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  1. That worked, thanks guys.
  2. I'm still experiencing the same issues right now. Links broken under WTO Radio.
  3. All Natural Tung Oil It's all natural, and FDA approved... This actually looks like the winner for what we need...
  4. Hey, tree sap... Why didn't I think of that... =o) Even found a primitive way of applying it.. How to make pine pitch [EDIT] Also wanted to share this with anyone else interested. Source of natural resins for making your own varnish. This is what I was looking for. Thanks Vic! Natural Resins
  5. Nice setup! I've purchased the lumber today to start building my workbench. I'll post pictures as I'm assembling it. I'm totally stoked to get started on something! =o)
  6. Soooo, if you haven't already seen these sites, I found them to be pretty cool. Workbench Design Sketchup Workbench Design And this is the plan I decided to go with... Workbench I'm going to build I picked up all the stock I will need today and have t sitting on spacers in the garage to dry out a bit more. I'll probably let it sit for another week before I start, but I'm pretty stoked. =o)
  7. I have a friend making vases out of wood, however we're looking for a finish that will seal them well enough to be able to hold water without absorbing it. I was thinking that you could use a natural food grade mineral oil and maybe some type of wax mixed with it? Anyway, I'm still a total n00b, so if anyone has used such a product r heard of such a product please let me know! Thank you!
  8. Xaemian


    I bought this unit because the reviews weren't THAT bad on Amazon... I hope I didn't end up just purchasing a headache.... Jet Jointer/Planer
  9. I began setting up my woodworking shop last week. The interest in woodworking actually came in 2009 however when I was commissioned to build a camera dolly for a music video shoot. I found it so satisfying to create something in that manner, albeit I was just following the plans of another I still felt that creative spark. Then my trip to Maui last august provided a chance for me to do a little bit of restoration work on an Esraj with an instrument building guru, further fueling my interest. I should also mention I have some previous shop experience working for a pre-hung door manufacturer. I had seen every episode of The New Yankee Workshop, and now have seen most of The Wood Whisperer. Thanks go to Marc for the inspiration and the education I'm receiving here. I'm hooked!
  10. Awesome! No matter the style, I'm going to try and customize it the way I want anyway. I look forward to that project!
  11. I'm making this topic for all Norcal woodworkers frequenting these forums. Any others out there? I've just begun putting my shop together and I plan on posting pictures here of my progress. I'm going to be working in a 1 car garage that is about 40'x10'. There are 2 area's, the front area that has the garage door and a small side door. Then the rear area that has a double wide side door. My plan is this.. Main power tools in the front area so I can move lumber in the large garage door, then mill it down to size and move the milled lumber to the rear area for assembly and finishing, and the finished pieces can move through the double wide rear door when complete. That's my plan for work flow. As I mentioned before I'll be taking pictures as I put this together...
  12. Sorry if this has already been suggested, I did not read every post in this thread. How about that bed frame to go with the chest of drawers? I'd love to build along with that.
  13. Thanks for the reply! Looks like I am in the market for a simple random orbit sander then.. I ordered this Jointer/Planer combo last night so I'm excited for it's arrival. Jet JJP-8BT I'll head down to the local store today and check out the random orbits that have there. Thank again Capn! =o) (EDIT) Ok, so this is the one I decided on.. Some might get on my case for buying a black & decker tool but this loked like it covered the bases I needed covering.. Let me know what you think... Black & Decker MS2000
  14. Hey everyone! I joined the guild 2 day's ago. I'm also a beginning woodworker, only just started gathering my tools. I know I can get by with just sandpaper and a sanding block to finish, but my question is this: Which hand held power sander would be the most intelligent purchase for me? I'd like to stay under $100 for these items. Thanks! I look forward to participating in the next guild build!