I know from my experience when I first got mine it rolled off the bench onto the floor and the disc shattered as it is so hard. I have rubber on the floor now so it just bounces. Also it is razor sharp. I cut my finger yesterday on it trying to get the gauge out of its normal storage place in my tool cabinet. Ouch! Nice haul on everything else too.