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  1. wow, found that kit online and that is the cats ass! This is going to be perfect. Thanks!
  2. Yea, I want to use wood. Where did you pick up the threading kit? The client is requesting a 5" cube of a box. with the top acting as the "press". Guess its a thing for pipe tobacco. Who'da thunk it lol.
  3. I have a client that wants a tobacco press and I am thinking that instead of using the metal hardware he is talking about, utilizing some wooden screw devices that create the press action of forcing the top down. Ideas?
  4. after talking to him a bit more, he is now saying its a Tobacco press; He is saying he is looking for some 5" cubed with a wingnut of sorts to clamp the top down (as the top is the press) Ive got a lot more research to do on this!
  5. a cigar press. This is a first for me; and he really cant describe it very well. I have done some googling and it appears it makes a cylindrical cigar square shaped. Ok... My thought to you all is what wood might be best for this? At first I was thinking cedar, but if he going to be stressing it with wing-nuts (his suggestion) then that just wouldn't be realistic and cedar loves to crack with point stress induced. Ideas?
  6. Im not sure if its an option by you, but before I got my milling equipment I used to take it to a local sawmill to have it run through their planer / drum sander. You can also talk to local cabinet makers / local woodworkers and see if they may be able to mill your lumber for you between projects. Just a thought! Good luck, and like everyone said; skip the MDF...not worth the long run headaches. Your glue up will be more than acceptable without backing.
  7. Im also having a friend of mine that is a pro with photoshop take a look at my pics I have and see if he can clean them up a bit.
  8. Which rendering progream do you use? I recently purchased twilight render Im still getting used to the materials and getting it to photo quality like your, that is awesome rendering work man!
  9. Thanks Beechwood! In my original talks with my artist I told him I wanted the saw to kinda of look like a sun. I think this second rendering nailed exactly what i was looking for. I thought that the sun/blade fit perfectly with the name. Timber ridge sounds naturalistic so the visual you got was exactly what I was intending! Thanks everyone else for the advice on my pics. Like I was saying, I never really anticipated going this route so never actually took good photos. Just some pics that I would post on my personal facebook page. From here out though, I am going to ensure that I get good
  10. so we re-did the logo and came up with this. THoughts?
  11. Even my artist was amazed at how much that resembled eachother. He's doing a revamp of it as we speak. Thanks again man! I sure dont want any issues when it comes to logos! This is why Im glad I posted here asking for advice and help....gotta go to the pro's!
  12. HOLY CRAP! I just googled them. That is fricking amazing. Thanks for the heads up. I will contact them as well as my artist and let him know!
  13. No, I commissioned it! paid for it and everything. I just told him what I wanted and this is what we came up with together.
  14. I really wish I had taken better pics when I had the items...I hadnt ever really anticipated trying to make a go out of this but rather keeping it as a hobby. I will surely take you guys' suggestions as things move forward. Already have a table and several cutting boards commissioned. Those will have to be the start of my actual portfolio! Im also going to revamp that site again...its just not near clean or professional enough for my taste. and this is the logo I am looking at using. Had a grafics artist friend of mine help me on this one!
  15. Not those exact ones no; but I took those down and replaced them. I see what you guys mean. I dont want to represent someone else's work as my own. After thinking about it...I would be irritated if I saw someone else doing the same to me. I emailed those 2 clients to see if they can send me pictures of how they look now and will use those pics!