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  1. This is more than hypothetical situation. A couple of friends have shown more than a passing interest. But when they are in my shop standing amongst 20k ish worth of hobby it is daunting to say the least. Friend 1 has a space and I pretty decent amount of basic tools and the knowledge to use them safely and effectively. He has consumed overwhelming amounts of woodworking videos and information and thinks he wants build a good solid workbench. Also has a newborn and knows time is at a premium. I keep hearing phrases like "I know I need a table saw, but....." All I can can say is why. Nine
  2. It has been awhile since I have been on the site. Apparently my last post was February 2012. It is scary how fast time passes. I have a new house being built with a dedicated shop complete with heat and air. My shop is mostly broken down in prep for the moving process. I have had some "friends" rummaging through my shop collecting the tools in the darkest corners with the thickest layers of dust. I have always been of the mindset that if need to borrow something I need please return it promptly. If I don't need it it is yours. Unless it is my Domino. "What is this?" "You can have my D
  3. Sorry for the late post, but I haven't been posting much lately. I have the grizzly t10010. It works wonderfully just as advertised. But you will have to invest more into it than expected. You will need the tormek jigs to go with it. The stone is a must. You will need some way to true the stone. There is a Tormek jig for that. I purchased the Tomek square edge jig, it is much beefier than the Grizzly. The knife jig will allow you to sharpen almost any knife (makes my wife happy). The leather wheel takes some getting used to. I still use my black akansas stone for honing. You wil
  4. I have the G0690 and I had a 7/8 dado on the unit with spacer a couple of days ago. Still had threads showing. Probably just conservative ratings. The factory dado plate is inch and a quarter wide. Could always make two passes.
  5. I would do a crosscut sled. That many cuts just a special one time use sled like 6 or 8 feet long for work support. Clamp in several at a time. Doesn't have to be dead perfect just efficient. Actually I would dig out my dads old radial arm but that's no help.
  6. The short version of the story is that I drove to Evansville, IN to look/buy some cherry from a guy. He had some shorts (7 footish) he was selling and I'm always looking for a deal. After talking awhile he confessed to having more but wanted to sell to a woodworker. After a trip out to "the woods" I came back with a truck load of cherry and I met one of the nicest people I have talked to in a long while. On the way out he asked me what I thought about this piece of wood. I thought it was interesting and he threw it in my truck. It is about 1.5x59x14ish already planed. I thought about
  7. Take the tables off and try. Maybe the accessory tables are the blame. Had a 735 for years and never had any snipe. But I never used the tables. And don't wait exchange it.
  8. Don't completely write off the Grizzly blade. Mine is pushing a year old and still cuts like new. Doesn't splinter anything and leaves a sandpaper smooth cut. I know I wouldn't believe it if wasn't on my saw.
  9. You can get them from Delta, Grizzly, and I think Jet makes one. I think the last ones I bought were from Rockler.
  10. harryangel69

    Big Box Ply

    I am not a fan of home depot and that is no secret. But the crap on Lowe's shelf was so bad I was forced to go there yesterday. There are five sheets sitting in my garage cut in to no less then fifty pieces. Dados and all I can't find a void in any of it. Have not glued anything yet. I hate to say it but they might have got that one right. For the price.
  11. This reads like the same table saw post I read six months ago.
  12. I hate to really dog anything without first putting it to use, but for $180 why wouldn't someone just buy a scroll saw. Because its marketing and THEY BUY ANYTHING.
  13. Received my package yesterday. Thanks Marc. and I am cool with the shipping the way it is
  14. I have doing research here on that same subject. I can have logs cut at about 70ish cents a board foot. I can hunt around and get green lumber for less than $1 a board foot. Walnut is a little more but I can dig it up for less than $2 a board foot green.
  15. I am always amused by some of this crap. My exact words the first time I held the autotape were "I wonder if there is a board room in china where they are laughing their heads off screaming SELL IT TO THE AMERICANS, THEY BUY ANYTHING".