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  1. Grrrrrrr.....just cracked my end cap trying to fit the dove tails. I guess I will be remaking the end cap. This is gonna be tricky getting the bolt holes lined up, but I should be able to do it. I could epoxy it and call it good, but it would bother every time I see it.
  2. Started on the front laminate strip over the weekend but didn’t get much shop time due to prepping the deck for staining. laminate strip Condor tails cut on strip and started on the end cap. Still some clean up work to do. Sanded the front deck for about 5 hours Sunday morning. I stopped once it got too hot. I figured I would take the afternoon off and smoke some cheeseburgers.
  3. MattF

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt you.
  4. Stanley no 80 makes quick work of the glue scraping.
  5. Had visitor come in the shop this morning. There were two of them but only one came in the shop. I think the neighbor kids let their bunnies get out. Now my son is running around with the kids trying to catch them like Elmer Fudd. Heard one rabbit scream it was duck season!
  6. Just a little calibration fluid.......
  7. Got the dog strip glued up and in the clamps. New sliding dog block made. Goal for tomorrow is the dovetails and front laminate.
  8. Interesting. I have just been using some beater chisels with good results, just time consuming. I may look into one of these if I start to have trouble.
  9. I will be spending quite a few hours with chisels removing glue squeeze out. Fun fun
  10. Got the Dog Hole Backing Strip glued up and remade the sliding dog block. I still have quite a bit of work to do to finish these up. I lost track of time and as soon as I starting putting glue down, my wife informed me we needed to leave in 10 minutes for a movie. I got in a hurry which gave me a lot of squeeze out. I now have to go through and remove all the glue from the dog holes and and flush up the backing strip with the dog hole strip.
  11. MattF

    Another Roubo!!!

    Cedar strip canoe is something I want to do also. All in good time I guess.
  12. I going to remake the sliding block. It won’t even work the way it is. Adding material to the end will look like crap. Walnut sliding dog block it is!
  13. Got the dog hole strip done today. Two routers would have been nice! I did screw up the measurement for the sliding dog block. It should be two inches to the back edge. How would you fix this? 1: Add material to end with Dowels and epoxy? 2: Scrap the sliding dog and make a new one? I like number two the best. I would make it from walnut. Only hurdle is that it would have to be milled to the exact dimensions as the strip. Not impossible, but could be tedious.
  14. With the temps in my area, albeit not as hot as other parts, curing is no the issue. Most of this weekend will be a was for shop time. Need to prep deck for staining and paint the new front door. Good Times!!
  15. I saw that! Very nice. My shop got a little cluttered from honey dos and just couldn’t get the time to get in there and clean it. All good now, spent a couple days cleaning and organizing. Also trying a different layout of the bench build. Seems to be a better flow now.