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  1. Well hit a snag. The guy that I thought would be able to dry my lumber never answered his phone. So Im still looking for a kiln to dry it. Finding one to do just an individuals small amount of lumber is not easy. I found one in PA but I cant go that far. So the hunt is on. I'm in Bethpage TN which is roughly 40 miles north of Nashville. If anyone knows of some where or some one that can kiln dry the wood for me I'd appreciate the info. So untill then It's covered and staying dry.
  2. kat_7781


    This is beautiful. Is it a jewerly box of some kind. I cant tell dimensions from the pictures. Oh how did you do that.
  3. More pictures I know it looks rough but other then the rot I love all the imperfections in the wood and think it will add character to the type of table I want to make.
  4. Okay the log is now lumber and going to the kiln next monday. After its dried I have to scrape of the rot on the edges then plane it down. Should I rough cut the pieces up for the legs before or after I have it dried? What kind of buisness should I look for to plane a level top for me. This slab is to large for a small planer like you'd have at a home shop. The guy at the mill didn't know.
  5. Cool Thanks. I'm working on my final drawing tonight and this week. I'll have it done by Sat and the log goes to the mill next monday. I'm gonna post pics all the way thur this whole process.
  6. Thanks. Cute dog. Isnt that the turner and hooch dog? Something masitf. Not a neopolitian but ....I cant think of it.
  7. Yeah I can feel my brain growing as I type, lol. All kidding aside thank you I appeciate finding out my minimal knowlege is correct. And when its wrong I like finding out so I de assimilate it. When my ADT instalation is done I'll go to wally world and get the graph paper so I can make a better and more acurate drawing for my plans.
  8. If it has that long to go I plan on it. I just cant think of anything else I'd like to build. I'm not to keen on like kids toys or bread boxes and nick nack type things. I do need a steamer chest and I've watched the videos on that one from this website. Any other suggestions?
  9. Okay I found a mill to cut my log. He informed me that the lumber would take YEARS to dry if just left to nature to do it for me. The gentleman I spoke with has the phone number, he will give me when I bring him the log, of a person who makes hard wood flooring and he has a kiln ?sp? that can dry wood faster than just putting it out to mother nature. One year for every inch thick is a guide he told me for mother nature. YIKES that's a long time, longer than I had even guessed. I was thinking months not years. Opinions please. Assuming the kiln is large enough for my 4inch 3inch and 2inch thick pieces, which I am assuming it will be if he does pieces used for floors, is this a good method to use? Or am I better off letting nature do this job for me? Please help me understand the pros and cons of a kiln vs mother nature? So here is what I have for the BASIC steps right now. 1 Make a final draft of my plans. 2 Take my log to the mill to be cut in the proportions I need for my plan. 3 wait for my wood to dry kiln or nature? I'm not sure what to do from here honestly. I know I will need to get my lumber planed before I begin assembly but do I do that before or after it has been dryed? I want to say thank you up front for the help I have already recieved and for in the future.
  10. It's a 12 foot long log just layin in a field cut from the stump. I will have to cut the log in half to fit on my little trailer. The stump has been torn out of the ground. I'm trying to find some where I can get it milled here in TN. I just started with the searches and yellow pages this morning no luck yet. I figured the mill could answer the questions about if and for how long it should sit/cure before I start trying to make a table out of it. oh and it has been out in the elements down in the field for 2+ years Very pretty work Ted. Iv'e seen some if it before but I'm not fond of the artistic form he uses for the legs for my own personal use. I have large dogs and hope to have children some day. I want it to be sturdy enought to handle the impromtu parents are out of town party where inevitably some teen with attempt to do a table dance on my hard work. That more than 10 years out but I'm just thniking ahead
  11. First let me say I dont know the vocabulary for this kind of thing and any acurate words I do use(biscuit joint) is as result of a conversation with Rickey. If you have any questions about why I'm doing this check out my introduction post. Futher more (I'm a synic) there is always someone who wants to down and discourage stepping out of the box. Well I'm aware of just how far out I'm going and don't want to hear it. My Grandfather meant the world plus more to me and this is my tribute to him. I will learn how to do this step by step and if I mess up I'll find a new log and try again. I'm very persistent/dedicated. All encourgement and help is HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Well here it is my first project. This is a VERY ROUGH drawing I did today of what I'm trying to build. I will go to walmart tomorrow for graph paper and a ruler/straight edge to make a better one. I'm just really exited about this. This is the link to the pic of table I want mine to look like. The end tables our of my own mind even tho I'm sure someone else has designed and built something just like it before, I've just never seen them. http://www.diynetwor...able/index.html It's GEORGOUS, I want one. I have a black walnut log that is 12ish feet long and 3ish feet diamiter. My plan for the coffee table is to use a bicuit joint to join 2 center cut 4inch thick sections of the log together for the table top. For the end tables tops I'm going to use two 3inch sliced sections from the top of the stump. I'm going to turn the extra 6foot length of log into the legs for each table top. If you look at my rough drawing it is very apparent that I have no idea on how tall these tables should be. The link above also give instructions on how to make a plug for where you screw thur the table top to the legs. I don't have or know what attachement I need for the power drill to do that. I have also decided I would like other opinions on how to attach the leggs to the tops, as I'm not crazy about the idea of coring/drilling holes in my table tops. Okay let it roll Kat
  12. Hi My name is Kat. I have no expierence what so ever in any kind of wood working but have always admired what other poeple can create. My Grandpa, used to make every thing from toys to furniture. My soon to be father in law, Rickey, makes quilt racks, pens,ring stands and bird feeders. He can also make decks and cabinets but doesn't enjoy those that much from what I understand. I have no tools of my own and no work shop. I can use any of Rickey's tools at his house in his basement workshop/garage. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used power tools for any project other than mechanic's work on my truck or someone else's vechile. I have a burning desire to learn how to do the things I want build. I have no sence of skill level. I'ts my understanding that the first project I have picked out for my self is way beyond me but I don't care if it takes me every weekend for the next year to complete I want to build it. I hope this gives every one a good laugh and gets me some help along the way. I'm going to post my ROUGH plans for my project in the plans section. Kat