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  1. I alternate between using 3M 1310 in ear buds (on a cord) if I am wearing my Trend Airshield Pro (that has a set of clip on Mickey Mouse ears which are useless BTW) and full ear defenders when doing non dust stuff (which isn't really possible in a wood shop ).
  2. DHL, TNT, Royal Mail all similarly priced and have track and trace. As you are shipping from the UK then one of those is the best place to start.
  3. Hey Ken. I’ve been very busy with my new job and haven’t had any time to look at any forums. Very little shop time this year too. I made a coffee table early February and last night I finished a walnut 6 string electric guitar.
  4. TerryMcK


    I’ll have a look at that observatory Mick. Thanks.
  5. TerryMcK


    Glad to see some specks of dust and detritus on the floor Kev. It looks fantastic - a great space. It looks like you are in a dark sky site judging by the views out of the windows? Another hobby of mine is astronomy and I've recently got into deep space astrophotography. I sure wish my urban location had darker skies. We have it spoilt by LED streetlights
  6. I have one with all the attachments and it is ok - not brilliant but ok. A push stick like the one Marc Spagnulo sells is cheaper, keeps your hand/fingers much higher out of the path of the blade and you don't mind if it (the push stick! ) gets hacked to pieces - you can make another very easily.
  7. I've used thin CA to build up layer after layer (probably 10 or 12) on fretless bass fingerboards - usually made from rosewood. Once cured it is very tough and I polish it to a mirror finish. It withstands the constant wear from steel wound strings. So "does it cure like epoxy ? "I can't say for sure but it certainly withstands wear extremely well. I don't use accelerator on fretboard finishes as it bubbles up too much creating pin prick holes but I do use accelerator for other uses (chip repair etc).
  8. No they went the way of the rheostat many years ago. They were called Tandy over here.
  9. A hot wire leaves no mess. Fuse wire held tight between a wooden frame, rheostat (remember them?) or simply a variable voltage/current power supply (Radio Shack). Turn on the juice and vary the voltage/current until just hot enough. Cuts like a hot knife through butter. It works well with open/closed cell foam too. A bit of overkill for what you want to do. Alternatively a bread knife does just as good and doesn't leave any residue on the bandsaw. You are also not limited by the throat of the bandsaw.
  10. I’m just a collector of woodworking magazines in pdf format. I have years of PW them all 2000 up to October 2018. Also a few pre 2000 issues. I noticed a steep drop in quality of PW since Schwarz and Megan left. So not too bothered anymore. I just thought it had gone to the wall when I couldn’t find it easily. Fine woodworking is one I do still subscribe to and have every issue from #1. That really makes my OCD woodworking magazine collection complete. “Tools and shops” is the annual issue I look forward to. Always nice seeing other peoples shops.
  11. What is the current issue date Rick?
  12. Does it still exist? I can't seem to find any information about the latest issue anywhere.
  13. I got the advice from a Paul Sellers video so make no claim to originality. It really works well and is cheap. It’s not the additive that you put in the water bottle but the ready mixed spray fluid you clean glass with. I have also tried using Shield Technology Honerite water additive and that works supremely well but a little pricey.
  14. Once I went over to diamond plates every other medium has gone by the wayside. I use EZELap 8" x 3" in grades coarse 250, fine 600 and superfine 1200 lubricated with automotive windshield cleaner. The addition of lube gives a finer finish. The secret is honing little and often. I fixed the stones into a piece of marine ply in routed out mortises (nothing holding them in other than side friction). I applied a ledger strip to the lower front edge so it can be clamped in a vice. Then this board of three diamond plates are kept on hand near my bench for immediate use. If you use a honing guide like the MK2, the Lie Niesen guide or even freehand then 8" x 3" is more than adequate. You could use a strop to get a mirror finish but be careful not to round over edges.