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About Me

I am an architect who has a passion for all things design.  One of the reasons I enjoy spending shop time is because it helps me to stay in touch with implementation as well as the theory of design.

I am a father to a four year old girl who loves spending time with me in "the building" as she calls it.  I also have 3 step children from my wife's previous marriage.  The two younger children love to spend time with me working on small projects when they're with us during the summer break or other regular visits.

The building mentioned above is a 45'x50' building I share with my father.  We have a metal shop, wood shop, saw and blade sharpening shop and bicycle repair shop in the building.  Additionally, we have a couple large lumber racks and our commercial lawn equipment in the building.  We are fortunate that it is 16' clear to the ceiling so there is also a 20'x25' mezzanine in one corner.  We use that for storage as well as the finishing room.  So far, I find getting the projects up to the mezzanine to finish has not been a problem, but I would prefer it on the ground floor.

About half of the woodworking equipment is from my grandfather.  The other half is newer equipment I purchased...mostly before getting married and having a child!  I'm always open to learn more and push myself.  If any of you have comments or suggestions I look forward to hearing them!