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  1. Ahh yes, I have found that out by experience.
  2. I personally don't use colored t-shirts out of fear the dye will transfer into whatever I am using. At my day job I often use alcohol with shop rags to clean parts, The crappy red rags always leave red streaks on the parts.
  3. Looks like old t-shirts are the way to go! Thanks fellas.
  4. Like most of you I have used many things in the past to wipe on stains and finishes of all kinds, Mostly cut up t-shirts or random soft cloths, But what is the absolute best thing to use for wiping on a polyurethane finish?
  5. Thanks for the info and advice guys. The top is super smooth now, I always considered 600 grit and then 0000 steel wool "rubbing out the finish" I didn't do the finale rub with paste wax yet because I knew I might have to put another coat on to fix the problem. The top is made of cherry, with a boarder or purple heart and a black colored wood(teak?) So the bright white dust is Very obvious and looks terrible. I will try to use mineral spirits to clean the poly dust out of the cracks, maybe with a air compressor to blow it out where it's to deep to get with a rag. If that doesn't work,
  6. Hmmm, I've never been able to get a perfect last coat, there has always been dust or brush marks, and even sprayed there is orange peel that needs to be rub out. But in this case I didn't build the top or put on the poly. Will the mineral spirits eat into or soften the poly, like lacquer thinner dose to lacquer?
  7. He did the finnish, He said he put 3 coats on it and the last one was a few days ago.
  8. Hey guys, I was helping a friend rub out his polyurethane finish on his bar. He had allot of brush marks in it. First we wet sanding with 600 grit, then 0000 steel wool. Everything went well except now all the grain and joints are full of white poly dust, basically it looks terrible but it's smooth. lol Of course another coat of poly will make it disappear, But then we would have to rub it out again and most likely have the same end results. What is the best way to clean out all the dust from the cracks. It seems to have stuck and clumped together from the wet sanding. A vacuum did not wor
  9. Hey guys I want to brighten up my shop. I have 6 double 4' T12 fixtures with 8-10 year old 40 watt and 25 watt bulbs, The lumen rating is not printed on them. Regardless of the wattage difference, they appear to be equally bright. I took the advice of a Lowes employee and bought some 40 watt "day light" bulbs with 2100 lumens and 6500 color temperature, He said they were the brightest T12 they had, But after comparing them, they seem to be even less bright than my original ones and a little too much blue in color for my liking.. So now I'm looking for the brightest 4' T12 40 watt bulb
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will use dado construction.. My friend suddenly had to go out of town so the project is on hold for a few days.
  11. Thank you for your help Guys! and very nice craftsmanship TimV! The pantry cabinet will be trapped between 2 walls. The house is over 100 years old and was moved about 50 years ago, plus it has had an addition put on in the 70s or 80s. The pantry will go in between the original house and the addition, Just from looking at it I could see the walls were not plumb to each other. When I go back and check out the area again, I will keep in mind your advice as I devise a plan. Ive never built a panty/kitchen cabinet before.. I was considering screwing the carcase together from the outside
  12. Hello, I'm looking for some advice. I will be building a pantry for a friend in a space 85" high, 37" wide, 17" deep. It will be a face frame cabinet with 4 doors on the front and a bunch of shelves inside. I'm sure the walls in his house are not square, How much space is acceptable between the walls and the sides of the pantry? (to ensure it dose fit when completed) The face frame will be made of Oak, but I'm unsure of what to use for the rest. I'm considering birch plywood but what thickness for the sides and shelves? All help will be appreciated!
  13. Ya, you don't want to drill through some conduit or a water line.
  14. Thanks Nate, I have decided to build the router table top with MDF and laminate, as a matter of fact my plan is to rebuild all the work surfaces in my shop with torsion box construction so they will stay flat this time.. I'm still juggling around my budget, but either way I will buy a router plate or lift from incra because they have magnet inserts, I just hope they will work as claimed.. It looks Incra teamed up with woodpecker to have their magnet inserts in that woodpecker lift that Sac gave a link to.