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  1. i have an old dewalt ras, and a 12'' compound, the ras is built into my 20 foot work bench and i use it for 99 percent of my crosscuts and the hood i built and plexiglass front collects almost all of the dust, i do not see it as anymore dangerous than anything else with a three horspower motor slinging a blade at the speed of light. yes it cuts toward you but it is not going to jump off the arm and come and eat you. my 2 cents.
  2. welcome a-board, this is a great community.
  3. woodwhisperer site. did this to me today, finally got it to pulled up but very slow, every other site was working well
  4. great job! i did my first one a few months ago. so i know how proud you must feel. p.s. yours looks better than mine
  5. from ga. also. welcome to a great community
  6. i have a porter cable bench top planer from lowes. does anyone have ideas how to hook it up to my dust collector. it is making a huge mess, i have a 2 h.p. dust collector. thanks.
  7. great shop and cool cabinetry, i have that same drill press, i thought my table on it was pretty cool until i saw yours. the tower rack is next on my list. any more details on that would be very helpfull thanks. HAMMER
  8. got my trees back from the sawmill today. cut down some pines off of my farm, to siding a new cattle barn, had 60 planks 22 1/2 inches wide and a whole lot more around 20. man you can siding a barn pretty quick like that.
  9. got a veritas micro adjust marking gauge, and 14 degree dovetail saddle. and some clamp feet.
  10. nicely built, beautiful finish. woodworking is great isn't it.
  11. need to make a 1/4 in kerf cut for a box joint, wondering if i stack two identical blades in my saw would that be ok and would it work
  12. serving trays for me and a jewelry box or two
  13. do we get a discount on rockler products by going through tww website?