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  1. when my 1/8 and 1/4 inch blades break I cut them up into pieces the same size as my scroll saw blades and use them in my scrollsaw when i need a ridge blade that wont break very easy. I have also used bandsaw blades cut to length to make Thumb piano's they work great for the spring steel.
  2. a blog would probably be best unless you want a bunch of random comments in between all your posts.
  3. Ah ok, I would say better than Okay it looks Good to me and im sure if you could batch out those at that speed you could make a nice profit off of them if you were to sell them.
  4. What the heck is going on with recent status updates? it seems like 8 out of 10 anymore are either in a different language or some advertisement or just complete gibberish am I missing something?
  5. Very nice looking. I am confused tho as to what the purpose of the test is for? To see if it is a viable option for time Vs profit or just a personal test to see how your skills have improved on what you could produce in an hour?
  6. bywc

    saw dust press

    I wouldnt use glue I would use paraffin wax or even candle wax either way it would be safe compared to the potential toxic fumes related to different types of glues being burned.
  7. bywc

    Stuff Ive built

    yeah name says it all
  8. If you went to a catholic school as I did back many moons ago the ruler taught me that a nun must have one hell of a bicep because I swear they could drive a 5 inch nail with one whack of a ruler. Serious tho, For me a ruler gave me my first physical reference of an hands on approach to understanding measurements I guess I could go as far as to say it is part of the foundation of what led me to wanting to become an engineer.
  9. Yeah dude your link leads to a porn page im just glad I didnt click it while my kids were around and thankfully they are in bed.....
  10. lol ah dont worry duck we all make spelling errors and typo's I was laughing with you not at you
  11. nice job, my favorite one is the one in the back with the looped black handle the wood looks really interesting.
  12. Chainsaw and bandsaw its kinda fun never know what your gonna get till you peel back all the layers last summer i found some cool looking spalted walnut in a few logs which i rescued from becoming fire wood cool stuff.