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    In 2019 I got into AstroPhotography big time. Still a lot of learning, equipment to buy, software packages to learn. It's amazing what photos can be taken from the backyard!

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  1. The shorter track like that is very useful I must get one. I have the Bosch Pro plunge saw rather than the Festool one and it is just as good (similar price).
  2. I have the very same Veritas gauge and it is very good. Make sure you buy some spare wheels for it though. I know from my experience when I first got mine it rolled off the bench onto the floor and the disc shattered as it is so hard. I have rubber on the floor now so it just bounces. Also it is razor sharp. I cut my finger yesterday on it trying to get the gauge out of its normal storage place in my tool cabinet. Ouch! Nice haul on everything else too.
  3. So sorry for your loss Mick.
  4. What are the dimensions of the bed?
  5. That was my first thoughts too. Maybe it is an attachment for a finish spraying device?
  6. Wow nice! Let us know how you get on with that as my Earlex 5000 is getting a bit long in the tooth. I also can't buy a 1.0mm needle set cheaply for it anymore as it seems to have increased 400% in cost. A Fuji is on the horizon.
  7. Interesting trick. I fell asleep after that though - it was like watching paint dry!
  8. I don't have to travel anywhere for Snickers nowadays. They arrive on the doorstep courtesy of Amazon
  9. We are seeing a minor relaxation of the Covid rules at the moment, which is too soon in my humble opinion and we may get a second wave of bad outbreaks. But one of the effects of the relaxation is McDonald's drive thru's are back open causing massive traffic jams. Also IKEA has opened a few stores and people are queuing from 5AM to get into the store one at a time with strict social distancing. Quite honestly you won't find me waiting in line to buy a Billy Bookcase, tealights, meatballs or a Big Mac anytime soon.
  10. Seems like an industrial quality machine to me. Too large for my shop and expensive too. It weighs 287kg too (over 1/4 of a imperial ton). I wouldn't fancy that rolling over my toe We can't buy Grizzly in the UK BTW.
  11. Yes it was full of notches that stick. He was very forgetful
  12. My granddad used to cut notches into his walking stick when he wanted to remember something. Trouble is he could never remember what he'd cut the notches for.
  13. I see this thread has been revived. My eye sight is getting worse these days and finishing became an issue in the dark days of winter pre Covid. So I installed an extra 16 LED lamps which are these ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JMJ2QJS 4 Pack R80 LED 10w E27 Replacment for Reflector R80 Light Bulb Energy Saving 75w Equivalent Light Output [Energy Class A+] - note these are 230volt ones intended for the UK so find the equivalent for your line voltage. Anyway these are arranged in a grid pattern spaced every 2 feet over some areas of the shop where I need them. I now have around 25 in the shop and can switch them on/off in individual zones with a few ceiling pull switches on cords. These are in addition to the T8 fluorescent tubes which cover the entire shop. So it is now very bright when I need it and the lamps are daylight. However as I mentioned above they do generate RF that interferes locally with radio reception. But as the shop has an external antenna now I no longer get any issues.
  14. Nice work Rick. The rasped dent must be like one of those sharp cleaving ridges that chair makers seem to like putting into seat bases. Lift and separate!
  15. A future fridge