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  1. Lets take this thread to the next level, lets hear it guys! Anybody that has any recordings of their playing should post. After all, like the rest of this forum, it don't count until you post a picture. In the case of music, yea we see your instruments, but lets hear ya play em.
  2. Yep, and I'm gonna post pics of my crocs as well.
  3. Sorry about my terrible photos, we have terrible lighting in the apt. Ever since I got addicted to the Ibanez wizard neck my les paul is a dust collector now. Red guitar is a Prestige S series in viking red, the most visually appealing guitar to see in person. The photos do that one no justice. The dark blue one is my prestige 7 string that my uncle and I made a neck for. I have since put the original neck back on because really, you can't beat the wizard neck, period. The acoustic is Ibanez EW series in zebra. The sides and back are all quarter sawn, really wish the top was, that's my favorit
  4. Totally dig the racing stripes in the drawer bottom, that's slick man!
  5. I just finished watching it myself. The only thing I gathered from it is that Freddy is a douchebag.
  6. You bought a new set of paint can openers?
  7. I can play a mean hot cross buns segment on the gootar.
  8. The screwdriver is good for burnishing outside miters when you're on the job site. I know this because I have to do this to almost all of my dads miter joints when we do trim work together.
  9. I wish they would have come out with a version of the G0651 with shorter rails and minus out feed table. That would have been the saw I bought instead of the 690.
  10. Another proud CRC 3-36 user for a while now. Ever since I started using it, my wax containers are dust collectors.
  11. Same for me, im on verizon and nada for all three sites on 3G.
  12. A polish guy decided to swim the english channel. He got halfway across and said, "I'll never make it", so he turned around and went back.
  13. I am very upset because for the past couple of months the forum app no longer works on my phone when in a 3G area. This means no more forum when I'm supposed to be working. I am still using a iPhone 4s. It works at home in my wifi network, but once outside of that the app no longer opens for me. Any advice from someone who is more educated in this area?
  14. Ain't nothing wrong with plywood drawers! I did one last year for my moms, and she loved it. Replaced a drawer for the old dining room server that had completely fell apart.
  15. Freddie

    HF Gem?

    Lets just pretend that you are set up with a proper compressor and you are just looking for a gun to get going. A fellow painter at work told me his friend picked up one of these guns and said it works really good.
  16. Actually, I moved my remaining Snap-on gear with my new stuff into a HF 44" box. It was an early birthday present from my girlfriend. Most of my gear in the box is my spray guns, full metric drive set, screwdrivers and misc for light assembly work after paint. I won't be buying a huge box again............... unless I won the lottery of course.
  17. I have that router set and love it! One of the tool places near me sells the bosch DC hookup for the router and I always wondered how good it was. Would be nice if someone else has it and could tell us how it is.
  18. Kind of like that concave spokeshave right?
  19. If you like nice shiny things, then you will enjoy Lie Nielsen. The big misconception about the different brands is which ones are better performers. Lie Nielsen will work out of the box, but if you don't know how to sharpen or use the tool that honeymoon won't last too long. Once you've perfected your sharpening regiment, you'll be able to produce the same fine work whether it is a $400 LN or a $15 flea market find. Some people just want to spend more money, or get more satisfaction using a tool that is well made, I know I do. My first planes were a Stanley block from Lowes and a Woodriver #4
  20. We use an old guitar string to remove glass sometimes.
  21. They make products so that we feel like we want to need them, or is it need to want them? Damn, i just dont know anymore!