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  1. We pay $1.03 and $1.54/sf here in central PA. We have a small cabinet shop but are a very small potatoes buyer from our supplier. Steve, are you buying from Peachstate up in Kennesaw? I was down in Atlanta for years and got sticker shock when I first moved and started buying hardwoods and fancy ply up here in PA!
  2. Let us know how you like the Laguna. Looking at Rockler the 10% off shows up but looks like shipping is $75. Did you have to sweet talk them into the free shipping? I am having a hard time deciding b/w the Onedia Gorilla PRO vs. the P:Flux 3. The Pflux is a few hundred dollars cheaper and includes the sensors, remove and the nicer drum system. We just got a 37" drum sander so need to step up the DC setup!
  3. Peachstate Lumber. It's been a few years since I moved my business from Atlanta but they had the best selection and prices in the area. We pay significantly higher prices for the same material up here in PA! 4000 Moon Station Road Kennesaw GA 30144 United States of America
  4. Tom, bumping this to the top after reading through 14 pages for some final photos and final impressions of the system, ductwork and tool layout. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hi Joseph, Those shown in the photo are just the standard Dewalt organizers. They work nicely and have removable bins which make them nice to throw in the truck and take to jobsites. I also bought some of these shallow organizers for smaller parts, the nice thing is that you can stack them 2-high and they take up the same small as the organizer I linked to above.
  6. I am reading through some old threads doing research on a planned dust collection upgrade. Looks like the Oneida and Clearvue are two big fan favorites, any more thoughts from folks who did their research on why you selected one over the other? We would be looking at one of the single phase, 3 or 5hp models to run our small shop. The main reason for the DC upgrade is that we will be adding a 37" double drum sander to the tool arsenal. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. Here is what we built for our small shop. In retrospect, the casters and portability was a bit unnecessary - it has never moved since we built it! The Bosch glide is super nice as it allowed the unit to be built tight to the rear wall.
  8. Does anyone who has been through the exercise know the approximate cost difference b/w the 3 available duct styles from Oneida? Looks like they offer snap lock, spiral or norfab style ducting, along with what appears to be their own brand Gorilla Duct which is compatible with Nordfab. And does Oneida or any of the other design services provide you with any approx. calculations on how much better the more expensive ducting will be? Thanks!
  9. I hope Acme is planning the April 15th sale! I just had a reminder on my computer pop up. Two more days!
  10. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. We're going to build a simple miter saw station using standard cabinetry dimensions. With a 24" countertop depth this saw will work perfectly. C'mon April 15th!
  11. I love my PM2000! These things hold their value well.
  12. Thanks guys, I've set myself a calendar alert to check Acme on April 15th! N00b, very nice setup! We have the luxury of having a bit more space, and it's soon time to build a dedicated miter saw station. Any chance you could tell me what the depth of your setup is?
  13. ChrisG - what is a ZCI? N00b - let's see pics of the table! Also, where did you buy for $509? I'm seeing $600 everywhere I looked. Thanks!