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  1. haha the planes are on their way to me, I didn't take many pictures during class.
  2. The class was great! I made a hollow and a round with Dan from Red Rose Reproductions. Not only did he help me thru the process of making molding planes, but he was super generous and willing to explain his batch production process and methods. I really enjoyed it!
  3. This is what I ended up with - I bought this case, although now the pictures on amazon have changed slightly so I'm not sure what's going on with product quality...looks the same but who knows. I checked the case with American Airlines and had zero issues, made it thru three flights (one connecting). The foam in this case is already segmented into squares so it was a bit tough to fit the curved objects but everything made it without a scratch. Overall I'm happy with the case but would be willing to spend the extra money for a pelican case, I can't explain why but I would spend the extra money. I used some cheap non-TSA locks for two reasons: 1) TSA locks offer very little security 2) Most expensive locks can be cut just as easily...plus I figured once a potential thief saw that it's not a camera or lenses they would lose interest. I never really considered shipping, I think it would be more expensive but actually have no idea. I paid $30 to check the case from Vegas to PA, and then $30 again from NY to Vegas - $60 total. I never even weighed the case but it's less than 50 lbs. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. Wow...thanks for all the responses everyone, lots of good suggestions. The trip is still a way off but I'll post my solution when I finalize everything. Because I'm staying for vacation immediately after the class I won't have any room in my carry on, plus it's a big enough set of tools that I'm definitely going to need to check or ship.
  5. I'm taking a molding-plane-making class in May and I need to get a small set of tools there with me (gotta fly). Does anyone have experience with shipping hand tools vs checking a case or bag? I have a pelican case in mind and have most of my tools mapped out in illustrator but I'm not sure how this compares in terms of convenience and security to shipping. The case will be under 50 lbs so I won't incur a weight fee for a checked bag on the plane but I'm worried about my tools, not sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I want to begin a more in depth study of danish furniture design. I'm hoping for online information like this post by Chris Schwarz. It's easy to find pictures and commentary for enthusiasts but nearly impossible to get primary source stuff - I'm particularly interested in technical drawings. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. EVERYTHING. Usually start with sketches but almost immediately move to Sketchup to mess with exact proportions and angles that can only be roughly approximated with my sketching skill. Sketchup is also versatile as an architectural design tool (I'm a student). I use many other programs and could stand to learn a few more, but everything from space planning to rendering starts in Sketchup.
  8. I'm interested in buying an old hand-crank grinder. I know nothing about various brands and eras of products...any suggestions? I'm not sure if there are comparability issues when buying new wheels, stuff like that. Thanks in advance, y'all always help me out
  9. Bud

    How to Make Floats?

    I know what you mean, even Lie-Nielsen floats aren't very expensive...I just wanna try.
  10. I'm interested in making joinery floats...Can anyone recommend good resources?
  11. By all means, would love some good beer suggestions.
  12. I'm visiting Seattle next week and want to check out anything related to woodworking. All recommendations are welcome and appreciated.
  13. Bud

    Fine Dust Trouble

    Reclaimed redwood, very soft, very fine dust - two problems. 1) It's impossible to collect. The bags on the collectors fill up but it's still all over the shop. I am having particular trouble with the jointer and tablesaw. 2) The dust is so fine it has ruined the action on a new Jet SCMS. Is there any way to prevent fine dust from getting into the hydraulic/bearing assembly? Also, is it safe to wear a paint respirator for dust? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  14. Bud


    Thanks Paul-Marcel, I was eyeing that book the other day, your recommendations are top notch so I'll have to give it a shot. I'd never considered finding an importer, that would be cool, hope I can find one near me. Good to see you answering my questions again.
  15. Bud

    I need to buy a Sofa

    Thanks for the tips everyone, good to know there is something out there worth buying.