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    In 2019 I got into AstroPhotography big time. Still a lot of learning, equipment to buy, software packages to learn. It's amazing what photos can be taken from the backyard!

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  1. England will be going into its third lockdown. It joins Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which already are in their total lockdowns. Stay at home orders in place, only go out for exercise, provisions buying, medical treatment or if you can’t work from home.
  2. Mine is not to have any resolutions. Darn it. Failed already!
  3. We saw it the same day over here. I also saw the police bodycam footage immediately prior to the explosion and the aftermath. Scary stuff. The RV reminded me of the one used as a meth lab in Breaking Bad.
  4. Yes its holiday season so am catching up on the forums. I'm off until Jan 4 having finished at lunch time Dec 24. Not sure about any shop time but who knows.
  5. Absolutely. As I predicted the Astra Zenica vaccine has just (26 minutes ago at time of writing) been approved for use in the UK. They will start inoculating with this Jan 4.
  6. Lots more restrictions. Whole areas have stay at home orders. We in my area are not in that yet.... but real close to it probably going into yet another nationwide lock down. 72000+ deaths overall and 53000 new cases just today. The hospitals are close to breaking point. It seems this new strain can be spread easier. We’d also heard of the new South African variant which apparently is as bad to young adults as the regular strain is to older people. Fortunately a lot of people have been vaccinated already with the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, including my elderly parents, and will get their se
  7. You just have to polish the Lie Nielsen. The bronze body can come up nice and shiny.
  8. Absolutely. I do a sanity check so I know where my hands and digits are every time I use any machine. Also I never do any woodworking when tired. Too many nicks from chisels done when not concentrating properly.
  9. Interesting idea. I think with my OCD I would have done it with a straight transition line but that’s me.
  10. I would lean towards the Lie Nielsen although the Veritas is just as good. I like both companies.
  11. Merry Christmas Rick and everybody. I’ve been on this site for over 10 years but not as frequent as I used to be. Life gets in the way sometimes.
  12. Drill it out or show it a persuader
  13. I had to take it back into the shop last year and refinish it. It was covered in rain bounce, dirt that gets thrown up from rain showers, had grown a little in width so occasionally jamming in between posts so needed a 1/4” taking off. I coated it in that Canadian Sansin SDF stuff and it looks ok again now. Horizontal surfaces need recoating yearly I’m finding though. Verticals seem to last much longer. Yacht varnish like Epifanes is useless in our climate unless you stand there every two weeks with brush full of it so I gave up on that years ago.
  14. I’ve used Sketchup for years and wouldn’t use anything else as it is easy to learn and use. They have an online version now but I still have the 2017 version that works just fine and it is free. If you are just designing furniture ot anything for that matter without the need to give photorealism I think it is great.