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  1. Thanks everybody. It plays really well and I shaped the back of the neck with my Clifton 550 concave spokeshave - a picture from their website below. The curve it gives fits the hand really well. That tool is normally used for shaping stair rails or cabriole legs but it is the ideal radius for guitar necks. I have had it years but never used it on a neck before. It will get much more use in the future. I also have the Clifton convex 500 spokeshave too but have not yet found a use for. It currently resides in my plane cabinet. No doubt a requirement
  2. You could always look on auction sites for a #7. I own the Veritas one you have linked to and it doesn’t perform any better than my Stanley #7 ebay special which is about 50 years old. Only difference of course is the Veritas one is bevel up, has the adjustable mouth and you can put on the magnetic fence. It is the same cutting angle.
  3. Interesting piece. I expect that there won’t be much wood movement to worry about with all that resin holding it together.
  4. Haha. That's what it is called in luthier circles/forums as it is usually the same stuff they make toilet seats out of.
  5. 3/4 or 1" are the best to start with as they are easy to handle and keep square to the workpiece. I have a couple of Stanleys and they are fine. Then graduate to a smaller one say 1/4" or 1/2" for smaller work. I have a Sheffield UK 1/4" Clifton 400 Shoulder/Rebate/Rabbet plane and it is really good.
  6. The more expensive Sjobergs are good. Also Lie-Nielsen are fantastic. Just don't treat it like a piece of furniture it is purely for working on and a bit of stain, glue, drill hole or saw mark is fine.
  7. Just take care that it doesn't run away with you. That can do some serious damage. I might be tempted to clamp a straight edge down to the stock to keep it on track.
  8. During all the various lockdowns we been having in the UK (finally coming out of the third one) my woodworking was seriously curtailed. I had some scrap sapele boards left over from a previous project and had a roughed out neck I made a few years ago from meranti and rock maple stress relieving in the rafters of the shop. So I set to work making another guitar and finished it off last weekend April 25th 2021. This is a hybrid digital and analog guitar meaning it has conventional pickups and a pickup for a guitar synthesizer. I inlaid the ebony fingerboard with mother of pearl clouds and t
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they were part of the same company at one time.
  10. It should look great when finished. I still have a few old 33 and 45 vinyl records somewhere - probably in the attic. I don't have anything to play them on but I know some people are popularizing the format again. I do have a very old 1930's wind up gramophone player in a wooden cabinet on display in the dining room - it has a label inside His Masters Voice with a picture of a dog on. HMV was a record retail company in the UK until it went bust a few years ago. We have a bunch of 78s that we dig out and put on it from time to time. It has real needles I guess made out of steel. When
  11. We've grimly exceeded 100,000 deaths in the UK now. Fifth worse country in the world not that anybody is competing. However nearly 8 million people have had their first jab of either the Pfizer/Biontek, Oxford/Astra-Zenica or Moderna vaccines. My mother and step father have had theirs, my wife will be having hers soon and I will have to wait being the spring chicken I am. We are still stuck indoors going out once a day for a walk and getting everything delivered. We are on our third national lockdown and most people are sticking to it. There are the odd melons or "bears of little bra
  12. Could arrange a drip feed too.
  13. Yes Charles sadly died according to this article https://www.lumberjocks.com/topics/307351 Not sure if he was a one man band or if he had anybody else working with him.
  14. Brilliant. I also suffer from that syndrome. Fortunately 18 bottles of red arrived today to alleviate my suffering.
  15. England will be going into its third lockdown. It joins Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which already are in their total lockdowns. Stay at home orders in place, only go out for exercise, provisions buying, medical treatment or if you can’t work from home.