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    Stringed instrument making
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    Gate, Portcullis and Drawbridge design and manufacture a speciality - especially for anybody living in a castle.

    Also a licensed radio ham G8YPH since 1980. Have a listen around on HF, VHF or UHF as I have gear for all bands.

    In 2019 I got into AstroPhotography big time. Still a lot of learning, equipment to buy, software packages to learn. It's amazing what photos can be taken from the backyard!

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About Me

I'm based in Eccles in the UK (that is in the North West of England next door to Manchester [home of the world famous Man United and Man City soccer teams - I have absolutely no interest in soccer so don't ask who do I support]) and have been building stringed instruments, guitars (both acoustic and electric), basses, violins, citterns, mandolins, ukeleles, some woodwind instruments and a few others as a hobby for more than 20 years many of which I have sold. In 2010 I was looking for a bandsaw tuneup video and stumbled upon Marc Spagnuolo's The WoodWhisperer website. I liked what I saw as Marc was a few years into his, then fledgling, videography business concentrating on his chosen subject of woodworking. I downloaded a load of podcasts, joined the Wood Whisperer Guild and now count cabinetmaking / fine furniture building as one of my skills. Marc's excellent teaching methodology is a great help. I have purchased most of the early Guild courses being a member almost from day one. I am now getting lots of commissions for furniture, still make guitars and basses. Eventually, as most hobbyists aspire to, I will probably become semi pro. I have no intention of changing to a full time woodworking profession though as the joy will become a chore.

My shop is a standalone building detached from my home, being rebuilt from a shop in a two car garage that served me for almost 2 decades and transformed to a full workshop during October/November 2012 - cars park on the driveway outside. It is an ever evolving haven of creativity. I can handle most reasonable size woodworking tasks and use a combination of machinery and hand tools.

In my day job I am an IT systems analyst. In a previous profession I was a mechanical design engineer working with AutoCad. I am a time served engineer having been trained as an apprentice in heavy engineering, working in jig and tool design for the aerospace industry finally moving to design in the photographic film/paper manufacturing industries. Then I moved into 'puters and haven't looked back since. Woodworking allows me to get away from staring at a screen all day. AstroPhotography, a new hobby since late 2019, is also occupying a lot of time.


Above is an image of the "North America Nebula" with the "Pelican Nebula" on the right. Nothing to do with America BTW it just happens to resemble its shape. The red color is produced by ionised hydrogen. The nebula on the left is 2200 light years away - the one on the right is a mere 1800 light years away! I took the image using my telescope from my backyard Dec 9th 2019.

Sleep and work gets in the way sometimes!

I maintain a blog about my adventures in the world of woodwork here. Have a look at what I'm doing. I am also a radio ham and work the world on HF radio. I maintain another blog about that here.