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  1. My granddad used to cut notches into his walking stick when he wanted to remember something. Trouble is he could never remember what he'd cut the notches for.
  2. I see this thread has been revived. My eye sight is getting worse these days and finishing became an issue in the dark days of winter pre Covid. So I installed an extra 16 LED lamps which are these ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JMJ2QJS 4 Pack R80 LED 10w E27 Replacment for Reflector R80 Light Bulb Energy Saving 75w Equivalent Light Output [Energy Class A+] - note these are 230volt ones intended for the UK so find the equivalent for your line voltage. Anyway these are arranged in a grid pattern spaced every 2 feet over some areas of the shop where I need them. I now have around 25 in the shop and can switch them on/off in individual zones with a few ceiling pull switches on cords. These are in addition to the T8 fluorescent tubes which cover the entire shop. So it is now very bright when I need it and the lamps are daylight. However as I mentioned above they do generate RF that interferes locally with radio reception. But as the shop has an external antenna now I no longer get any issues.
  3. Nice work Rick. The rasped dent must be like one of those sharp cleaving ridges that chair makers seem to like putting into seat bases. Lift and separate!
  4. I actually have some! Stocks are high in the UK again now after the initial panic buying for everything to consume at both ends!
  5. Ahh the Binford 2000 tablesaw and Binford 2100 angle grinder. If Mr Binford had seen the Domino design first instead of Festo I wonder what number it will have been given.
  6. I thought I would start a thread where we could record what came today to aid our woodworking. Anything is game here from humble fasteners, through handtools to machine tools and even wood stock whatever. If there are no pictures it didn't happen I'll go first. Over the years I have done a small amount of veneering but never anything that required something like a vacuum bag system. I simply could not justify the cost at the moment. That's not to say never as you don't know what is around the corner. Anyway recently I was repairing some lifted veneer on the aprons of a table with cauls made from plywood wrapped in packing tape and thought "If I had a veneer hammer I could do this quite easily". In "ye olde dayes" a workshop would always have a few veneer hammers on hand but they seem to be few and far between nowadays. You can make one from some brass strip and a few sticks of wood but I wanted a substantial commercially made one. So a German made Kunz veneer hammer arrived this morning with a drop forged head. This it the KUN037 with a 90mm (3.1/2") blade on one side and a 22mm (7/8") square lump on the other side for spot pressing. Best used with hot hide or Titebond hide glues it will even work with Titebond cold press as it pushes the mating parts together forming a good seal. It will probably work on any adhesive which exhibits good grab characteristics like Titebond Original.
  7. It reminds me of what Tim Taylor would do in Home Improvement.
  8. I suppose to us Brits both Bob and Norm were unknown at one point - Norm still is to non woodworking Brits. However I've known Norm for years now since joining this forum (10 years now!).
  9. And a cup that shows Happy Little Scenes
  10. Haha I'm going to order a few of them!
  11. During lockdown in the UK TV and movie making has been severely curtailed as it has been in most of the world. Lots of shows recorded before lockdown are being shown on TV but one of the best is an American show, which to my knowledge was never shown originally in the UK, is a show originating from 1987. It is called "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross. Absolutely fantastic TV to watch. This softly spoken guy with a big 1970s haircut, looking like a member of the Bee Gees, showing how to paint masterpieces with a 2" brush is wonderful. Sadly he died in 1995 but he has made some very watchable TV shows. Bob really was a real personality and his calm style lulls the viewer into wanting to pick up a brush and try it out. My wife is an artist and she says although she can appreciate the techniques he demonstrates and used the style of pictures he did are not for her. I still like them though. I've since found that Youtube is full of his videos and there is a https://www.twoinchbrush.com/getting-started website.
  12. In the UK we have a "Clap For Carers" every Thursday evening at 8PM. Almost everybody in the country takes part and stands on their doorsteps/porches/out on the street/frontyard and just claps for 5 minutes to support the front line workers whom are working so hard to keep us all safe. These are medical staff, carers in seniors homes, refuge collectors, delivery drivers, law enforcement, fire service, power generators, food producers and so on. We took part in the 5th one last night. We are also swapping food with our immediate neighbours. They are only 50 yards away and we have to shout to have a conversation. Last night our neighbour brought us over a lemon drizzle cake that she had made. We had handmade some bread (in a breadmaker machine but the ingredients we put in by hand!) for her and her husband. We swapped photos of us eating the delicious goods over text. One of the benefits of lockdown stay at home.
  13. The lumber stores are closed because of Covid not because of any import problems. We do have forests of our own locally grown wood of course. At the moment construction is not seen as an essential need and employees in those businesses (as well as many other non essential businesses) are on furlough. The good thing is the government is paying 80% of their salaries and some companies are making up the difference too.
  14. Thanks Mark. Yes chocolate seems to be in short supply but alcohol is no problem. Strange times we are all living in.
  15. I currently can't buy any lumber in the UK period. Hardwood, softwood, ply nothing. Construction sites are suffering too as they can't get supplies either. I see occasional private residencies having building work done by contractors but they are few and far between. We are limited to how far we can travel now unless one of the many fine people who are emergency workers, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, food suppliers, law enforcement and of course the fabulous medical workers. Our prime minister is recovering at home after being seriously ill in intensive care with coronavirus. He survived but it's a long recovery period - weeks apparently. I have lost my aunt and 4 friends to this horrible disease in the last week. I have a close friend rushed into hospital last night. We texted him today and he had been taken for a CT scan on his lung but has Covid-19. Ironically he is a health care worker at the very hospital he is currently in. But on a lighter note I have just ordered some more beer, wine and rum from Amazon so that's the important things out of the way. Our gutter press newspapers report that in the USA essential items to purchase are chocolate and ..... guns . Really? That can't possibly be true. I would give my right arm to eat a Snickers bar right now.
  16. How much does Netflix cost in the US? I am paying £11.99 including taxes ($14.99 US) for 4 screens at 4K UHD My broadband and landline telephone is £28 a month (including line rental which is the norm in the UK) which is $35 US. I get 100Mbit bandwidth unlimited download for that. Is that similar to US?
  17. Wow you guys have real cheap gas. The price in the UK, as most of the rest of the world, is heavily taxed. We can buy a litre of regular unleaded petrol (gasoline) at £1.10 GBP ($1.37 US). There are 3.78541 litres in an US gallon. So that is 1.10 x 3.78541 or £4.16 GBP per US gallon. I think somebody said they got gas for $1.59 a gallon which is almost a third the price of the rest of the world. £4.16 GBP at todays exchange rate is $5.19 US per US gallon! An imperial gallon as used in the UK is a bigger volume of liquid than a US gallon (not sure why the US has less in it) the conversion is 1 imperial gallon = 1.20095 US gallons. Super unleaded is even more expensive (another 10%). However, try buying bottled water in a supermarket! It is more expensive than UK petrol. If I could drink petrol it would be far cheaper
  18. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care but not on a ventilator - just being administered oxygen and not sedated. This was his second night. We wish him well and all the other people around the world also in ICUs suffering from this terrible disease. We are in our third week of lock down. We are allowed out to exercise, to buy provisions and for those who have to go into work like emergency workers/food producers. Kids are off school but I get the feeling youngsters think that it is nothing to do with them and are still walking around in groups despite there being a ban on it. Social media is to blame for that and also some crazy conspiracy theories about 5G masts/antennas either spreading the virus or weakening immunity systems - totally unfounded! There have been a few masts in England that have been burnt down by the crazies. Stay safe everybody
  19. It looks as though we in the UK will be isolating for at least 6 months. They are reviewing the situation every three weeks. We are just starting week 2 of the run. I work from home so am ok for salary and we are getting food delivered by the supermarkets. More importantly we got a big delivery of wine and beer today. So if the food diminishes we can still get our calories from a liquid intake
  20. We’ve been told to imagine an outstretched arm holding a broom. I think the 8’ 2x4 idea is much better.
  21. Some people over here are saying "It's Mother Nature's way of sending all humans to their rooms to seriously think about what they have done to the planet"
  22. "RV" Tissue sounds like something to be used on a Winnebago chemical toilet.
  23. Since the lockdown started Monday in the UK supermarket queues and buying to hoard has diminished in many areas. People are observing social distancing when waiting in line to get into the supermarkets and also observing the same when walking the aisles. There are plenty of supplies on the shelves now, TP no longer an issue but rice and pasta are in short supply. The supermarkets have taken on more staff to replenish the shelves and the restrictions on deliveries from suppliers during the night have been lifted. We can go for walks, runs or short bike rides for exercise (the latter two I've not done since I was about 20!) and the people we have met on route have observed the 8 foot guideline. There are still a few idiots you see on TV news reports who think the rules are for everybody else but them and many youngsters still couldn't be bothered. Until the police slap a fine on them that is! I've just read that a quarter of the worlds population are under lockdown. That's nearly 2 billion people!
  24. That's a good one Mark. My usual commute to work is all of 30 feet normally so I'll find that map extra useful.