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  1. My end cap has slight gaps also. Should not affect functionality at all. Bench looks good so far.
  2. My son, 6, likes to be in the shop with me, especially when he gets to use tools. Bandsaw is his favorite. i spent many hours growing up in my dads shop and my grandfathers shop. Great grandfather was a woodworker also, but never got the chance to meet him, but do have a spoke shave of his.
  3. I would use it in a heart beat. I havent ever worked with red oak, but with the price of lumber and quantity need for the Roubo I couldn't justify not using it. It will perform just as well as any other hardwood.
  4. Thank you! Hoping to start milling some boards for the base this week. Was too busy Sunday to get in the shop. Had to get some tooling design work completed for work, meat on the smoker and the complete waste of time super bowl.
  5. Dogs are done! Guess that means the tops are officially done until the final flattening. would really love to start on the base today, but I have work work to catch up on.
  6. Got the tail vice installed today. Router walked a little on me, but I got her back in line. Took a video of the movement but can’t post it. I consider this a milestone. Hoping to keep the wind in my sails now that I have started back on this project.
  7. Life has been crazy lately. Slammed at work, camping with the family and other projects around the house. Shop got pretty messy with all those things going on. Finally mustarded up the energy to get it cleaned and organized last weekend. Hoping to keep it that way and keep trucking in the bench. Goal is is to have the tail vise installed by end of the day tomorrow.
  8. It’s been a while, but finally getting back to the Roubo. Got the front laminate strip glued up today. Have some gaps on the tails, but I can live with it. Will probably end up filling with epoxy.
  9. Grrrrrrr.....just cracked my end cap trying to fit the dove tails. I guess I will be remaking the end cap. This is gonna be tricky getting the bolt holes lined up, but I should be able to do it. I could epoxy it and call it good, but it would bother every time I see it.
  10. Started on the front laminate strip over the weekend but didn’t get much shop time due to prepping the deck for staining. laminate strip Condor tails cut on strip and started on the end cap. Still some clean up work to do. Sanded the front deck for about 5 hours Sunday morning. I stopped once it got too hot. I figured I would take the afternoon off and smoke some cheeseburgers.
  11. What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt you.
  12. Stanley no 80 makes quick work of the glue scraping.
  13. Had visitor come in the shop this morning. There were two of them but only one came in the shop. I think the neighbor kids let their bunnies get out. Now my son is running around with the kids trying to catch them like Elmer Fudd. Heard one rabbit scream it was duck season!