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  1. Uh... I was scroll sawing a piece of Madrone (that I purchased probably about a month ago) and a ran into a perfectly round 1/4" hole that was well packed with sawdust... after cutting about 8" into the wood a live larvae popped out! Turns out, that the hole was about 10" deep about 1/2" in from the edge starting at the end. I looked for further holes, but didn't see any. How worried should I be for the rest of my wood? Bill
  2. Well... actually second. I acquired several panel saws, most of which are very dull. I sharpened one, which I thought went well, but it cuts very rough. I went back sharpened it again, and it is improved, but not great. So then I started looking at the teeth more closely, and found many problems: - gullets that don't all match in depth - teeth don't all have the same height I'm wondering if it would be advisable to send it to the local sharpening shop to at least get a 'base' to start with? The local machine shop will do this (all by machine of course) for $12. Also, would your opinion change
  3. Yep, that sure looks like it. Mine doesn't have 'Perfection' cast into the main part and no letter above the 'Made in USA'. I can see where the label used to be. In the box of misc parts, I did see the right side of the fence. I'm thinking of making a new base for it... just need to find a 16" saw. I was given a 11" steel back which may work for small stuff. The saw slides very smoothly and doesn't wiggle at all. Thanx, Bill
  4. I was given this recently, and I'm wondering if I have all the parts. Does anyone have more information about this item? Bill
  5. Anyone know what the attached tool is? The sole is slightly curved. I'm guessing it is for smoothing the inside of barrels? Bill
  6. For the last 2 weeks, I've been having problems loading the PopularWoodworking website. Nothing ever loads... no text, no images... nothing. Sometimes after 6-8 reloads, I'll start to get something, but most of the page doesn't load. Today, I thought I'd take a closer look. It would appear that they are hosting their own copy of jQuery (why not use google's CDN version?), and (and some of the jQuery plugins) don't ever finish loading. (link: ) Makes me wonder if they got hit by the Wordpress
  7. Is there anyone in the Seattle area that would be willing to be paid to create 9 octagonal finials? They are approx 7" x 7" x 7" I've included a picture of the original (very rough looking), and a rough contour outline. The contour (in white) is a solid piece of laminated wood, and the grey piece is trim attached to the outside. (Note the 'top' shown in the picture and not the contour is a separate piece.) I attempted to cut this on the band saw but my 14" band saw doesn't have the cutting depth. With patience this is do-able, but requires a 16" band saw or 14" with a riser.
  8. If you live near the Pacific Northwest, check out: Port Townsend School of Woodworking (Roughly speaking, it's near the border of Washington and Canada.) I attending a class last weekend and was extremely impressed. Class sizes are small allowing for one-on-one instruction and the instructors are very knowledgeable. If you look thru the visiting instructor list you'll see: Darrell Peart Garrett Hack Chris Schwarz and more If you have any interest in Hand Tools, you should check it out!
  9. I made the 2 'shorties' 36"h x 48"w x 14"d for the office. Originally I was going to make it simple, but I was concerned that a 47" shelf would bow so I divided the space into two. Not only does this add more stability, but also allows for varying shelf spacing. I have the following comments after finishing my 2 bookcases: The plywood wasn't from a big box store, but it also wasn't from my hardwood lumber supplier. On the whole it was pretty good, except for the 1/4" is warped. I didn't have much choice because of selection... So beware of really warped 1/4 ply. You have to push on th
  10. I have a bunch of wet/dry sandpaper in varying grits. At some point I organized it by number, but found that my P600 is more coarse than my 400b. Does anyone know what the P vs b indicates?
  11. I have a Starrett 6" and bought an iGaging 4" (from Rockler) so that I'd be able to keep 2 measurements simultaneously. This is what I noticed: Starrett lettering is etched much deeper than the iGaging When the Starrett is adjusted, the 2 pieces slide smoothly and not rock (ever so slightly) with iGaging Those things are really minor, and I only noted them by comparing them next to each other. Other things to note: which ever you get, get the satin finish. It won't reflect and is easier to read. for the 4" or smaller get the T shaped one and not the combo 90/45 degree version. The 45 de
  12. Maybe you can answer this... I bought a big set (big as in 20-25 sizes, with 20 of each size) from Rockler when they had their sale a few months back. (Red metal case) They seem weak and break easily, at least the small sizes. What appears to happen is I am drilling a deep hole (1-2 inches) with a small bit, (1/8" for example) and about 3/4 of the way thru the hole heats up, the wood expands and the bit gets locked in place. Next thing I know, the bit twists in half. So my question is: Do I need to clear the flutes of the bit out more often? (I try to clear the chips out of the bit
  13. Huh... neither. Mine looks closer to the 'new style' but with a smaller post on the left (same diameter as the small post), and the vac attachment is on the right behind the post at the base. I've had the router for a few years, so I doubt the warranty replacement would work. I'd also assume this is/was an issue that they had to redesign the plunge mechanism. Also looks like they made some other improvements. - moved the edge guide bars to the front - more depth stops - built in vac capabilities Thanks for the info.
  14. I have a Porter Cable 895 and am using the plunge base and have the following issues: 1) The 'lock' doesn't feel very positive. More info: To lock the depth, I push on the lever, but it seem like the 'stop' or end of travel is barely in lock mode. I've tried resetting the lever on the big nut, but then it won't unlock. Is there another adjustment? 2) When plunging the bit rocks slightly so in the end I get a slight dumb-bell shaped slot. Is this normal for this router base? Is there some kind of adjustment to deal with this? Bill
  15. Over the course of the Roubo build, time appears to have stopped... at 8:10, as per the clock in the background. That must be what happens when a build is really in the groove. Maybe someone in AZ can stop by with some batteries for Mark. Bill