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  1. Thank you Thank you. I will be designing and building a sim racing cockpit soon. It will not be anything special, but that is probably the first project. Ever since swing the nascar sim racing on TV I had to try it, now I can’t get enough.
  2. Got bench almost done! Also picked up a race wheel and pedal set for the PC. Been playing around with a race simulator. This may be a money sink.
  3. Got some finish on it and put back together. Still have to do the shelves and gap stop.
  4. As of right now I never did anything to fill the crack. With that said, I would use epoxy over super glue. Epoxy will be better for its elongation properties on materials that will move slightly. CA glue is very strong, but also very brittle with no elongation proprieties. For filling the small cracks, you can use small plastic syringe.
  5. Mine is old, and too large since I will have the roubo. It’s also not really flat anymore.
  6. No clue. Probably downsize my assembly table.
  7. I dont know what he is gonna be. Right now he is a PITA, but to expected from a 3 month old puppy. Thanks. I am ready to get this bench done. Hoping to complete by this weekend or next.
  8. Slabs on the base and attached. Tops flattened. I was pretty nervous setting this up. Worked out great though. Have some tools marks to clean up, but turned out nice and flat. Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said. Meet Albert Chop trimmed and on the bench. Still got some shaping to to do. Was a very productive weekend.
  9. Kinda been doing the same thing. During conference calls I come out and do small things like router setup etc etc. I will say I am getting alot of shop time with this working from home and stay at home order. That order just got extended to May 4th.
  10. Thoroughly enjoying the build right now. Hard to get actual work done when I am sitting on the other side of the wall from the bench. I just want to get out there and keep going. So close to the finish line.
  11. I havent updated this in a while, but much progress has been made due to being shutdown. I am fortunate in the fact that I can work from home, counting my lucky stars on that. With no commute and no where to go, shop time has increased significantly. Leg vise has been fitted, tested and completed Base is complete. Laid out mortise locations for the slabs yesterday and hope to cut those this afternoon.
  12. Been working from home since the 13th here. That was also the day that they shut down the school district til April 27th. Everything that everyone else has said is the same here in the Seattle Metro area. Normally I am a home body, but this crap is wearing on me. Not a lot of human interaction, just with wife and son. We have been in the market for a new puppy and figured this would be a good time since we will be home for the 6 weeks minimum. Starting to think that wasnt such a great idea. Wife and I split the schooling duties in order for us to keep working. School schedule does include an hour of woodshop. We are building him a toolbox, which started with a little bit of design work using Solidworks. Yesterday we did auto shop instead of woodworking. Found a smoking deal on a set of wheels and tires that I have been hunting for a while.
  13. MattF

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Nice Kettle! I have the same color.
  14. I would like to play with one and will probably build one at some point. Just waiting for a drum to fall in my lap.
  15. I looked in to the Pit Barrel cookers when I was smoker shopping. They are nice and people love them. What turned me away was the limited access to the fuel. I ultimately went with the Weber Smokey Mountain 22".