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    Scrolling is my passion , but have build alot of large projects in the past ...
  1. Made this Cat Door Toper for one of my friends that wanted to ship it up North to his Grand-son . Made of 3/4" hard Maple and spray painted flat Black . Never the less his grand-son loved it .........Marshal
  2. I have been gone for some time from the site, I took on a job promotion and had to go on the second shift and I just love the job . And I thought I would share some of this years 5 Fair projects I entered and there ribbons ..........any comments welcome ....Marshall...
  3. Hi up there Larry , glad to see a fellow Ark-e on here . I'm like Paul it would nice to see those planes .......Marshall
  4. I've been woodworking for some 20 or more years and within the last 14 or years or so have found that the scroll-saw is my tool of choice . I make anything from Christmas Oranments to name plates , made some larger projects . But have found out that when making these large pieces , that you'd better have a place to put them and my house is full . I'm still in the work force and still have at least 7 years before I'm ready to take the big step to retierment . I work for a Company that makes shock aborbers { Monroe } and and in my thoughts not only because I work there { it's a good product } Ju