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    my shop is in the basement and I like to make things with wood and I don't make one kind of projects, I just make things I need or see. I don't work much with plans but I do see good uses for them. I will use this site for questions and maybe help others if I can.

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  1. What is a good stud finder? What makes a good stud finder? I kind of hit and miss when I use one, and I would like to use one and have confidence. Thanks Thomas
  2. Yes it's for glue droppings and like a coating on my top and have used paste wax for years. I was thinking this other wax would be harder. A lot of you like the non slip top..... I think it is because you use hand tools and that makes sense. Not being a big hand tool guy I like being able to slide my pieces on a bench top, not worrying about scratching or marring it. (I have clamps) Just an after thought........ I think a flat and smooth surface can make the top sticky......... Like a lay-out table used in inspection labs. This is why I turn to this site, you all have given me much to think about........ Thank you Its does sound like it would be good for my machines. Oh hay gee-dub,,,, I agree,..My bench top gets a lot of work, but I do not drill into it..... I think some maintenance is necessary.......Hell if it gets too bad, I will just make a new one......... witch would be fun
  3. It's time to wax my bench, and I have some soapstone sealer and was thing of using it. It seem to have a very hard finish. It's made with walnut oil and pure Carnauba wax. My question is...... Do you think this will mess with any of my stains or wood projects in any way????? this stuff takes 5 to 7 days to cure........... do you think it would be good on my machine too??? thanks Thomas
  4. Cooper , you are right, As soon as I saw your reply i remember the process. Thank you for you time Thomas Thank you all for your help Thomas
  5. I understand using a polyurethane and putting a flat finish down first then putting a semi gloss or a gloss finish on top of that. I’m looking for an article or articles that explain the whole meaning behind this could you please direct me to some of them or all of them thank you very much
  6. What kind of wood is this top?
  7. if you are going to do some turning, then it will need to be close to the lathe. other than that a good place is by the drill press.
  8. as you said, there are so many designs out there...... I have only one thing.... you don't need a fence other than the one on the saw... have fun
  9. Please help me out..... what kind of wood do you think this is?? Thanks
  10. I have a Jet 16-32 drum sander and last night "just the tip" of the sandpaper ripped off. It was brand new and I don't want to through it away. I heard you can glue a new tip on it..... My question is...... What kind of glue should I use? while I have you here........ is it better to buy sandpaper in a roll and cut it myself or just buy it?