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  1. I think the guys that tune up old planes and sharpen old saws into fine woodworking tools are great. But, until you know how a plane and saw should feel in the hand and look to the eye, my advice is that your first plane and saw should be new that works out of the box. Or a used plane and saw that is already tuned up and ready to go is another option.
  2. I will be at the woodworking show in Houston, TX tomorrow. Leonard E. Merrell Center 6301 South Stadium Lane Katy, TX 77494 It is not as good as the old days, but it is still a woodworking show! I have been away from woodworking for a while; work, stuff and life. Maybe this will get me back in the swing.
  3. The ultimate cordless drill… You never have to worry about batteries.
  4. I would keep your power tools in the garage and put a workbench with hand tools in the basement. That way the noise and most of the dust stays in the garage and you are comfortable using hand tools and glue-ups in the basement. Depending on your work flow and the size and quantity of your projects you could rough cut and mill most of your lumber for the winter projects in the fall.
  5. You need two blades so you can still make saw dust while one blade is being sharpened. Thanks for the link Onboard.
  6. Cheap tools have a purpose. They are for the neighbor who knows you are a woodworker, likes to borrow tools, but never returns them. ;-)
  7. I have a bevel up jack, a bevel down smoother and a bevel down jointer. My jointer is a #8 LN and I love the mass. I don't change the mouth very much but it is adjustable. It is the bedrock design and you use the three screws behind the frog. Very easy and you don't have remove the frog to adjust it. Granted not as easy as my bevel up jack but still very easy.
  8. I have not purchased one but I did try it at a Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event. I am not talking about his double handle saw; I am talking about this saw: Article showing Glen-Drake's new saw It was smooth and easy to use. His idea is basically that the Toe and Heel (front and back) of the blade don't have any teeth. That way the saw is already in motion when the teeth cut the wood (as long as you use the full length of the blade, which you should). It is very easy to use in combination with his Kerf-Starter. Here is an article showing Glen-Drake's method for cutting dovetails which inclu
  9. That was Kevin Drake owner of Glen-Drake Toolworks. I liked the way he cuts dovetails with his kerf-starter, off-set feeler gauge, marking gauge and a dovetail saw.
  10. Great score!! I see lots of beautiful pecan furniture in your future.
  11. I attended the Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event on Saturday. If you have a chance to attend one I highly recommend it. My wife came along and took pictures of the event for me and posted it on her photo blog with a short write-up.Photo Blog of Hand Tool Event
  12. Jointech is another company that makes a micro adjusting table saw fence called the Saw Stop. Just putting another option out there.
  13. 1. Adjustable Mouth Block Plane – Low Angle (60-1/2) 2. Jack Plane – Low Angle (62) 3. Smooth Plane – Bench or Low Angle (4 or 4 ½) 4. Shoulder Plane or Rabbet Block Plane You need some kind of sharpening system to keep your blades sharp. The system is not important but sharp blades are very important. I also recommend: You watch the videos from David Charlesworth and Christopher Schwarz on hand planes. Build or buy a shooting board. I am a big Lie-Nielsen fan but Lee Valley also makes very good planes. Both are top notch.
  14. Mike, A lot of good advice has been given. I recommend buying: Coarse, Medium and Fine: Fundamental Woodworking Techniques By Christopher Schwarz This DVD explains and demonstrates which tool to use and when to use it. You can buy it through the Wood Whisperer Store and support the site. From the main Wood Whisperer site ( Click on the Store menu item Click on the / Tools and Hardware button on the bottom right of the screen. Then under Books and DVDs you will find this video. This sounds more complicated than it is.
  15. Bedrockbob


    The chest of drawers looks great!! I can't wait to see the final videos. If some how the chest could come to life I can see the two top drawers being eyes and the four bottom drawers being mouths. Maybe I watch too much science fiction.
  16. People give Marc a lot of oooohs and aaaahs and he deserves it. But they also give him a lot of criticism. I will bet that he gets plenty of criticism on his wood working, his videos, the tee shirt he wears, the way his hair is cut and on and on. Then again, he is “The Woodwhisperer”.
  17. I really like my porter cable circular saw. Which ever saw you get buy a good quality blade. It makes all the difference.
  18. I am a member but I normally just quickly view the projects looking for something interesting.
  19. I am in the WWII fan club. I have been using it for a long time and I am very pleased. From time to time they go on sale on Amazon for a good deal.
  20. Did you dry fit the sections together before the glue up to check for gaps? You should be able to lay the boards as they would be glued up and use some light source from the opposite side to check for gaps. Wood may move (bow, twist or cup) if allowed to sit after you plane or joint it. It is best if you can glue it up as soon as you finish planing; especially if you use lumber that is not completely dry. If you do end up with gaps remember it is just a workbench not a piece of fine furniture. As long as you end up with a workbench that is a usable tool that is all that matters. Ju