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  1. MattF

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Nice Kettle! I have the same color.
  2. I would like to play with one and will probably build one at some point. Just waiting for a drum to fall in my lap.
  3. I looked in to the Pit Barrel cookers when I was smoker shopping. They are nice and people love them. What turned me away was the limited access to the fuel. I ultimately went with the Weber Smokey Mountain 22".
  4. My son and I spent the day finishing up his Pinewood Derby car and practicing a little baseball.
  5. MattF

    New Lumber Hauler

    This happened to me yesterday at the store. Jumped out the truck and locked the doors. Came out 5 minutes later and it was still running.
  6. MattF

    New Lumber Hauler

    The new Suburbans are nice. My wife wanted to replace our Tahoe with a new one. I stood my ground on getting a truck. Same comfort level as a Tahoe or Suburban but more utilitarian. Not everyone needs a pick up.
  7. MattF

    New Lumber Hauler

    We were told that the Ram fobs were almost $500 to replace. WTF!
  8. MattF

    New Lumber Hauler

    The prices my change your mind. Felt sick to stomach signing the paperwork. I didnt know Honda made a truck. The ride quality is off the charts for a 1/2 ton truck. Interior is best in class in my opinion. Mine does not have all the bells and whistles, just what I need. Honestly, I could get by with a mid size truck. Our travel trailer only weighs 3k dry so it can be pulled by a lot of smaller vehicles. I looked at the Colorados and felt that they were a nice truck until I sat inside. It felt to small for me. We are planning some long trips with the travel trailer, so interior room and comfort was big on the list. I am constantly scanning my mirrors while towing. I can normally drive a vehicle for 12 hours easy, but like to limit to 8 while towing. Had to explain to my wife that it is more exhausting while towing because there is a lot more going on. Constantly scanning mirrors, monitoring the gauges, looking out for idiot drivers. Looking at tonneau covers for now. Probably going to pick up one that wont break the bank and see how I like it. I prefer the full truck caps, but they are [proud of them things. Thanks. The Eco-Diesels are nice.
  9. MattF

    New Lumber Hauler

    Trailer shouldn’t be a problem at all. Hoping to not even know it’s back there unless I look.
  10. I no longer have to load lumber in the back of a Tahoe or strap plywood to the top. 2019 Ram Bighorn Picked her up Thursday night. Took it on a small road trip to the mountains yesterday and we are extremely pleased with the ride quality and comfort level. I have been a Chevy guy my whole life. After looking at Rams, Chevys, GMCs and Toyota, the Ram won.
  11. My end cap has slight gaps also. Should not affect functionality at all. Bench looks good so far.
  12. Flew to Spokane for a vendor visit, a foundry. Now back at airport sitting in the bar having a beer waiting on my delayed flight.
  13. My son, 6, likes to be in the shop with me, especially when he gets to use tools. Bandsaw is his favorite. i spent many hours growing up in my dads shop and my grandfathers shop. Great grandfather was a woodworker also, but never got the chance to meet him, but do have a spoke shave of his.
  14. I would use it in a heart beat. I havent ever worked with red oak, but with the price of lumber and quantity need for the Roubo I couldn't justify not using it. It will perform just as well as any other hardwood.
  15. Thank you! Hoping to start milling some boards for the base this week. Was too busy Sunday to get in the shop. Had to get some tooling design work completed for work, meat on the smoker and the complete waste of time super bowl.