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    Gate, Portcullis and Drawbridge design and manufacture a speciality - especially for anybody living in a castle.

    Also a licensed radio ham G8YPH since 1980. Have a listen around on HF, VHF or UHF as I have gear for all bands.

    In 2019 I got into AstroPhotography big time. Still a lot of learning, equipment to buy, software packages to learn. It's amazing what photos can be taken from the backyard!

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  1. Wow with a capital W. The imperial gallon is slightly more than a US gallon at roughly 4.5 litres to a gallon. Even so we are being fleeced hand over fist here and have been since the start of motoring. Price of a litre of E10 petrol (10% ethanol - the rest is regular unleaded) today is about £1.61 GBP or $2.02 USD So 2.02 multiplied by 3.8 equalling $7.67 a US gallon.
  2. My car has a 70 litre tank (not sure how many US gallons that is) and last time I filled up a couple of weeks back it cost £100 GBP. At todays currency exchange rate that equates to $125 USD. We in the UK have always had more expensive gas (petrol) than the US but recent events have pushed the cost up massively.
  3. I have planned: A shoe cabinet - urgent as requested by my wife! A chest of drawers - I have some fancy face lumber that is well dried A small book case - sapele to match some night stands I made a few years back A short scale electric bass guitar - around 28 to 30 " scale length with active electronics An acoustic guitar - something like a Martin D28 And that will probably do for now.
  4. I love the sign above the door
  5. I remember Millennium Eve all those years ago. I was working in the IT department for our local international airport, Manchester UK, on the Y2K bug which we had been working on for about 18 months prior to make sure planes didn't fall out of the air. I went in at 11:30PM after leaving a party and with about 40 others sat monitoring screens when the clock struck midnight. Needless to say nothing happened except we could hear loads of fireworks. The airport had been closed to all air traffic at 6PM and didn't open up again until 6AM the following morning. We "celebrated" the success and turning of the year with a plastic cup containing a few teaspoons of warm cheap fizzy wine! Not good. I couldn't see anything as the server hall doesn't have any windows and only heard the bangs when I came out after midnight back into the office. Every year now around here there are firework displays on new years mostly from peoples private houses. A lot of public displays have been cancelled this last new years due to Covid issues but that didn't stop people having them in their yards.
  6. I need to get me some birds eye plywood. Project looking good. Is it inspired by Marc Spags sheetgood thingummy he had in one of his shops years ago?
  7. I still vow not to have any new years resolutions..... Failed again!!!
  8. It was Venus according to Stellarium.
  9. TerryMcK

    Cape Cod?

    I went there many years ago and went over to Nantucket on the trip too. Beautiful part of the country.
  10. The Trend T11 is also very good. I think it is based on the Dewalt design but also has a router raiser built in. I have it in a router table. The T10 is the same but no router raiser and is for hand held use. 2000w at 230 volts.
  11. Pinterest needs to be banned on your internet router Ken. I get the same “ideas” pointed my way by my wife too. So far I have (mainly) resisted.
  12. TerryMcK


    No but would like to know
  13. TerryMcK


    So sad to hear of his passing. I never saw ZZ Top live but have watched them on videos over the years. I keep watching their appearance on Howard Stern on Youtube playing La Grange one of my favourites. My recently made Les Paul has the same electronics that Billy Gibbons has in his - Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.
  14. Yes sanding back to wood will clear off the Danish oil. Wipe it down with white spirits or meths after you have sanded back. Start with something like 60 or 80 grit then go up in increments. 80-120, 120 to 180 before applying the first coat of water based finish. Wait until it has cured overnight then very lightly sand at about 320 grit as water based finishes raise the grain of the wood. Essentially this gives a slight rough feel. However hitting it with 320 or even higher will remove that roughness. The good news is it only raises the grain once so subsequent coats will end up really nice. Once finally cured after a couple of weeks I normally burnish the surface with a brown paper grocery bag, seriously, and that makes the surface silky smooth. So when you go to your local grocers shop try to get some veg in a brown paper bag then save them up to do furniture You have no need to apply furniture polish or beeswax to the finished article as the finish is polyurethane varnish and you will find the polish will sit on the surface. So just wipe it down with a damp cloth. Hope this helps.