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    I am interested in all types of woodworking. I have been working on our house for the past 5 years and I enjoy building things in the shop.

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  1. I would set up my shop just like I did, one tool at a time. I started with a scrollsaw because that is what I thought was the tool that I needed for what I wanted to do. As I used that scrollsaw to make some small projects I found that if I had a power sander, I could get that done faster with better finish. Next, I went with a router, then a tablesaw, then it grew from there. I would buy a tool as I found that I had a need for it. I had to be patient but I looked for deals on tools here and there. A few times I bought tools that I didn't need at the moment but bought them because I thought that I may need them and they were a bargain, ie bandsaw. Now I can't do a project without the bandsaw it seems! However I got by with it sitting in the corner of the shop collection dust for a few years. $5000 is a lot of money to set up a shop with given that a person looks for the deals and doesn't buy the biggest and baddest out there. Buy a nice new cabinet tablesaw and most of that budget is gone. Buy a new Delta contractors tablesaw that is marked down to $200 because it is "missing parts" and there is still a bunch left for other goodies. Find what I want to build, find the right tool for the job and grow the shop as my projects grow. The basics for me would be a tablesaw, mitresaw, combo router, ROSander, bandsaw, planer, jointer and a block plane and a smoother.
  2. Hey Fellas, I am new to this woodturning thing but what has helped HUGELY is Turning Wood by Richard Raffan and Turning Bowls by the same. I also purchased his videos by the same titles plus Turning Boxes by R.R. There isn't anything on segmented turning and glueing in these videos but the technique is covered and it is amazing to watch him turn. He turning utilitarian pieces, not art or show pieces so this may not be what you are looking for.
  3. Thanks for the compliments everyone. I had fun making the video. Onboard- I haven't used the second saw set up like this yet. I got the saws on the base and, since I had one saw ready to go, I haven't taken the time to get the other one going. My thought is that the second/middle saw will be set up with a combination blade and a sled. The saw on the outside will have a rip blade for, well, rips! I thought about having the second saw set up with a dado but I am not sure that the fence will be adjusted for both saws unless the miter slots on both saws are parallel. I haven't checked that real precisely yet. I will try and give a heads up when I get the saw set up and have been using it for a while. It may just sit there unused. It was my Grandpas saw and my first table saw to there is some attachment there to not get rid of it and I don't want it to sit in the corner rusting and collecting dust like it was.
  4. Hey folks, I finally got around to making a video tour of my shop. Check it out if you like, and I hope that you enjoy it! Thanks, Brett
  5. I have used petroleum jelly to protect the threads from epoxy too. Just use a Q-tip and spread in on the treads and wipe away when the epoxy has cured.
  6. Dave, I think that it is great! Nice work! I think that I was watching you work on the top just yesterday or the tady before. I thought that it looked familiar. As far as what do I do if I want something that is too expensive, I do what it looks like you do, I build it. If I can't build it I have to wait and buy it.
  7. Hey folks! I really enjoy reading woodworking blogs, videos and the like, instead of watching TV. I have always thought that it would be cool to have my own blog someday. I finally did it! I started one and I just wanted to share it with any woodworking internet junkies that might be out there. You may not learn that little trick to get those joints to come out perfect, but you may just be bored to death, or pick up an idea or just spark a thought that has nothing to do with anything... But I hope that you check it out! Thanks Brett
  8. I am with you on this one. I get frustrated easier and don't enjoy my shop time as much when the place is a mess... which is most of the time! I haven't made any cabinet purchases for my shop but I do keep an eye out for "free" storage solutions. I have a large built-in bookshelf that I took out of one of the kids rooms and now it resides in the shop with spray paint, woodworking books and magizines and some "stuff" on it. I just piked up a cool old wooden file cabinet off of the side of the road a couple of days ago. I work all over the city so I get around and get to see a ton of free stuff set out on the curb for the taking. I could have a small warehouse full of items like that but I have limited space so I only take the "best" of what is out there, home. Don't feel guilty about buying your cabinets. If I could, I would too. I would also like to build my own cabinets, but like you said "time is money". That is a true statement for me too. Sounds like you just need to get organized and move on to the next project. Later on, when you get caught up(good luck ) you can focus on some of those shop related projects. Remember why you got into woodworking to begin with and enjoy the journey.
  9. Nice! I take it that you built the stand? That is something to be proud of. Keep us posted on the garage and reed boxes.
  10. Personally, I would go with the Biesemeyer. That is what I have and it has served me well for about 10 years now. I paid just as much then as they are today. I bought the 52". It is a bit much for what I "need" but the extra length has come in useful at times. From what I have read from others, other fences are just as good or better. Here is a link to another thread on the topic.
  11. I was looking through my WOOD magazine and came across the article and when I saw the picture, I was reminded of SAC, from the forum. I didn't know that it was actually YOU! I had no idea. Nice shop and keep up the good work!
  12. Building. I get great sense of accomplishment from a completed project. It can be from a plan or my own head, it doesn't matter.
  13. Woodworking presents are great, aren't they? I got a Porter Cable dovetail jig for my birthday a few years back. I thought that it was the greatest thing ever, at the time. I have hardly used it. I haven't used it on an actual project, only practice pieces. I had a 10" compound miter saw and my Dad bought me one of the laser guides for it, that was a very useful. I also got a moisture meter for my last birthday, from my Dad also. I think I will get him a KREG bandsaw fence for Fathers day this year. Two birthdays ago, my wife bought my two rifle scopes that I had been wanting. These were a total surprise and my best ones so far, even though they are not woodworking related.