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    Super Bowl

    Lower left abdomen, but the only time i got that pain was when standing up, and the whole episode was a one time thing that never happened to me before, it was all so strange.
  2. Freddie

    Super Bowl

    My sister tried to bring up the liam neeson conmercial and accidentally said lie nielsen. Score! My favorite part of the superbowl was the commercial for the new terminator genisys movie. Im a huge terminator geek. Oh, my second favorite part was standing up to go for a cigarette when i got a wicked pain in my abdomen, then we were outside and i got lightheaded and pale and felt like i was going to pass out. I went inside an everything was kind of slowly blacking out and my hearing went all muffled and distant. I went and sat in the bathroom bc i wasnt sure of i was going to get sick. My mo
  3. I am extremely anal about sharpening and put mirrors on all my bevels, so i understand you T.
  4. You mentioned nothing about bacon.
  5. Well I'm happy now that we dissected this thread and both sides added information. It makes the thread worthwhile down the road for reference as well as the OP receiving his answer.
  6. Now that is good information kev. Although i had success in my situation, i cant disagree with the problems that can potentially arise. This is why prep is key. I will say again though, i have one hell of a sexy cocobolo glue up with yellow glue and even though i have nothing to say bad about your link, i hold dead proof in my hands that it works.
  7. Just sharing valuable information about my side of the glue spectrum where you guys failed to do so. Im surprised youre being so defensive about it because you love to give everyone advice on all corners of this forum but failed to indicate in this thread anything further than the word epoxy. Rant over.
  8. Heres the issue Kev. One day somebody is going to google this page looking for the answer to a problem theyre having. After my post you give a thumbs up for epoxy, then steve adds listen to bw And tiods and use epoxy. Correct me if im wrong, but it seems like a stacked vote for epoxy with no real explanation right? Thats exactly how someone new to the craft will interpret this thread and it all comes down to lack of explanation and biased information because everybody thinks epoxy is so groovy and excellent.
  9. The problem is i answered the question about yellow glue in my first response. You need to clean the surface oils off the wood, that is mandatory. Problem solved, we can all go on with our night now.
  10. Epoxy is a better option based on what, experience or what magazines and online articles tell us? I used epoxy on two outdoor marine products, for everything else i have used yellow glue without failure. The neck i mentioned is a laminated cocobolo neck glued up using tb. That glue up is over 4 years old, went from georgia to long island, and even the closest inspection eliminates any inferiority claims when used correctly. Im not here to debate glues because i really dont care, but when the comments start piling up and people agreeing to go epoxy and skip over my post without having valid rea
  11. To push epoxy on the guy is one thing if youre an epoxy fanboy, but to say it is the end all be all in this situation is just terrible advice and inaccurate.
  12. Just so you know, the only benefits you will gain from more costly epoxy is open time and outdoor glue longevity. If your piece is interior and a fairly basic glue up, dont waste your money, unless you want to.
  13. You can use yellow glue, but like andy said, you need to wipe the oils off the surface before glue up. I did this about 4 years ago on a cocobolo guitar neck i made and the glue up was successful and proved itself over the years with string tension on a 7 string guitar. No joint failure or slippage.
  14. This is the correct way to orientate that joint regardless C. Flipping the joint the other way would render the dovetail absolutely useless in a drawer.
  15. So far i see no submissions. You guys disappoint me.
  16. That's awesome, should post a picture of it in a dark room.
  17. That's nothing, you gotta see what snap-on fanboys are paying, makes festal look affordable.
  18. This is all my brilliant mind could come up with at this time. If we are lucky, we could invent a new joint with this thread!
  19. I thought it would be fun for people to submit either a hand drawn, or sketch up model of the most ridiculous joinery you can come up with in your crazy heads. Be creative, nuts, and just have fun. Lets see if we can make a good thread out of this.
  20. There is a direct danny elfman vibe after the breakdown is tomorrow never comes. Thanks for the love sling. I haven't heard this album in a long time, and I am enjoying while i eat pizza right now. Even if you don't like the style of music, give it a listen all the way through, there are some goodies throughout the songs. For all you bass players as well, the guy on the album is a good friend of mine and a phenomenal player, he threw in some cool chops throughout the album.