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  1. Thanks guys. I knew about wiggle board but couldn't locate any. Kerf board just wouldn't work. Ordered from the www.plywoodcompany.com in Texas. Joyce was very helpful. She told me because of the size box, I could add 2 or more sheets if I wanted and the freight was the same. Nice tip. Thank you.
  2. Here are a few pics. Thans for the help. I am not finding any web sources for wiggle board. Not a cabinet supply near me so if anyone has a web source, I would appreciate the help
  3. This comes from a bed headboard a friend purchased. One side had some holes in the curved wood. It appeared to be plywood. After I took it apart, Th groove was slightly less than 1/8 inch. I bought some 1/8 baltic birch. Wet one side and started the curve but was simply too stiff. I considered a multiple of paper backed veneer. Wet with softening agent and bend. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. Mikejpt


    I have built 72 inch solid cherry chest on chest and next started a series of tiny boxes after that with 1/8 in box joints. Turned small platters and pens. Lots of Salt cellars to sell. Wine racks that are 5x5 36 in tall solid block of wood. So I guess a lot of finish work needed. I have a Dewalt and Porter cable 5 in that are good but difficult at times to hold and dust collection with a shop vc is probably adequate. So I probably need the sander system but which one. Sure would love a domino and tracksaw and ...... Niether would get the use of a sander I don't think.
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    I recently received a substantial gift certificate form WoodCraft as a retirement gift. I am an intermediate woodworker and other than my Sawstop, don't own any " top tier " tools, ie Festool. Plenty of Dewalt, Porter Cable etc. None bad. Just an opportunity to step up. Any suggestions on what your fav Festool is plus dust extractor ? Budget 1000-1500.
  6. Well, I tried that, using a marking gauge to start the middle cut of the moulding. The profile is small enough i could sand off the edges and i t would be close. Couldn't get the "V" deep or wide enough. Don't have a router bit to cut the bead. I can handle the saw cuts from larger stock etc. Was hoping to find a web source to purchase. I'll need apox 35 feet of stock. I don't mind a slightly different look, but thats a lot of stock to have all correct.
  7. This is off the wall. But looking for a source for inlay moulding. I'm restoring an old chest of drawers and vanity. a good part of the moulding is gone. small stuff, 1/4 in wide and 1/8 in thick. Pics are a little fuzzy (ok, a lot) but you get the idea. My fingers are too fat to try to make myself. Thanks Mike Jones
  8. Well, clamping is the last step in getting the tight joints you want. The cheapest clamp for this type of glue up is an old (or new) bicycle tire cut into one long strip. Keep wrapping and pull down hard where the joints are. I a pinch, bungee straps work but watch the metal hooks.
  9. Drew a pattern by hand. Very similar to an ogee. Hand cut on the scroll saw. Rounded the edges. The top has a matching ogee. Thanks for asking. Mike
  10. A dear friend happens to be a water color artist. He has helped me on a personal level many times in the past year. I asked his wife about his watercolor supplies and she said they are kind of everywhere. We talked about a chest. She got the appropriate demensions and started. I posted a few pics of the construction process. The primary wood is some 50 year old cherry with the secondary wood as poplar. I used several of the techniques we learned in the chest of drawer build, including web frames etc. Mortise and tenon joinery along with dados. I would like to blow my chest up and say i planed
  11. Miters and splines work great. The purple heart maple box would hold fine with a simple box joint if you don't want to try dovetails (I can't cut them worth a darn either)
  12. Highland woodworking. Woodslicer
  13. The one in the back with the iron handle is just plane old cedar. Smells nice. My fav is the Guatambu (yellowheart) and cocobolo.
  14. I recently purchased toe new book Making Boxes by Doug Stowe. Got a little carried away with the tiny boxes chapter. Fun Stuff. A couple of joint issues but nothing a little more practice won't solve.