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  1. I spritz and wipe after using a tool. Other than that, the stuff will last a long time between uses. Ive been out of my shop for months now and all my stationary tools are rust free as well as all my planes saws and chisels. The stuff is great.
  2. Just get yourself crc 3-36 and be done with it. Dont waste your time with other products and waxes. I havent had a problem with rust in a very long time and my shop was 85% rh last week.
  3. In the hand tool section, sold off LN, probably getting Brese or Bridge City. That wasn't hard to figure out you knuckle heads.
  4. I miss the old version for mobile. I don't go on the forum at work now because I find it to be a bit of a pain, every things different. Can't please everybody, I seem to be the only one.
  5. Mel you should do a topless pic.
  6. This is the most perfect scenario for me and why I havent built anything in about 6 months! Well said Steve. The last project burnt me out big time.
  7. Freddie

    Fathers Day

    To the guys here that got it in and now have kids, happy fathers day!
  8. After the glue dries, he removes all the brad nails and puts them back in that banana clip.
  9. Awesome, I really wanna learn to turn one of these days.
  10. Freddie

    Note To Self

    Dont you cry tonight, We still love you keggers Dont you cry tonight.
  11. Freddie

    Am I wrong?

    I got a dear pine letter when i was in basic training....
  12. Freddie

    I'm Bummed

    Never Forget. 5.15.2015
  13. Freddie


    In all surrnursss tho, Minwax has become the weekend warrior handyman DIY brand. You won't see a professional bring it onto a job site. When we did floors, we used Bona products. The painters that we dealt with were using Old Masters, another good line. Bringing Minwax to the job has become like walking onto the job site of a million dollar home with a ryobi saw. Ya just made yaself look like a damn fool.
  14. Freddie


    Sherwin Williams sherwood line blows away both. Booya, You guys can lock this thread up now.
  15. Never say Never!
  16. Thanks to everyone who gave their blessings, it means the world to us. We are very excited, our whole family is. Yes shane, this will be our first child.
  17. Actually, we're having a male cupcake.
  18. Thanks for the love y'all!
  19. Haha, no Bruce Genders in this house tonight.
  20. My girlfriend and I are expecting, and we had the family over tonight to do the big gender reveal. It was a really nice night, everyone was really excited about the news.
  21. Sorry to hear about your loss Kev. That is a very nice box with beautiful grain and it will celebrate the life he lived. Be proud of that, and stay strong.
  22. Good point PB, 3m respirators are not guaranteed against catalyzed finishes. Skin exposed to it as well, including eyes is not the best. If you want to be as safe as possible, buck up the cas for a fresh air system. And one more thing, as fast as this stuff dries, wait the proper time to recoat. When you hammer on solvent finishes too fast, the previous coat can't evacuate solvents properly, your finished product could end up with solvent pop. Just figured Id mention it because people seem to get excited and think they can just bang it out real quick.
  23. Not only is it a beautiful finish, it is also so stupid easy to lay it out nice.
  24. I think waterborne finishes have come a long way, but they are just not there yet. Not there yet being that they will not replace solvent for good. My favorite finish is acrylic lacquer off the gun. The sight and feel of a piece of furniture I made with that stuff on it just gives me a hardy.