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  1. This has once again been a long time in the making. Here is the first lot of timber I got 'Australian Red Cedar' from Boutique Timbers for the chair. There was a lot of breakages in the steam bending process with multiple trips back to get more timber. Date August 2014.The main frame of the chair complete. September 2014.Steam box setup and Arm bending form. Had to be modified a few times to get correct radius. May 2015.After 3 attempts with the bending finally got enough back slats. I then went on to stuff up the tenons and had to remake all these again.Tenon and through mortise cut on front leg and arm fitted. Back leg also connected by mortise and tenon on a slightly curved surface. Lots of slow chisel work. January 2016.Legs tapered and side assembly finally glued up.Jig made up to rout tenons on back slats.And last piece glued together. March 2016.Now just time to finish and make cushions.
  2. Is certainly a tool cabinet to drool over. I have a few of Terry's planes and Colen's squares. They are beautifully crafted tools and a real pleasure to use.
  3. Title may be a little mis leading but this certainly would be a great present.
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. I was very pleased with how the timber came up with the shellac. Does have some really beautiful grain. Like Richarda said, I just used a mortise chisel, bought for $5. Was thinking of getting the lee valley square chisel thingy, but with shipping to Aus gets a bit pricey. Wanted something soft and dampening because it will be a toy chest and didn't want to here the banging of toy's hitting the base, and couldn't find anything else that didn't smell, eg, rubber. Plus it was pretty cheap. My template for the fingers was long enough that I just put a curve in the side of that to use for the arched pull. Mahogany is quite expensive down here (like most timbers really), and Ebony, don't think the bank will give me a mortgage for that...
  5. My toy box has been finished for a while now, but has taken me a while to work out how to shrink the photo size to allow to post. That and I have been lazy. So here it is.. Made from New Guinea Rosewood, with Jarrah for the plugs. 5 coats of shellac. Bottom and draw lined with putting green grass carpet. Overall I'm fairly happy with how it turned out for my first project of this size.
  6. Trying to attach some photo's of guild projects. I apologise for my complete lack of technical knowledge. My photo's are all about 20mb, but can only attach 1.95mb. Have done a quick search on here for info but have only found old posts which I think are outdated for how the site now works or I just totally don't understand what they are getting at. cheers for any help.
  7. The right concept but not the one looking for. Thanks though, has some good ideas in there.
  8. I seen a video a while ago of a picture frame, with what i would call a jigsaw type joint in the corners. It had 2 sort of rabbit ears as the tenons for a half lap joint. I thought i seen it on the woodwhisperer sight. Anyone know what i might be looking for?
  9. I have decided to scrap the divider idea, seems to be holding straight. I will also be adding the secret drawer now, due to all of a sudden having some extra timber on hand (I had to get extra timber as I cut one of my base pieces too short). I also have fears of my lid warping so have stacked a considerable amount of weight on top until I can get the breadboards ends done on hopefully tuesday.
  10. Finally got a start on chest this week (wife and bub away for week). Couple of quick questions. Has anyone thought of or think it would be usefull to put a divider in the middle. Thinking of this for 2 reasons. First to help stop warping and secondly could put some sliding trays at one end. Would be attached by sliding dovetail with maybe a cloudlift on the top. Also after routing out my fingers using the template I thought they would be a very snug fit but although not loose and have no wobble, they do slide together very easily. Not concerned about this just interested in others results. I will pull my finger out and take some photo's soon. cheers
  11. Disregard my last post. I used all my computer genius and turned it off at the wall then back on again and its working fine. (There may have been a few updates in there as well but I'm sticking with computer genius) Thanks for your help guys. Thanks Marc but it does seem that it was just my incompetence. Seems as though I need to check for updates every day with this thing.
  12. I watched the first 2 on the roubo bench a few days ago no worries. The video panel was there and i just hit play. Then last night went to watch the next one but the video isn't there. This is the first series I have as I just joined up, forgive me I can be lazy. Just downloaded flash player, no difference. I use Safari as that is what was on the computer. Am open to suggestions. This is the screen shot I'm getting. Bench Profile: Jeremy Gauthier Jeremy Gauthier is a Guild member from Bristol, Rhode Island. He’s pretty much a hybrid woodworker and has a well-equipped shop. He modeled his workbench, at least somewhat, after the Monster Workbnench published by Fine Woodworking Magazine. Jeremy’s bench also features ample storage and various work-holding elements including two (yes, I said TWO) Veritas Twin Screw Vises and lots of holes for holdfasts. The top is constructed from hard maple and the base is made from ash. The bench is performing well for Jeremy and even has room to grow as his needs change.