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  1. I have stupid band practice at 7 on friday, and sunday my band has a show, and we go on at 8. What kind of music do you guys listen to lol
  2. I know I know lol, that speed squares are not the go-to tool for building furniture. I started out in this industry as a hardwood flooring guy, so that was my best friend on installs. Im used to the solid feel of a heavy steel square, and since I found a home depot gem(HAHAHAHA) ill use it on the occasion. I didnt bother looking at their framing squares, Im done with those. On the side, I get calls to go hang some crown or hang a couple of doors, so these tools are good to keep around for me. But if you cant find a good square, the 3-4-5 trick always works.
  3. Im a musician, and I have to say that a majority of us dont know what we're looking at. Since the word "nitro" is thrown around the industry so much, people swear by it but dont understand what it is. I know its the "industry standard" as people will put it, but then you have PRS claiming that their V12 finish is the best. Its claimed to be a hybrid between an acrylic and a nitro, giving the instrument its maximun resonance and beauty. At the end of the day who gives a crap, they have so much digital stuff to shape your tone nowadays, the legendary sound of a les paul through an all-tube marsh
  4. Target Coatings makes a very good water based laquer. I saw a youtube acoustic build and after the guy buffed the guitar it looked killer.
  5. Wow, thats really cool that you found all that stuff for those prices, those starrets are not cheap! I hope my 6 in combo stays square for a lil while, I mean I dont bang my tools around, I baby them. Im using the combo right now to mark and draw templates, so it lives in my bedroom on my computer desk for now. Fingers crossed, cuz this seems to be one of the good ones, finish is nice, the ruler is smooth and straight, no nics.
  6. That friday might be do-able for me. Details?
  7. Awesome shop. Im working in a spare bedroom in the basement of a high ranch right now, I guess I'll post pics soon so you guys can marvel at my shop.
  8. How are the besseys in everyones opinion. Lowes in in spitting distance of my house, and I always see them and I get nervous on spending the money if theres something better out there at a competitive price. Marc prefers the jet clamps, and I value his opinion, seeing that I dont have the experience to say which one outweighs the other. What do you guys think?
  9. Ridgid makes good products. I owned the straight finish nailer and the brad nailer. They worked great! At the time my boss had the new pc setup. Oil-less. They were quieter too. So, in a hasty manouver I switched over, solely for those 2 features. But, I caqnt say one bad thing about the ridgids, they were my babies when I had them, my gf thought I needed an intervention lol.
  10. I knew for a while that my squares were not sqaure, so I never used them. They sat in my room and collected dust. I cant afford to order an expensive square that claims to be sqaure, only to receive it and its out, I would be ticked off. So I did the poor mans thing. I sharpened a pencil( I mean sharp), put it in my ear, stopped for a 7-11 coffee and headed to home depot. I dropped by the craft board aisle first, and grabbed a cutoff of some poplar, visually inspected for a generally straight edge. I went to the tool aisle, and got on my knee, and started checking every rafter square. All the
  11. Mine would have to be the central pneumatic 23 gauge pin nailer. $25, about a year old, not one problem yet (fingers crossed now that I said that). I heard someone say once that you sure can get tools for cheap from them. As long as you pmcs the tools will last.
  12. Hey, anytime before Feb 25th would be cool for me, Im leaving that night for Georgia.
  13. O man, the 19th is my birthday, which is that saturday, and that sunday my band has a show, its more of a daytime kinda thing, so that weekend is kind of jam packed for me, party party haha. The following weekend I am heading down to Georgia for about 3 weeks to get some hands on experience with guitar building and repair work which I am absolutely thrilled about.
  14. Whenever is clever, I just so happen to be out of work right now so I have nothing but time, let me know when's a good time for you.