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  1. I have moved a 1954 DeWalt. Remove the blade and lower the head to the table. If it doesn't go all the way down, block it to it's lowest point. If your legs of your table are removable, I would recommend removing them also.
  2. Walk away..... or in your case, close the browser. Don't even consider it. There will always be a better option close if you're patient. It usually happens after you've already made the first buy.
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    I'm sure you've heard this before, but enjoy every minute you can with him in there with you. My son's almost 18 now and well you know.....
  4. +1 on Mike. I've milled walnut myself and still have couple boards left. The rich dark purple is outstanding.
  5. I bought a self-adhesive zipper from Home Depot. It was in the section with the tarps. It worked great for joining two sections of plastic sheeting that I used for a spray booth. It became my man-door in and out of the spray booth for a number of years.
  6. What did you do on the OSB seams between panels and on corners such as around the windows?
  7. That might work Chef. But (always a but), I've still had log sections split on me even after sealing. There is just so much tension in those logs. Better would have been to slice them in half minus the pith and then seal. Cracks always start from the pith....
  8. +1 on Dan's comment about getting hss too hot to ruin the steel. Pretty easy to do on old carbon steel tools but today's steels are pretty tough to get that hot. You're more likely to ruin the cutting edge by mis-grinding than by overheating the steel. However, with that said, I use white friable wheels on a slow speed grinder and keep a cup of water handy. Mainly because I can control the grind so much better and I can touch the edge after a dip in the water.
  9. What lathe do you have? What is the motor, single phase?
  10. I'm thinking of using 1" foam board, cheap and easy to cut, then using spray foam to fill gaps and around wiring/ducts/ac-line, etc.
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    Tape Measures

    I used Fastcap, Old Standby and love it. No one touches this tape measure and I use it extensively for my furniture builds only. I won't even use it when doing carpentry work, that's how much I like it. http://www.fastcap.com/estore/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=112&idcategory=12
  12. I have 2 and use them extensively for ripping sheet goods. They fold in one direction very easily so make sure when you use them, that the direction of the feed is against the folding mechanism or it will tilt up and fold as the material is passed on it if the material isn't quite above the roller.
  13. I have both. I like shelves for containers of fastners. One thing I've noticed with drawers is that they are generally over deep. If you're building them then you can take this into account and make more shallow drawers. I've found more shallow drawers is much better than a couple deep drawers. It helps keep the piling in each drawer down. And, there is always wasted vertical space in deep drawers since I hardly ever fill that space with anything. Tim
  14. I have a full basement ( 60x30 ) so a ceiling, drywall or drop is out of the question. The main purpose is for dust control. The other side of that wall is the laundry and utilities (furnace/AC/water heater). Tim
  15. I'm building walls in my basement shop with OSB. How did you handle the gaps between the joists with a wall perpendicular to the joists? Thanks, Tim
  16. Seems like it is just a face vice to me. The angled braces would just keep the face from racking top to bottom and the side slides will help prevent the face from racking side to side. Tim
  17. Nice job RogerT!!! As expected of course.
  18. I made one just like it years ago and have used it for countless frames. It works great. Tim
  19. I attached my 1/8 hardboard into the mdf base with small screws about the perimeter. Locations that the blade won't reach. I used steel but I guess brass would be just one more bit of safety just in case. Tim
  20. Before I post this machine to Craigslist, I'd thought I'd offer it here before for less $. I'd rather it go to a friend than a stranger. I've upsized with a new lathe so I don't need this Grizzly 1495 anymore. If you want detailed specs: http://www.grizzly.com/products/Heavy-Duty-Wood-Lathe/G1495 I wanted a vibration free machine so I replaced the bearings, headstock variable speed pulley and the drive belt. I have also built a 4 drawer/1 door cabinet with 1-1/4" bowling alley lane hard maple top under the ways with 2 concrete blocks hidden for a weight ballast. It will now run with a nickel on edge... I had the motor wired to run 220v but I changed it back to 110v since everyone has that available. Included accessories: 1 - 4 prong drive center 1 - Live center 2 - Banjo's (tool rest supports) 2 - 12" tool rests 2 - 4" tool rests 1 - Homemade 8" tool rest 1 - Homemade curved tool rest 1 - Homemade curved tool rest extension 1 - Inside/Outside curved tool rest 1 - Knock out bar 1 - Outboard sandpaper faceplate 2 - 6" faceplates 1 - Outboard flap sander 1 - Outboard drum sander 1 - Outboard tool rest extension 1 - Outboard threaded insert for homemade faceplate 1 - Inboard threaded insert with 3" sandpaper faceplate 1 - 1"x12 tpi Tap for making homemade faceplates 1 - Manual I'm asking $650 for everything. If you don't want the cabinet base, I have the original legs and I'll only request $550 instead (and I'll install them). You will have to pick it up from St. Louis. If you get the cabinet base too, it is not movable without unbolting it from the lathe which we can do after you test run the machine. I have dollies that we can move it out the walk-out basement to the front to your truck or preferred trailer. Thanks, Tim
  21. I built the pantry like your attachment. It took some time to engineer from the photo and to build but well worth it. 36" width. Tim http://tinyurl.com/ljw9hss And I even added undercabinet lighting with a door switch inside too. http://tinyurl.com/q8vngzx
  22. Looks great Mike, coming along nicely. What software did you use for the layout? It looks quite good. Tim
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    I'm so jealous!