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  1. i have 5 furnas r44 drum controller reversing switches for large machinery these sell for 150 -200 dollars new you can have them for 50 dollars a piece plus shipping and handling these are not light duty switches pm me for more info
  2. i have thirty six five packs of trojan jig saw blades(scroll saw blades) the specs. are .028 thick .250 wide 7 teeth five inch blank ends .028 thick .187 wide 10 teeth 6 inch blank ends .020 thick .110 wide 10 teeth 6 inch blank ends plus i have about 4 packs of olson blades price .40 cents each or 65.00 for whole lot and ill throw in the olson blades for free s&h not included in price
  3. the diameter of the shaft is 1"
  4. i have a bunch of turning tools prices below these are all vintage first pic is a set of nine random tools: price $30 second pic is a set of five craftsman tools: price $30 third pic is a set of six buck bros. tools: price $35 the fourth pic is a set of eight tools: price $40' the fifth pic is a set of lathe tool rests price $ 30 thats all for now alot of metal working stuff coming up soon
  5. very nice shop tour are those jigs for the Charles Niel quilt rack by the festool tracks ?
  6. a.j. its nice to know their are other woodworkers in cleveland
  7. i third the bosch it is a great router and plenty powerful
  8. i have actualy been waiting for about 2 years but havent found one i like i have gotten my planer and bandsaw of their but what i really watch "hard" is the lumber i have found great deals on that section
  9. should i buy this jointer on craigslist? http://cleveland.craigslist.org/tls/2209236397.html have you ever seen the brand? are the reputable if so? thanks,mike
  10. thanks for all the replies i just to the job on today and she gave me at least 4,000 worth of small remodeling work to do also wich involves striping wall paper drywalling some tile work painting and 2 more custome cabs for the bedroom so i think i will finally be adding to my festool and lie-nielsen collection
  11. im fifteen and ive been in the process of starting a pretty sucsesful wwing buisness and ive been noticing when my blog gets hits or when i recomendations from previous coustomers they think that because i am so young that either i will be rediculously cheap or i will not know what im doing i charge a standerdized shop fee of 25 dollars and hour plus materials but i always try to give a rough quote (ive had to eat a price underestimate on one or two jobs)i am wondering if other people get the same problem of clients wanting somthing really cheap right now i am doing two walnut counter tops in
  12. im in a bubinga phase right now but usually its black walnut or mahogany but ill use whatever i have in the racks
  13. my name is mike nelson, im 15 and from ne ohio i started wwing not to long ago (mabey 1 year) i enjoy doing tables and chairs and small cabinets i dont have a permenat shop now but plan on building a 2 story shop with power tools down below and hand tools and finishing room up above i hope to post some of my completed projects soon and learn alot from this fourm