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  1. I use the pps system at work, love it for ease of use in production. For cleaning though, i just use a condiment style squirt bottle with lacquer thinners to flush the gun out.
  2. I mean, you can but you're not supposed to. Stanley Law.
  3. If you have a Stanley #3 and a Stanley #4, don't go around telling people you have a Stanley #7, cuz that don't make no damn sense.
  4. To wait or to proceed is really your call at this point, no matter what others tell you. You will have the most experience with the material on hand which will allow you to make the most educated decision. I was milling 10/4 poplar once for a carriage door project that I never finished. Long story short, the material started acting up on me, and I decided to eliminate the material from the project all together and substituted engineered lumber in place of the poplar. First you need to determine material behavior, then make a decision based on what you want the final outcome to be.
  5. Thanks for the love guys! We are just enjoying him being here with us. I go back to work on thursday, but for now I'm just sitting at home being a family potato with my wifetater and our new tot.
  6. I have heard and witnessed the joy of a grandparent. It's so awesome to see our parents with our son, it really is!
  7. Can't build yet, but that's ok. Happy to be back bs'ing with a bunch-o-wood-nerds.
  8. Slightly on topic, here's what Hunter is going to be building with when he grows up. This is a woodworking forum, so here is a little tool gloat.
  9. I'll ask Heather if I can post the build pics.
  10. I heard of lox, but I aint never seen't a lox.
  11. I just wanted to make sure I told you guys it was tough because if I didn't, I would be lying to you guys and myself. Everyone told me I would never sleep again and I would laugh and say I know. Well, until he actually got here it was all just news and friendly advice. On the first day I was afraid to pick him up because I didn't want to break him. The little guy is fully dependent on us, and we don't know what the hell we're doing, scary eh? I am lucky to have a super support system with my family and my sister just had a baby last year so all of this is still pretty fresh on her mind. My mom
  12. This works particularly well with bagels after applying the creme cheese adhesive and re-assembling.
  13. He will go by Hunter, William is my middle name that we gave him as well. Thank you guys for your blessings. We are enjoying the ride with him, and hoping it doesn't pass too quickly. I really want to enjoy when he is the tiny little man that he is now for as long as parssible.
  14. As you all may know, my presence here has been ghostly. I haven't built something in about a year, and by now the wood itch is strong. I spent much time working my ass off to buy a ring, and build a savings account to hopefully be in the market for a house soon. On to the big announcement; on october 21st., at 11:55pm, Hunter William was born. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Watching him come out to meet us was such a rush, and the whole experience was so incredible I can't really explain it. Our families were there waiting to celebrate with us, it was all around pure bliss. Th
  15. Damn Kev, you really kicked some effin A on this one!
  16. In all seriousness brotha, das purdy. Looks similar to the profile of the Blue Spruce mallets. I have the one LN sells of theirs and I love the way it feels in the hand. (That's what she said also)
  17. Hey Eric, not bad for a newb.
  18. Reading through this thread was like watching porn, and then your computer freezes...........................
  19. The most important thing in any deck build is a well executed framing structure, everything else is all flair. 12' OC for composite like Kev said. Make sure to check with local building codes to ensure you are building properly. Many things can accidentally be overlooked, and I've seen it done too many times so I always try to pass on the word of caution . Forms, posts and frost lines for starters. Are you going free standing or attached to house? May need to apply for permit depending on local codes. Build your frame to accommodate spans and load carry. Decks at certain heights will require l
  20. And you guys thought it was a sin to scratch the sole of a lie nielsen or a veritas? This is a whole other level! If that was mine it would be in a display case, not on my bench haha!
  21. I eliminated jajoba oil in my shop because it gelled up in the winter and im too lazy to transport it into the house. Crc on the hand planes as well, keeps them fresh as heck!
  22. According to your slip up, we now know you are expecting something from bridge city!
  23. Way way too much effort for the same results, but ya got spirit kid!