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  1. Those chicken bone drawer pulls are the bees nees! Nice job!
  2. Duck, if you feel regret 10 years down the road, then no worries because the cabinets would have paid for themselves at that point tenfold and served their purpose.
  3. I have entertained the option to buy shop cabinets. I narrowed it down to this. If I bought cabinets, I would be excited immediately at the new found storage. That would wear off quickly and I would be left with the hole in my soul that I sold out for particle board, hot glue and staples. Like the bench I bought, I can't wait to replace that with my own. I think for most on this forum, this is a hobby and your shop is your man cave, why not have the satisfaction of building your own cabinets for you place of wood worship. I plan to build some of my own within the timeframe of this summer, beca
  4. I get them through my job. We get them by the roll in red and gray from 3M.
  5. That was supposed to be on the headboard thread. You guys are all probably like whaaaaa?!?! Haha
  6. Now we are all wondering how a little domino would perform in the bedroom.
  7. I never installed the tape on my table saw. That's how I feel about that.
  8. Oh, to be organized. looks nice and clean.
  9. Congrats Vinny, thats awesome news!
  10. When i first started out doing flooring, i had the miter saw on the floor plugged into an extension cord. Somehow, someway, the extension cord ended up on the base of the saw and i cut it in half. Scared the hell out of me.
  11. My tools are so sharp that we were taking shavings so thin they melt in your hand. This was also done on the carpet in the living room with no work surface or hold downs. Sharp tools are the bees nees, the cats pajamas.
  12. When i first got my grizzly ts i laid a face frame on the top to sand it with a ro sander. The vibration between the frame and the ts top left a ton of scratches. The saw was brand new so i was really bummed. I learned to let that stuff go, i just make sure everything gets cleaned up real nice after use.
  13. The style and type of furniture determined the species. The customer and my friend discussed and chose the ply over solid. In the end, Im very glad they did because it would have been very difficult for me to achieve the grain match I got, especially wrapping around from one cabinet to the other.
  14. the cases are teak ply, and the drawer boxes are maple. Finished in Sherwin Williams acrylic conversion coating dull rub sheen.
  15. This is the one that I'm most proud of to this date so far. I was commissioned to build this for a client of a home remodeler I know. It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to build in a style that I wouldn't have normally ventured into on my own. The customer loved them so much she paid me in money and a big hug.
  16. The classic designs that you use will never go out of style, and your craftsmanship top of the line. Very inspiring posts!
  17. 4/2015. Are we seeing a project that was built in the future, and sent back in time to post in the project showcase?
  18. That is some beautiful work right thurr!
  19. Im sad i missed out on this. Ive been working too much and have become a stranger to the forum. Maybe next year.
  20. I have the same router as you Pug, I went simple and only put a full mirror bevel on my blade. Best not to complicate things.
  21. Guys, can we talk about that cow table?
  22. Jesus, I've built other stuff you know. Honestly, I am terrible at pointing people in the direction of places to go. Definitely give the street cart food a try, especially halal and the peanut stands. Oh, and gotta have a NYC dog. Im not going to give you a list of touristy things to do because it's just not in my blood, and I try to avoid touristy things as much as possible. Plus, I don't know where anything is.
  23. 8- 24" 4- 40" 2- 60" -buttload of f clamps I haven't been stopped dead on a project yet due to lack of clamps, so thank goodness for that.