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  1. I missed it. You're moving to Colorado? Which part? Welcome!
  2. I looked up compound levers, and, if I'm honest, couldn't figure out how it would apply here. If you wouldn't mind drawing it that would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hahahaha. I'm glad it's at least not something obvious I missed What I'm hearing is either it's magic or it's too hard for me to do. Any ideas on how to get something similar without the magic?
  4. Ran across this video. Any thoughts at how the mechanism works to lift the Bible? Seems like the only possibility is in the hinges, but I can't quite figure out what would make it lift so smoothly.
  5. Agreed. I think he'd probably fit better in a pure arts & crafts context rather than woodworking. Nice projects, entertaining videos, but just very different than what someone like Marc would do. (However, the fact that 40% of his show is ads is a bit much for me.)
  6. Now I want to get the book. I can't find one that looks like that, the only one I see was this: Know what the book in the picture is?
  7. Apologies if this was discussed somewhere, but any thoughts on how hard it would be to make some sort of a system to have a couple of leaves in it? I'd love to make it 4-5' long, but maybe expandable by another 3'?
  8. I'm not sure if this was covered anywhere before (and this might be putting the cart before the horse), but is there any plan to look at a matching set of chairs for this table?
  9. Oh, don't worry about me lagging behind. I have a half complete Chest of Drawers in my shop, so I'll be way behind for awhile I just like to watch the videos as they come out. I find them fun and interesting (and, frankly, a great value)
  10. Well, I'm already a little behind then I'll be joining up soon! Thanks!
  11. Any rough ETA on when the first video will come out? I need to make sure to join again before then!
  12. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't particularly care for live-edge furniture.
  13. Remembered seeing this somewhere. Finally found it:
  14. I have a copy... somewhere. Not sure if I can find it, but I'll look If I can find it, I can lend it to anyone who needs it. Russ -- mind if I email you for the CAD drawings too?