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    my shop is in the basement and I like to make things with wood and I don't make one kind of projects, I just make things I need or see. I don't work much with plans but I do see good uses for them. I will use this site for questions and maybe help others if I can.

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  1. man of wood

    How do you guys hang Biesemeyer fences when not in use?

    mount it to the side of your saw
  2. man of wood

    what kind of wood

    I think Sapele is close
  3. man of wood

    what kind of wood

    What kind of wood is this top?
  4. man of wood

    Shop Tour

    very nice, thanks
  5. man of wood

    Where do you put your grinder?

    if you are going to do some turning, then it will need to be close to the lathe. other than that a good place is by the drill press.
  6. man of wood

    My crappy little shop

    Very nice shop.........
  7. man of wood

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    as you said, there are so many designs out there...... I have only one thing.... you don't need a fence other than the one on the saw... have fun
  8. man of wood

    what kind of wood is this???

    Please help me out..... what kind of wood do you think this is?? Thanks
  9. man of wood

    jet drum sander---- sandpaper

    I have a Jet 16-32 drum sander and last night "just the tip" of the sandpaper ripped off. It was brand new and I don't want to through it away. I heard you can glue a new tip on it..... My question is...... What kind of glue should I use? while I have you here........ is it better to buy sandpaper in a roll and cut it myself or just buy it?
  10. man of wood

    Need raiser for bandsaw

    Thanks for the info
  11. man of wood

    Need raiser for bandsaw

    I have a Delta 14" bandsaw MOD 28-276 and need to get a raiser for it. If you can help, please me find one. Thanks Thomas
  12. man of wood

    Cleaning up dado in plywood

    Dado plane
  13. man of wood

    speed control for my lathe

    So I would need a 3 phase mother??????? Can a 3 phase motor run on 110v???? If I get the motor, were do I find the inverter???? Thanks Guys, Please keep this coming, I would really like to do this.. Thomas
  14. man of wood

    speed control for my lathe

    Delta/Milwaukee 1951 with a 3/4 H.P. single phase.
  15. man of wood

    speed control for my lathe

    I want to add speed control to my lathe, right now I have to change the belt on step pulleys. My lathe was make in 1951, and is in great condition. There must be a system out there I can add to my lathe and have Electronic speed control........ By the way I don't have the money to buy a new lathe. I think I can swing the up-date. Thank you all Thomas