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  1. I would try calling them and asking them to wave the shipping..... you are spending $380 and probably more.... Plus it can't hurt. just try!!!! Thomas
  2. I have pulled the bit out to make a deeper cut.... common sense on how much you think the collet needs to hold the bit. Note; if you do pull the bit out further it will be important to take smaller cuts and go slower to lessen the stress. If you don't think this will work/safe, then finish the mortis with a drill bit or chisel..... oh thinner template Thomas
  3. I have had this stack for years, and their customer service is out standing. when I bought them they were set up for cutting plywood; with the side spurs. I work solid woods and didn't want to see the spur cut. they re-ground them and shipped them back..... no cost. Plus answer any questions. they have a good height to them. Sandpaper: Drum sander...... I buy on Amazon and buy the rolls and cut them my self. Sanding station: Wood shows.... I take care of them and don't go thought them that fast. Palm sander....... Lowes, home Depot, Woodcraft, Hardware store or Rocker. Sheet paper, same as Palm sanders...... Plus Garage sales. Thomas
  4. like the look, This may show up in my Next project. Thomas
  5. just build it, no matter what you put on it will dent. The fiberglass will just make it harder to fix. Plus, I don't think you throw around your stuff. Thomas
  6. you can mount on any surface, the important thing is that the cleats are strong to the wall. If the stay on the wall & Shelf you pretty much have it. They can hold a lot Thomas
  7. First, you can use Amazon to make your orders. When I make deep hole I sometimes goto a ratchet brace with screw bit or brad point. Both these bits can be used in a drill press. If your drill press is not tall enough, then turn the head so it hangs off the side and make the hole. Thomas
  8. yes this will work, some people use blue tape and CA glue..... I like the paper better because their is less of a gap between the woods. Hide glue is good because you can take it a part Thomas
  9. I never use dimension wood, even if I buy it. My goal is to make the piece I size I want. When jointing two pieces together, you just do...... Don't weary about the size your wood is, just build you project. of course it have to be structurally strong, you just can't willy Nelly thought parts together........... Actually you can. Thomas
  10. Your plans look good and will work, one of the most important things will be the panels....... the way you Built is very strong. Panels will keep it from racking Thomas
  11. I live in Michigan in the Detroit area, and if you do too I have a great motor place. Spina Electric Company ‭(586) 771-8080 26801 Groesbeck Hwy Warren MI 48089 United States
  12. Hay all, I'm looking at updating my 14" Delta bandsaw. Carter makes two versions of guides for this saw. The first is the Standard and the second is the Micro adjust. From what I can see the difference is that the Micro adjust does not need tools, and of course $32 more.......... I can handle that. I think my question is, is the Standard better because I would be using an Allen wrench; making the bearings tighter and less likely to go out of adjustment? Or, Is the micro adjusting good enough and more convenient not having to use a tool? Or, Or is there an other system you would want to suggest? Thomas
  13. I don't know how much slop you have, but I think I would push the plate fully up to two edges and try to fill the gaps from that point. 1st having the plate pushed to the corner you will have to make sure the level tabs are useable. If not you may have to start with the plate in the center. Once you know all adjustments are available, now you can determine how much space needs to be filled. I guess you have two routs..... fill with wood and epoxy or set up for a pour. The pour may be the best way because once harden, you can sand to fit. Take your time making the mold. I think I would make the mold all from some good duck tape. It may not be the straightest, but you will need to sand to fix. I would not go out and get special epoxy for this. I think some two part will be fine and I don't this you will need that much. You are not looking a strength, you need filler........... I was just thinking, how about bando......... this mite be the answer, easy to work with and easy to sand into what you need...... I like that. I would not glue that plate to the table..... you will be sorry Thomas
  14. I have the combo from Delta,,,,,, I use it on all projects and I use the belt 99% of the time. I just don't find uses for the disk, but when I do, it's perfect. I glad I have both. Thomas
  15. I have the smaller unit and I use it on every project. In the pass I would clamp a belt sander to my bench. Once you have one, you will find it's perfect for so many things. Thomas
  16. Just got a SHELIX Head for my Delta 22-580 planer. I know I can just gig into it and change it. I'm very confident in doing this. Although see a YouTube film or talking to someone who has done it is always a good idea. I can't find anything on line about changing it out\, so here I am. Any Special things I need to know?? Thanks Thomas
  17. What is a good stud finder? What makes a good stud finder? I kind of hit and miss when I use one, and I would like to use one and have confidence. Thanks Thomas
  18. Yes it's for glue droppings and like a coating on my top and have used paste wax for years. I was thinking this other wax would be harder. A lot of you like the non slip top..... I think it is because you use hand tools and that makes sense. Not being a big hand tool guy I like being able to slide my pieces on a bench top, not worrying about scratching or marring it. (I have clamps) Just an after thought........ I think a flat and smooth surface can make the top sticky......... Like a lay-out table used in inspection labs. This is why I turn to this site, you all have given me much to think about........ Thank you Its does sound like it would be good for my machines. Oh hay gee-dub,,,, I agree,..My bench top gets a lot of work, but I do not drill into it..... I think some maintenance is necessary.......Hell if it gets too bad, I will just make a new one......... witch would be fun
  19. It's time to wax my bench, and I have some soapstone sealer and was thing of using it. It seem to have a very hard finish. It's made with walnut oil and pure Carnauba wax. My question is...... Do you think this will mess with any of my stains or wood projects in any way????? this stuff takes 5 to 7 days to cure........... do you think it would be good on my machine too??? thanks Thomas
  20. Cooper , you are right, As soon as I saw your reply i remember the process. Thank you for you time Thomas Thank you all for your help Thomas
  21. I understand using a polyurethane and putting a flat finish down first then putting a semi gloss or a gloss finish on top of that. I’m looking for an article or articles that explain the whole meaning behind this could you please direct me to some of them or all of them thank you very much
  22. What kind of wood is this top?