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  1. I used poplar when I started. Its soft and actually turns out nice. I also used scraps of wood I had lying around to get used to turning different woods. Good Luck.
  2. Yes you can. I have a kit that disassembles pens. When you make a mistake or they blow apart you can get the parts back.
  3. I turn Executive pens and the Nouveau Sceptre Ball Point pens. I just did one with Rhodium in it. It retails between $60 and $90. Look at Penn State Industries. I get most of my supplies from them. I also do slimline and bolt action pens. They list a lot more kits than Woodcraft.
  4. TomP

    Drill Press

    Thanks, I will certainly look into the discount. I have been working with a Sears drill press the last two years. Now the arbor is wearing to the point that it will not drill holes straight. I use it a lot. I turn pens and salt and pepper grinders. Need holes to be straight. Will have to purchase a lathe when that starts wearing.
  5. TomP

    Drill Press

    I am looking at the jet JDP-17 drill press. If anyone is interested a company from Minn called Acme Tool ships for free. Woodcraft wanted $195.00 and Amazon was 95.00.
  6. TomP

    Drill Press

    Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you. I have looked at the Jet. It is not available until mid April. I will go tomorrow to Lowes and check out the porter cable. I have read good reviews on it. I just need a drill press that drills straight.
  7. TomP

    Drill Press

    When you need advice I always find it with you guys. I am looking to buy a new drill press. My sears is terrible. The arbor is bent and I can't drill straight holes. I do a lot of pens, salt and pepper grinders, and other accessories. What drill press do you guys recommend. Lets try to keep it below $1000. Business is slow right now. thanks.
  8. That looks great. I used dowels to attach the rails to the head board and foot board. You could turn the posts with a tendon on the end so that you can insert them into the bottom section of the feet which looks like they are just square. I also like the canopy made out of spindles. Keep us up dated.
  9. My Grand daughter had to have one. She got one for Christmas. I made her the bed, which if you went out and bought it cost about $150.00. I made it out of thin wood and posts, but you could turn the frame and supports for the canopy. That would look sharp. The bed is about 23 inches long and 13 inches high. Try it.
  10. I just got friction polish. I haven't used it yet but it said on the label it seals out water. I will let you know.
  11. Try Penn State Industries in PA. They might have it. In fact I will look later as I order all my Materials from them. If you do find them somewhere else please let me know. I do quite a few caner pens with the pink ribbons.
  12. Doesn't your mandrel have a taper. If so, the mandrel goes on your head stock, then slide your blank on with the bushings and thumb screw. put your live center in your tailstock and bring it up to the mandrel. I will look at the kit to see what's up. I just did a coffee scoop, ice cream scoop, and a seam ripper. Then again I may be way off course. ok Mike. Got it. The piece that goes into your drill chuck is like the one I use to turn a bowl. Mount that in your chuck with threads out. Drill your hole at whatever depth they want and thread the blank unto the mandrel. Install a live center
  13. Pwalter5110 is correct. Turn the motor around. Match a large pulley to a small pulley. This is what gives you your speeds. Small pulley from motor to large pulley on lathe should be slow and large motor pulley to small pulley on lathe should ne faster.
  14. TomP


    The CA glue helps fill in gaps on the work piece. Used mostly on plastic blanks.
  15. You have to scuff the barrels up with 220 then glue them in. Make sure you use the correct drill bit. If it is a slim pen you need a 7mm bit.